Online Game: My Health Point Has No Limits

"It was the year 2030 AD. The origin universe game “Divine Revelation” made its grand debut. In this game, the in-game currency could be exchanged for real money, which attracted countless players. Even countries were getting ready to enter the game. But no one knew that Li Yi who had fallen in the War of the Gods returned to this very day when the game was launched with ten years worth of memories from the game. And this time, Li Yi received the SSS Rank Talent - Blood Devour. [SSS Rank Talent, Blood Devour: After slaying any creature, the player would gain 1% fixed Health Point, and life regeneration speed. The effect of this talent can be stacked indefinitely] [Notification: You slew an LV1 Sika Deer, received 1 HP, 0.01 HP regeneration/second] [Notification: You slew an LV5 Elite Goblin, received 7 HP, 0.07 HP regeneration/second] [Notification: You slew an LV10 Legendary Boss - Aoi Flame Green Dragon, received…...] From them, an invincible being who had a health bar even longer than bosses were added to the game. “Report: Li Yi is cheating, the HP of the entire dungeon’s monsters added together is still less than his!” “Report: We attacked Li Yi with the joined force of a 1000 players army, but he only lost a slither of health!” “Report: Please tell me, how are we supposed to attack the city with Li YI standing in front of its gates?” Many years later, when the game started to fuse with reality, and the War of the Gods began, Li Yi stood at the front alone and faced the gods of the worlds. Only then did the players wake up, “Dear Sir, we’re begging you, please have even more HP!”"

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Entering the Game

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SSS-grade talent?

Blood Devour?

"The SSS-grade talent didn't appear in the past. Could it be a talent that only a God of a higher level can contain?

"Hopefully there aren't too many prerequisites. Otherwise, I might be one step behind the others in the early to middle stages. This might not be a good sign."

In his previous life, there were people with talents that needed prerequisites before it got unlocked. It was very strange that some of them could not meet the prerequisites their entire lives. He did not know if there were any requirements for this SSS-grade talent.

Taking a deep breath, Li Yi suppressed the excitement in his heart and clicked on the talent attributes to view the Blood Devour ability.

Glancing at the talent attributes, Li Yi felt as though something was caught in his throat.

[Talent Grade: SSS]

[Name: Blood Devour]

[Effect: After killing a creature unit, you will immediately receive 1% of the opponent's basic HP and a small amount of HP recovery speed. This effect has no upper limit!]

[Note: The life unit uses a special skill. The temporarily increased HP and summoned creatures are not included.]

The description of this talent was very easy to understand. Every creature killed would increase his HP gained. The temporary HP gained by skills and summoned creatures were not counted. 

No other skills would matter as much as this SSS-grade talent.

One had to know that HP was related to a player's life. Without the support of HP, even god-tier players would easily die.

The recovery speed of HP represented a continuous battle. In the early stages, one might not be able to see much of a difference, but after killing countless creatures in the middle and later stages, one would become an extremely terrifying existence.

When that time came, a player's HP would be even higher than a boss. How would these bosses endure such a situation?

With such a terrifying recovery speed, it was likely that the one could stand still and let their opponents beat them until their hands turned cramped. Even then, one would have quickly recovered back their full health.

Li Yi did not know if he could understand this unbearable sense of despair knowing he contained this skill.

"There's nothing else to say! One word, strong! This should be expected of an SSS-grade talent!"

No wonder those people in Li Yi's previous life who had an SS-grade talent were called existences that were on par with the Gods. It seemed that they had not exaggerated.

The heaven-defying effect of Blood Devour would definitely become an existence that would attract the attention of the world in the future.

Li Yi slowly calmed his excited mood and began to continue with his next operation.

[System Notification: Please select your initial class!]

Within the next moment, Li Yi's vision became slightly distorted, and the environment around him changed to a new place. There were two male characters that stood in front of him. 

One of them carried an extremely wide-blade longsword on his back along with a shield.

The other held a long wooden staff with a bright gem embedded on the tip.

These were extremely familiar to Li Yi. They were the two basic classes in the game — Warrior Apprentice and Magic Apprentice.

When a basic class reaches a certain level, they could switch to other classes. These two basic classes had countless branches, and it could be said that each branch had its own unique characteristics.

If he was lucky in this game, he might even be able to find a hidden class. He would have to rely on himself now to slowly discover it.

Li Yi did not think much about it and directly chose the Warrior Apprentice class.

In his previous life, he was a level 200 Demigod Berserker. He was very familiar with the path of Warrior Apprentices, so there was no need for him to make any changes.

Moreover, based on his own talent, the reason for increasing his endless HP was that his first-class change when he reaches a certain level would definitely give priority to the Guardian Warrior. The Guardian Warrior was the class that most suited this SSS-grade talent, which was the ability to devour HP.

