9 Double-edged Steel Sword, Level 5 Skill

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At this moment, Li Yi did not know that he had caused such a huge reaction. Instead, he looked at his backpack. A silver-white greatsword was sitting comfortably in the first slot of his backpack.

He opened the attribute panel.

[Equipment: Double-edged Steel Sword]

[Quality: Flawless]

[Attack: 71]

[Flawless Attribute: strength +10, critical hit rate +5%]

[Equipment Condition: Level 5]

Including strength, this weapon had a 101 physical attack and a 5% critical hit. It was worthy of being a piece of flawless equipment.

Looking at the Steel Sword in his hand, his EXP bar had reached 70% of level 4. Soon, he would reach level 5 and would be able to equip this flawless equipment.

The greatsword had reached the point of breaking. However, he did not need this sword. It was still a rare weapon in the current market. It would definitely be very valuable if he sold it.

Currently, many players were still fighting monsters with weapons given by the system. If he sold this weapon, many people would definitely clamor to snatch this item!

Li Yi walked out of the gathering place and prepared to find a place to increase to level 5. When the time came, he would bring this sword with him and go back to the village to learn level 5 skills. At that time, there would definitely be a great improvement.

When he walked out of the gathering place, the surrounding Bandits had already been cleared. It was still too early for them to respawn.

Li Yi walked deeper into the forest.

After walking for nearly ten minutes, Li Yi discovered a new kind of creature.

"Squeak squeak!!!"

A strange, fiery-red bat that was the size of a puppy, hanging upside down on a tree, asleep. Its mouth opened and closed, letting out a series of unpleasant cries.

[Level 4, Fiery-red Bat (normal)]

[HP: 350]

[Physical Attack: 90]

[Physical Defense: 11]

[Other attributes: Attacks with poison]

Yet another creature with high attack and low defense. It was very suitable for leveling up.

Li Yi raised his greatsword and rushed forward. He aimed at the head of the sleeping bat and slashed at it!

"Heavy Strike!"

"-300! Weak Point Damage!"

This was the advantage of a weapon with high damage and full strength. Skills combined with weak point damage almost killed the fiery bat!

The Fiery-red Bat burned with rage when it was attacked in its sleep. It immediately pounced down. Before the Fiery-red Bat made its move, Li Yi quickly swung his sword a second time and stabbed the chest of the Fiery-red Bat.


The Fiery-red Bat's wings were sharp. It directly slashed him which caused a tingling sensation to immediately spread from his arm.

"-20! Poison Attack"

[System Notification: You have been attacked by the Fiery-red Bat's poison attack. You will lose 20 HP per second. This will last for 5 seconds.]

Li Yi did not pay much attention to the Fiery-red Bat's poison attack. This poison attack was not as high as his HP regeneration.

His sword accurately stabbed into the fiery bat.


The Fiery-red Bat's last bit of HP was also destroyed. After letting out a series of wails, it fell to the ground and dropped a few copper coins.

The experience points gained were not bad. It seemed that he would be able to level up after killing another 100 or so bats. There were still a lot of bats here. Moreover, it was daytime now. They were all hanging on the tree and sleeping. It would be fine to kill them one by one!

After an hour or so of him challenging the Fiery-red Bats, his body emitted a burst of golden light. He had finally leveled up to level 5!

"Not bad, it's time to go back and learn some skills."

There were not many skills that could be learned at level 5. There were only two types of skills.

[Level 1 Basic Mastery (passive skill): Increases 1% of one's final physical attack, hit rate, and skill damage. The highest level is Level 10!]

[Level 1 Combo (active skill): Consecutively strikes out two attacks, dealing 70% and 90% of physical attack respectively. Cool down for 8 seconds, consume 10 MP. The highest level is Level 10!]

These two basic skills were pretty good. When they reached max level, they could increase the final physical attack by 10%. This was not a small amount.

Combo was also one of the more commonly used skills!

Back in Novice Village, Li Yi arrived in front of the Warrior Apprentice Mentor, Sorot.

Li Yi initiated the conversation, "Mentor Sorot, I'm already level 5. I wish to learn some skills now."

Sorot looked over and glanced at him. He said, "Okay! Adventurer, it looks like you have great potential! You are now qualified to learn additional skills. You can now learn up to two more skills."

The option to learn the skills appeared in front of Li Yi. The effects of the skills were exactly the same as in his memory. He needed 10 silver coins and to be at level 5 to learn them.

Li Yi only had 1 gold coin and 20 silver coins in his bag. If it was not for the first boss that gave him 1 gold coin, he would not even have the money to buy Mana Potions after learning the skill.

After Li Yi finished learning the skill, he said to Sorot, "Alright, I've finished learning it!"

"Great! Go and venture forth, powerful adventurer!! You're my pride..."

Li Yi was about to leave when he saw that his mentor seemed to have noticed something. He immediately walked up and grabbed his palm to observe it carefully.

After a long while, his mentor seemed to have discovered something extremely shocking.

"You... Your blood devour has actually become so strong. Could it be that you have that legendary talent?

"The legendary talent has actually appeared on the continent at this moment. Looks like our continent will no longer be ordinary in the future!!!"

At this moment, Sorot slowly closed his eyes, as if he was recalling some things from the past.

When Li Yi saw this situation, he had some doubts in his heart. However, he definitely would not leave at this time, because this seemed like an intriguing matter.

Although he did not receive any news in his previous life that the Novice Village's Warrior Apprentices mentor had issued a mission, according to his many years of experience, this was definitely an extremely special situation.

It should be because his SSS-grade talent had played a role.

After a long time, Sorot finally came back to his senses and shook his head as he said, "Haih! I was relieving my past, to actually be immersed in the past for such a long time and not be able to come out might look embarrassing."

Li Yi saw that Sorot had regained his senses and immediately went forward to ask, "Mentor, what is it that has caused you to be so engrossed in it? Is it possible for me to help you?"

When Sorot heard the request, he immediately replied in a very serious tone, "Carefree Dream, this mission might be a little dangerous, but I still want to hand it over to you. May I ask if you are willing to accept my test?"

[System Notification: Warrior Apprentice Mentor — Sorot has issued a legacy trial mission to you. Should you choose to accept it?]

When Li Yi heard the system notification, he became extremely shocked. Others might not know about the legacy trial, but he knew it very well.

The legacy trial was a mission to awaken a special power. That was a special mission that could only be activated after the third transition in the game. Now that he was only level 5 and had already received the legacy trial in the Novice Village, it would be a lie if he was not shocked.

Li Yi immediately replied, "I accept. Mentor Sorot, you can rest assured and leave your mission to me. I will definitely work hard to complete it!"

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