4 Setting Off, Challenging Monsters!

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"Ding! Merging successful!"

"Congratulations on obtaining an Elite Monster—Vitality Slime."

"Congratulations on obtaining an Elite Monster—Magic Slime."


[Vitality Slime] (Unnamed)

Quality: Elite

Level: 1

HP: 300 / 300 (230↑)

Magic Attack: 10-20 (0-5↑)

Defense: 5 (0↑)

Superiority: 100%

Owner: Tyrant

Skill: [Healing]: Absorbs 5% of the damage taken and turns it into HP.

Skill: [Healing Liquid]: Spits out a ball of healing liquid, healing the target by 100 HP immediately and 2 HP per second for 30 seconds. (Healing effects do not stack.)


[Magic Slime] (Unnamed)

Quality: Elite

Level: 1

HP: 170 / 170 (100↑)

Magic Attack: 10-20 (0-5↑)

Defense: 5 (0↑)

Superiority: 100%

Owner: Tyrant

Skill: [Healing]: Absorbs 3% of the damage taken and turns it into HP.

Skill: [Magic Liquid]: Spits out a ball of magic liquid, restores 100 MP immediately and 2 MP every second for 30 seconds. (Healing effects do not stack.)


Combined with the red potion, the slime's HP was greatly increased.

However, after using the blue potion, the slime's attributes increased very little. The overall attributes were much worse than the other two.

From the attributes of these panels, it could be seen that different materials had different effects on monsters.

Therefore, in the future, he had to choose by considering the compatibility of the two.

On the other hand, the combat strength of these slimes had increased.

It was especially so for the Poisonous Slime. It was now the main combat member of the team. The other two pets were mainly providing it with support.

"With these three slimes, there's no need to buy supplies."

"Very good. Next, I can test the power of the Poisonous Slime. I can level up by killing monsters and walk towards glory!"

Grasping a short wooden staff, Lorne headed out of the village.

But at that moment, an armored female player passed by. Her gaze was inadvertently attracted by a very bright color. When she turned around, she immediately noticed Lorne leaving the alley.

Then, the female player's beautiful eyes quivered as she stared at the little group bouncing on the ground. Instantly, her mouth opened slightly and she gasped.



Deep blue?


Why were his slimes of various colors?

As the leader of a large guild, she knew very well that the current Summoner players could only summon pets like the slime.

Even if he was lucky enough to summon a mutated pet, it was impossible for all three to mutate.

This was ridiculous.

"No, I must make him join my guild!"

The armored female player quickly rushed into the alley. She wanted to befriend the Summoner with the mutated pets.

Unfortunately, by the time she caught up, the other party had already left the alley and blended into the crowd.


On the other side.

With the short staff in hand, Lorne walked out of the village.

The wheat field was in front of the village. There were many players and everyone was fighting over the limited number of Demonized Pheasants.

Lorne also had the beginner mission that required him to kill 30 Demonized Pheasants.

However, this place was obviously not suitable for farming monsters. He had to stay away from the other players so that he could encounter some chicks that were not being hunted.

Lorne made his way to the edge of the forest.

Soon, he arrived at the edge of the wheat field. If he continued forward, he would reach the terrifying forest region.

There were many Level 3 monsters in the forest. The new players did not dare to approach.

That was Lorne's chance.


[Demonized Pheasant]

Quality: Normal

Level: 1

HP: 150 / 150

Physical Attack: 5-10

Skill: [Peck]


From the attributes panel, it could be seen that this was really a monster for the players to train. Other than having decent HP, the other attributes were nothing.

There was no surprise about the outcome of battling an Elite-level Poisonous Slime.

"I'll use you to practice first."

"Fake Healer, take good care of it. Poison Spray!"

As a Summoner, it was naturally impossible for him to get close to his opponent. He would leave these rough matters to the young ones who would do whatever he wanted.

Upon hearing its master's command, the Poisonous Slime immediately spat out a ball of purple poison.


The poison spread over the demonized pheasant.



Two damage numbers appeared one after another.

The monsters in the Beginner Village did not have much magic resistance, so the magic output was impressive.

"Caw! Caw!"

Enraged, the demonized pheasant quickly charged at the Poisonous Slime.

The greatest advantage in long-range combat was the range of the attack. How could it be so easily approached? The moment the attack was launched, Lorne had already commanded the Poisonous Slime to pull back.

At the same time, the short staff was waved, and a blue magic bullet struck the monster.




The other two slimes were also contributing.

Although their single damage was not high, together with Lorne's basic attack, they still dealt 27 damage.

The demonized pheasant had lost half its health by now.

As for the Poisonous Slime, it bounced and moved with the monster.

Once the skill had cooled, it immediately turned around and attacked.

The pulpy poison clung to the demonized pheasant, damaging it.


-2 (Poison)




The skill cooldown of the Poisonous Slime was 5 seconds. In addition to the damage caused by the poison, the damage was more than 80.

With the demonized pheasant's health, there was no way it could withstand such an attack.

So, not long after a series of attacks, the creature's HP was completely drained by the poison. With a cry, it fell to the ground.


"Congratulations to your pet [Poisonous Slime (Fake Healer)] for successfully killing a demonized pheasant. You have received 2 (+4) experience points."

Killing the monster gave Lorne 6 EXP, three times that of other classes.

All of this came from the characteristics of the Summoner class.

In "Divine Realm", the Summoner's EXP gain was different from other classes. Because he needed to level up his pet, every time the Summoner killed a monster, he would receive additional EXP.

The specific rules were:

[Summoner sends the first pet to battle. EXP+100%.]

[Summoner sends the second pet to battle. EXP+50%.]

[Summoner sends the third pet to battle. EXP+25%.] (Additional pets fixed at 25%)

In other words, Lorne now had an additional 175% EXP gain!

It was really awesome.

Of course, it was not too early to rejoice.

Because the Summoner's level is tied to the pet's level, when the Summoner reaches Level 10, all pets must also reach Level 10, or he would not be able to change class.

Therefore, he still had a long way to go.

With that in mind, Lorne squatted down and began to clean up the battlefield.

At that moment, a special system notification sounded.


"Congratulations on obtaining the material: [Demonized Pheasant's Wings]."

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