[System Notification: Class choice successful! Please name your character!]

"Carefree Dream." Li Yi replied as he had already thought of his own name and directly entered it.

[System Notification: Name successful. Do you wish to enter the face-molding segment?]

"No need, I'll skip it."

Li Yi did not wish to adjust his features. It was pretty good now. In his previous life, there were many people who looked unrecognizable. They all had appearances that were extremely awkward. One had to know that when the game and reality merged, their appearances could not be changed after it was confirmed!

[System Notification: You have created your character. The world of Divine Revelation has been opened. We wish you a happy game.]

[System Notification: You have successfully entered Divine Revelation. Currently, you are in Divine Revelation's sector No. 77777 Novice Village!]

As soon as the system finished its sentence, the environment in front of him started to blur again before it condensed into a clearer image. Li Yi had arrived at the Novice Village.

There were not many people around. As of now, many of them were engrossed in the face-molding process. After a period of time, more and more players would come online.

"This scene is so real, it's amazing! I didn't expect a company to create such a realistic world."

"I... was wrong! It hurts! This game is too real. I accidentally touched a person just now, but I was shocked by the system. I can confirm though that it felt like a real person!"

"Hurry up, I'm going to level up. I want to be the best in the entire server because I have my B-grade talent, this world will definitely belong to me."

"I can assure you that you won't be able to do it. I have an A-grade talent. Do you want to be my underling?"

"There are NPCs over there. Let's hurry over and see if there are any missions."


The realism of Divine Revelation indeed gave everyone an unprecedented experience. It was almost exactly the same as reality. If one did not look at the system interface, it would be difficult for ordinary people to tell if this was a reality or a game.

Looking at this scene, Li Yi smiled faintly. When he entered the game back then, he was exactly the same as these guys. He was excited and ecstatic!

He opened his attribute panel.

[ID: Carefree Dream]

[Class: Warrior Apprentice]

[Level: 1]

[Five Dimensions: Strength 6, Stamina 11, Agility 6, Spirit 8, Intelligence 6]

[HP: 110]

[MP: 32]

[HP Recovery Speed: 0.7/s]

[MP Recovery Speed: 0.8/s]

[Physical Attack: 23]

[Magic Attack: 12]

[Physical Defense: 11]

[Magic Defense: 8]

[Movement Speed: 5.3 m/s]

[Attack Speed: 1.06 times/s]

[Skills: None]

[Talent: Blood Devour SSS]

Other than talent, this panel was basically the same as any average player. Initially, most players' individual attributes would fluctuate between 4 to 8 points. His own attribute distribution was considered decent as he had no attribute lower than 4 points.

Looking at the players who were still talking to the NPCs, Li Yi directly walked out of the Novice Village.

Everyone was only level 1, so they could not receive missions from the NPCs. This game was famous for its lack of missions at the start of the game.

Outside the Novice Village was an open forest area. Some Black Rats were wandering aimlessly in the trees and grass. They were all level 1 Black Rats.

The Black Rats were smaller in size, and they were relatively fast. Many Magic Apprentices did not have any skills at the moment, so they could only rely on their staff to strike the Black Rats.

Usually, many Magic Apprentices would get directly beaten up by these strange attacks that came from the rats, and they would cry for their mothers and fathers. Only some Warrior Apprentices that had good reflexes were barely able to fight it.

After all, in the early stages, everyone only had a pitiful low-quality small broken sword, and its attack power was only 3 points. Everyone could not afford to buy Health Potions, this forced many Magic Apprentices to form teams in the early stages. Otherwise, after they killed a Black Rat, they would have to rest and wait for a long while for their health to recover.

Li Yi, on the other hand, was very familiar with the Black Rats. He walked in front of a Black Rat and raised his sword.


Li Yi's attack immediately angered the Black Rat. It let out a 'ji ji' sound and directly pounced on him!

Li Yi had long expected this. With a quick dodge, the Black Rat pounced on to nothing. He took advantage of the movements when the Black Rat counterattacked, Li Yi casually followed up with a sword attack and accurately stabbed the weak throat of the Black Rat.

"-40! Weak Point Damage!"

The weak point damage gave double the damage, and it could stack with a critical strike. It was not bad for some normal monsters!

Li Yi continuously retreated, and his extremely clever positioning made the Black Rat lose its temper. From the beginning to the end, the Black Rat did not even have the opportunity to touch Li Yi!

The Black Rat's attack speed was slightly slower than him. As long as he grasped the necessary attack techniques, he could easily dodge the Black Rat without gaining any damage.

"Ji ji..."

The Black Rat, which only had 100 HP, was killed in four hits. This Black Rat did not drop any items. This was a normal situation, and he did not care about it at all.

After all, it would be abnormal if such a low-level monster had dropped good items!