60 Chapter 60: The protection period is about to end!

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When "Heaven" arrived in the new server, the first month of protection time ended.

Some of the foreign races that wanted to invade the new server could choose to do so.

This was also the origin of the ranking battle.

However, this was only limited to professionals below gold-rank.

At the same time, it wasn't just foreignland that had designs on the new city zone. They would also kill each other to obtain more resources.

As time passed, the rules of the ranking battle became more and more complete.

In the end, it became a ranking battle where geniuses from various worlds and races were sent to participate.

The geniuses from the other worlds and races fought and killed each other in the ranking battles. In the end, the names they obtained would be allocated the resources in the new city zone!

Of course, the new server's races could also resist the invasion of plunderers.


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