11 Entered the City! No Way, a Warrior Not Even at Level 10 Can Pretend Too?

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As he looked at those big guys in front of him bawl incessantly, Li Huan did not know what to say.

"All right, all right, all right. Don't cry anymore. Aren't you in a hurry? Where are you going?"

"We're going to Milu City!"

When the leader of the merchants said that, he scuttled in front of Li Huan again.

"Benefactor, benefactor! Please do us this kind deed all the way! You have seen it too! In our caravan, not a single one of us can fight!"

"How about this? You can be our Consecrator! With this money of mine, I will definitely pay you well."

The man anxiously kept his eyes on Li Huan, hoping that Li Huan would agree to his request quickly.

After all, Mages were a highly noble class in that world. Not to mention one who had already changed his class to a Summoner.

To that group of people, a Summoner was a virtually unattainable class!

"Wait, where did you say you guys were going?"

"We're going to Milu City! Without you, we will truly perish on the road!"

Li Huan waved his hand, signaling that he should stop talking.

"You guys are far off! Just nice, I'm going to Milu City too. We can go together."

"There's one more thing I want to clarify. I cannot be your Consecrator. You don't have to pay me either."

"Aiyo! That won't do, that won't do! You saved our lives! A reward is necessary!"

Seeing how determined he was to give, Li Huan did not say anything further.

After a few days of trekking, the group arrived at Milu City.

"Great Mage! Look, we've arrived! This is Milu City! Of course, it cannot be compared to the cities in the center of the kingdom. But this place is not bad too! All kinds of goods can be found here."

As he looked at the city wall in front of him, Li Huan nodded. Actually, he knew the standard of the place very well. Trading was the city's main business activity. Although its economy was developed, it did not have many resources.

Staying there to recuperate for a few days was not a problem. But his ultimate goal was definitely the Imperial City.

Li Huan followed the caravan into the city. Because his ride had been replaced by a good horse, courtesy of the caravan, he did not attract everyone's attention. Everyone simply assumed that he was a newcomer of the caravan.

"Hehe, benefactor! Let's go! Let's first go to the headquarters of our chamber of commerce to have a good meal! We've been on the road these few days. And you haven't eaten anything good, I know!"

Li Huan curiously looked around the surrounding area. There were NPCs everywhere. And not a single player. He had never really observed what NPCs did when there were no players around.

"Our caravan is part of the Witte Chamber of Commerce in this city. Although we're not the largest, we'll definitely do everything we can to provide you with resources!"

Witte Chamber of Commerce. Li Huan thought about that name. It seemed like he did have some contact with that chamber of commerce during the early stage missions. But it was so long ago, he really could not remember it clearly.

The caravan leader beside him kept introducing the city non-stop. Li Huan only gave brief responses. After all, he probably knew as much as the leader did. Suddenly, the excited voice by his ear stopped abruptly.

He had been chattering throughout the journey, so Li Huan was not used to him stopping suddenly. What was going on?

Just then, Li Huan noticed that a group of people were blocking their way.

"Yo, yo, yo! Isn't it Bran from the famous Witte Chamber of Commerce? After not seeing you all day, why have you become so dreadful-looking?"

Bran was the leader of the caravan.

"Trow! What do you want now?"

He was livid as he spoke.

"Nothing! Just want to ask you guys how business is doing these days? Why is it that I've heard about you guys taking on a huge loss previously? Oh, I remember now! You were robbed of all your belongings on the road! How much did you lose? I must say, if you're not good enough, don't try too hard!"

"Trow! Enough with the nonsense! Move aside quickly!"

"Eh? Aren't we old friends? As old friends meeting, why do you have such an attitude?"

That person was still being completely arrogant and bossy.

"Let's not talk about anything else! It's only right that you at least treat your brother to some wine!"

"Get out of the way! If you want to drink wine, buy it yourself! Get lost!"

"What's with your attitude! What kind of attitude is that!"

The atmosphere on both sides was becoming increasingly tense. It had attracted a group of people who stopped to watch.

"We were just going on our way. But some people blocked the road of other people. I don't know what's wrong with them."

Just as Bran finished speaking, a person stood up from the other side. "LV8" was displayed on his head.

Of course, only Li Huan could see that.

"You guys... you guys have a new Consecrator!"

Bran's nervousness grew when he saw that person. He did not know the person's level. But from the way he was dressed, Bran could tell that he was a Warrior!

"Why? Afraid now?"

"Tsk. For a Warrior who hasn't even reached Level 10, how does he have the cheek to act so domineering here?"

A calm and steady voice traveled towards the crowd.

Everyone was shocked! Who was the person who dared to utter such criticism!

Trow narrowed his eyes to look. It was an unfamiliar face.

"Hahahaha! If you are truly capable, don't hide at the back! Come down and fight a round!"

The crowd of onlookers grew. Everyone wanted to see how that excessively boastful young man would handle the situation.

"Sigh! You guys really want to see it, don't you?"

Li Huan shook his head.

"I'm done pretending! I'm laying my cards on the table!"

As soon as he finished speaking, two Skeletons appeared in front of everyone.

The Warrior, who had been flaunting his prowess earlier, took a single glance.

"Ah! Summoner! You're a Summoner!"

"Look, quick! Their chamber of commerce has hired a new Consecrator! And he's a Mage! A Summoner, even!"

The crowd of bystanders exploded with exclamations.

"Hurry up and get lost. Don't come here looking for trouble again in future."

Li Huan was too lazy to make a move. After all, his prestige as a Summoner was enough to scare those people away.

"Big Brother! I think we should hurry up and leave. I don't know how much higher this person's level is compared to mine. Why don't..."

The Consecrator was terrified, as he turned around to discuss with his superior.

"Let's go! Who is he? A Summoner! Don't tell me we really have to fight him? That would literally be throwing our lives away!"

Trow looked extremely unhappy. When did the other party get a Summoner as their Consecrator? What right did they have to do that?

He gritted his teeth, and squeezed the words out between his teeth with much difficulty.

"Let's go!"

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