Merge! Slime King, Alchemy!

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"What's that?"

When the magic circle appeared, the surrounding players noticed it.

They had seen magic circles before.

However, the strange thing was that the summoning formation was so huge that even the runes on it were abnormally complicated.

It was obvious that this was a powerful magic circle.

"Look! There's something inside!"

"Is this summoning magic?"

"That's not right. How can there be such a summoning formation?"

"But it is summoning a monster, look."

"Is that a bull head?"

More and more players looked over.

Under the brilliant light of the magic circle, a huge ball of light appeared.

It gradually formed the shape of a monster, especially the bull horns on its head, they were very conspicuous.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the light of the magic circle dissipated, and a huge bull-headed monster appeared.

In its hand was a huge battle axe. It was two meters tall and its entire body was filled with strong muscles. The savage aura attacked the senses of the surrounding players.

At this moment, everyone's attention was attracted by the Giant Axe Minotaur.

However, no one noticed that a player with a short staff had already crossed the defense circle and walked towards the center of the battlefield.


"That guy over there, get lost!" In the core battleground, a player discovered Lorne and shouted at him while waving his sword.

But before he could say more, a savage figure rushed to him.

Then, the huge axe chopped down.




As soon as the player shouted, two damage values popped up above his head.

He turned into white light and flew back to the resurrection point.

"Damn you! How dare you kill my brother!"

"You're courting death!"

Another warrior player from the same guild let out a roar when he saw his teammate being killed. He raised his sword and charged at Lorne.

But before he could run, a huge axe fell.

The mission that Lorne gave the Giant Axe Minotaur was to attract the attention of other players. It was allowed to cause a scene.

Therefore, Minotaur One went all out. After killing the first player, it rushed into the enemy's camp and began a mad slaughter.

Upon seeing this, the surrounding players widened their eyes.

No one could have imagined that this minotaur was not a new Boss that appeared!

It was the pet of a player!

Moreover, the damage of the attack was extremely terrifying. With one swing of the axe, it actually dealt 219 points of damage, killing a Level 6 high-level player with one strike.


At this moment, several guilds in the battle circle also noticed this.

Unparalleled Domination's eyelids twitched. It had only been ten hours since the game started. How did that player summon such a terrifying pet and deal 219 points of damage? Was he using a cheat?!

He could not accept this result.

After all, the pets summoned by the current Summoners were all slimes. No one had summoned other pets, let alone such a terrifying minotaur.

"Go take a look. Which guild is the Summoner from?"

Unparalleled Domination wanted to rope him in to join the guild and provide them with greater battle strength.

But a lackey soon recognized him, "Boss, that looks like the kid who sold the equipment."

Hearing this, Unparalleled Domination was furious.

"So it's that little scoundrel!"

"Boss, I'll bring people to kill him now!"

"No, let him pass."

Seeing that his subordinate was murderous, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. He looked confident and did not have any intention of killing Lorne.

Now was not the time.

Since that kid wanted to kill the Boss, he would let him go.

First, he would deplete the Boss's health points. At the last critical moment, he would let the guild members kill him and rob him of everything!

This way, he could reduce the losses of the guild and also peer into his strength. It was killing two birds with one stone. Why not?

The higher-ups of the other guilds thought the same.

This was just a Summoner.

No matter how powerful he was, there was still a limit.

Furthermore, in the Beginner Village, all the players were only level 10 at max.

How could a Level 10 Summoner kill a recovery-type boss with 5,000 health points?


In the guild camp, Twinkle Rose bit her red lips and started to persuade Lorne, "Tyrant, don't go over. Although you have some strength, this Boss's recovery ability is too strong. Even we need ten minutes to lower its health."

It had to be said that the beautiful guild leader's character was really good.

Unfortunately, she was still too naive.

It would take ten minutes for the thousand of you to end the battle, but it did not mean that it would take ten minutes for him alone, right?

Ignoring Twinkle Rose's advice, Lorne entered the most dangerous area of the battle.

When he was close enough to the Boss, he activated the skill.


"Monster [Slime King] has been confirmed as the prototype material. Please identify the other materials."

Hearing the notification, Lorne took out the Alchemy Potion in his bag.

Although this high quality tool was not good enough for a Boss-level monster, it was still better than the red potions.

After all, this was a Beginner Village. It was really too difficult to obtain even better potions.


"A prototype monster and a 'body part material' have been identified. The synthesis formula is: (Slime King) + (Alchemy Potion) = (???)"

"The cost is 5 gold coins. Would you like to merge?"

As expected of a Boss-level monster, just the cost of fusing was so high.

As usual, the higher the cost, the greater the strength!

Now was not the time to be concerned about the gold coins.

Without any hesitation, Lorne chose to merge them.

Perhaps because the Slime King was a powerful Boss-level monster, when Lorne chose to fuse it, an incomparably huge magic formation immediately appeared, covering an area of more than a hundred yards.

The Slime King's entire body turned into light, intertwining with the light formed by the alchemy potion.

But this time, something was different.

This time, the slime's size actually shrank!

In the end, it was condensed to a size smaller than an ordinary slime.

At this moment, a pleasant reminder sounded.


"Merging successful!"

"Congratulations on obtaining the Bronze Boss-level Monster—Slime King, Alchemy."