21 A Bronze-Grade Boss with Terrifying Attributes!

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[Slime King, Alchemy] (Contract Possible)

Quality: Bronze-Grade Boss

Level: 1 (0/2,500)

HP: 50,000 / 50,000

Magic Attack: 120-160

Physical Defense: 65

Magic Defense: 50

Superiority: 100%

Skill: [Sticky Spray]: Grants (100% + 500) HP/MP Recovery to a friendly target. Deals 100% fixed magic damage to enemy targets.

Skill: [Powered Jump]: The Slime King will bounce with all its might. When it lands, it will deal 100% magic damage to targets within a range of (2x2).

Skill: [Healing]: Absorb 10% of the damage and turn it into health points.

Skill: [Summoning of the King]: Summons 20 small slimes. Consuming one will recover 100 health points. If killed, the small slimes will explode and cause 100% magic damage to the target.

Introduction: Originally, it was a ferocious Slime King, but it accidentally fused with a special potion and was enlightened. In the end, it evolved into a Bronze-Grade Boss proficient in healing.



Lorne gasped when he saw the attributes.

A Boss-level pet could actually have 50,000 health points at Level 1. This was an unimaginable number for players.

As an elite monster, Minotaur One only had 800 health points at Level 1. The difference between the two was too great.

However, Lorne also noticed a problem.

That was—

When the Boss became a pet, its attributes were weakened!

Although the attributes of the panel in front of him were powerful, if he did not include the additional bonus and raised the Slime King's level to 10, the final attributes should not be as high as the Event Boss earlier.

Lorne understood this point well. After all, in reality, pets reared were no match for wild beasts.

Therefore, he did not think too much about it.

Rather than that, the current Lorne felt that he should cheer, for he now had a mobile medical base that was practically 'infinite healing'.

[Sticky Spray] was originally an AOE damage skill, but now it was more focused on healing and recovery. The pitiful 100% fixed damage was too mediocre compared to the healing aspect.

Perhaps this was the drawback of synthesizing with the 'Alchemy Potion'. The damage output was reduced but the recovery effect was amplified.

In regards to this, Lorne had been mentally prepared the moment he had combined it, so he was not disappointed.

However, [Powered Jump], [Healing], and [Summoning of the King] were all weakened to a certain extent, which was out of his expectations.

He felt that perhaps because of the 'Event', the system had added additional attributes to the Boss. Otherwise, an ordinary Level 10 Boss would definitely not have 100,000 health points.

This was hard to verify.

But neither did Lorne fixate on this issue.

In any case, he had obtained a Boss-level pet. This was a good outcome!


"Now, it's time to give you a name." Lorne rubbed his chin in thought.

Naming was a tough job.

However, he had contracted a Boss-level pet this time. He could not be too casual. After all, it would follow him for a long time in the future.


Got it!

His eyes snapped open. "From now on, you shall be called Rimuru."

Rimuru was an ideal name for a slime.

Hearing this name, the little guy excitedly stuck to the side of his face, making the most intimate contact with him.

Lorne laughed. He liked this "sticky" little guy. It was soft, cool, and, most important, it kept all the members of the party safe.

After giving it a name, he directly used the EXP to level it up.

As soon as the light shone down, he was stunned.


"You used 2,500 experience points to raise your pet [Slime King, Alchemy (Rimuru)] to Level 2."

[Health: 62,500 (12,500↑)]

[Attack: 150-200 (30-40↑)]

[Physical Resistance: 81 (16↑)]

[Magic Resistance: 62 (12↑)]


Just the level up alone increased Rimuru's health by more than 10,000!

This meant that the increase was 62.5 times that of Minotaur One!

If he told this news to other players now, no one would believe him, because this number was too shocking.

Of course, with a huge increase in attributes, the requirement to level up was naturally huge.

From Level 2 to Level 3, Rimuru required 7,500 experience points, which was equivalent to a player going from Level 1 to Level 10.

The 28,000 experience points that Lorne had could only allow it to level up a few times.


"You used 7,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 3."

"You used 12,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 4."

"You used 17,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 5."

After reaching Level 5, he used up all his experience.

At this time, Rimuru also had extremely powerful attributes. Its health points alone were 100,000 points, and its Attack was 240-360. Its attributes were almost exactly the same as when it was in the event.

After dealing with this matter, Lorne quickly sent a message to his only friend before the light completely dissipated.

"Big-busted Sister, do you want to do another shady deal?"

As soon as he sent the message, not far away, Twinkle Rose, who was about to send a message to remind him to leave, trembled and nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Who wants to make a shady deal with you! Hmph! You're such a pervert!" Twinkle Rose answered angrily.

"Alright, since you don't want it, then forget it. In any case, it's just a few Bronze Treasure Chests. It's really hard to sell these worthless things. I'm so annoyed."


Bronze Treasure Chests?

Twinkle Rose's eyes lit up, and she replied pitifully, "Waah, Little Brother Tyrant, our Silver Snow Guild's sisters are still very weak. We need high-grade equipment. If you have any that you can't use, please sell them to us, please!"

"Of course, that's not an issue. Now, let's carefully complete this shady deal."

Seeing this reply, Twinkle Rose clenched her fists. That guy was too evil. Although it was true that this deal could not be seen by the other guild leaders, it was too strange to describe it as a 'shady deal'.

At that moment, Twinkle Rose wanted to grab him and use her rapier to seal his mouth.

On the other side, Lorne opened his bag and placed the unopened treasure chests on the online trading platform.

Right now, there were players from large guilds everywhere. He could not trade with them in person. He could only let the system earn some "fees" to complete the transaction.

"A total of 50,000 alliance dollars."

This time, Lorne did not ask for the in-game currency to be used. The synthesis of the Slime King had ended, and now he wanted to earn real alliance dollars.

Twinkle Rose also gave a rather generous price. Each Bronze Treasure Chest was given a high price of 10,000.

Originally, the price of an equipment treasure chest was much more mediocre because one did not know what equipment would drop from it. It could be that the attributes were good or that the attributes were bad. Such items with more uncertainty should be priced at the middle-upper levels.

But Twinkle Rose still gave the highest price on the market.

And as soon as he was certain of the deal, 45,000 Alliance dollars went into his virtual account.

At that moment, the surrounding atmosphere became restless.

Now that the light was about to fade, the players from the large guilds also realized that they did not want to let go of Lorne, because the reward for the first kill was too great, and the equipment dropped by the first boss was too tempting.


When all of them surrounded him, Lorne's body began to fade away as he simply vanished on the spot.

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