59 Top 500! (2)

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I'm So Scared smiled brightly and looked at the rain of arrows falling from the fog, muttering, "You're a little inexperienced. You have to know that in a high-end game, other than skill level, there's another key thing! That's the combination of skills!"

"How to make a skill gain an effect of 1+1 greater than 2 is a profound topic! Even I'm only at the initial level. It's not an area that a little Priest who hasn't even reached Level 30 and hasn't learned many skills can touch!"

I'm So Scared put away his bow and arrows, turned around, and waved his hand. A black talisman flew out.

"Ghost Shadow Talisman! Explode!"

Real men never looked back at explosions!

Winning or losing was only for a moment, but being awesome was for a lifetime!


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