4 Chapter 4: A surprise treasure chest and heaven-defying luck

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These days.

Su Yang spent most of his time killing magic bugs in the wasteland dungeon.

He continued to gain exp to level up and increase his magic resistance.

He had never carefully searched this secret realm.

"If there's really a treasure chest, then we'll be rich!"

Su Yang's eyes sparkled as he had an idea.


The next day.

In the wasteland dungeon.

Su Yang held a steel knife and walked among the ruins of the buildings.

These few days, from the information obtained on the forum ...

He understood that secret dungeons were also divided into different levels.

A small-scale secret dungeon.

A medium-scale secret land dungeon.

A large-scale secret land dungeon.

A super-large-scale secret land dungeon:

There were also some special secret dungeons.

Thinking of this, Su Yang couldn't help but think.

What kind of secret realm was this wasteland secret realm?

If it was a small-scale secret realm, from the observation of the past few days, the scale of it was quite large.

According to his guess, this scale was enough to make a medium-sized city laugh.

If he wanted to explore all of them, he would have to spend a lot of time.

However, for Su Yang, it didn't matter how much time he had.

After all, there were so many magic bugs in this instance dungeon that it was impossible to kill them.

He could kill the magic bugs to level up while exploring.


[ You have killed a magic bug ]

[ Gained 4 experience points ]

[ Your magic resistance has been boosted ]

As Su Yang's level increased, killing the magic bugs became easier.

However, as his level increased, the EXP he gained from killing the magic bugs decreased.

However, the number of magic bugs killed every day had increased.

All in all, the benefits were still objective.

One by one, the magic bugs were killed by Su Yang's steel knife.

[ Your [ Tornado Slash ] has leveled up, the level increased by 5 ]

The skill level also increased as Su Yang continued to use [ Tornado Slash ].

This city seems to have been destroyed by a mysterious force!

After killing the magic bugs, Su Yang stood on a higher ruin and looked around.

In his sight, the entire city appeared to be in a state of ruin.

It was as if a destructive spell had attacked the entire city, and it had been reduced to this in an instant.

Combined with the traces of magic everywhere, Su Yang guessed that a large-scale forbidden spell had most likely destroyed the city.

"Hmm? To think that there's a well-preserved building."

Just as Su Yang was lamenting, he suddenly noticed something.

It was to his northeast.

There was one place that was relatively well-preserved compared to the other buildings in the city ruins.

After thinking about it for a while, Su Yang decided to go and see what was going on.

Along the way, along with the magic bugs everywhere, Su Yang was getting closer and closer to his destination.

On the way, Su Yang didn't see a second monster, which made him a little curious.

These magic bugs had survived to this day, so what exactly was their food?

Later, after seeing the magic bugs eat with his own eyes, Su Yang understood that these magic bugs actually fed on the remnants of magic.

It was really amazing.

Su Yang cleared the magic bugs in front of him along the way and soon arrived near the well-preserved building.

He checked the resources he had brought with him and found they were sufficient.

So, Su Yang held his steel knife and entered the building directly.

The environment inside the building was dark, and the monsters were still the magic bugs that could be seen everywhere.

To be safe, Su Yang used his detection skill as usual.

[ Magic bug level: 8 (elite) ]

[ Health: 180 ]

[ Defense: 6 ]

[ Attack: 24 ]

"The elite of the magic bugs?"

Looking at the introduction on the panel, Su Yang chuckled and jumped to one of the magic bugs with his steel knife.

His hand rose, and his blade fell.

An elite magic bug was killed.

[ You have killed an elite magic bug ]

[ Received 13 experience points ]

[ Your magic resistance has been increased ]


"The experience points are pretty good."

Su Yang nodded in agreement with the identity of the elite magic bug.

"This knife is almost blunt. It's time to change it."

After all, it's just a steel knife made of a standard alloy. Even if these magic bugs have low defense, after killing so many, it's time for them to be eliminated.

Su Yang waved the steel knife in his hand and sighed softly as he looked at the obvious gap in the blade.

It was time to change to a better weapon.

However, the drop rate of the ordinary monsters here was too low.

Low-level monsters like the magic bugs gave nothing but experience.

However, at least he could get additional attributes with his talent.

Therefore, he decided to use the steel knife first.

After clearing the magic bugs along the way, Su Yang soon came to the depths of the building.

Suddenly, Su Yang's eyes lit up.

In his sense, there was a rusty iron box not far from him.

It was impossible to tell the level of the treasure chest from its appearance.

However, it was already good enough that he could find a treasure chest!

It seems like what the people on the forum said is true!

I can't believe I can actually find treasure chests in a secret dungeon!

Looking at the treasure chest in front of him, Su Yang's eyes revealed a drooling expression.

"Hiss hiss ..."

At this moment, dozens of magic bugs rushed out of the treasure chest.

They also noticed the uninvited guest and surrounded Su Yang.

"Woof! the treasure chest also comes with experience, not bad!"

Looking at the magic bugs fearlessly charging at him, Su Yang's face showed a satisfied smile.

"Tornado slash!"

Su Yang wielded his steel knife and attacked with several wind blades.

The LV 5 [ Tornado Slash ] allowed him to produce a wind-blade attack at close range.

One wind blade after another shot out.

In an instant, all the magic bugs that rushed over were killed on the spot.

Su Yang didn't care about the kill notifications that kept coming.

His eyes were fixed on the rusty treasure chest.

Su Yang quickly stepped forward and touched the treasure chest.

[ Congratulations! A treasure chest hidden in the secret realm for many years has been discovered! ]

As he listened to the notification, the rusty treasure chest in front of him suddenly bloomed with a dazzling light.

"Treasure chest! It really is a treasure chest!"

At this moment, Su Yang was extremely excited.

He was so excited that he kept wiping the treasure chest in front of him.

After adjusting his moods, Su Yang gradually calmed down.

A moment later.

Su Yang solemnly opened the treasure chest in front of him.

[ You have opened the secret treasure chest ]

[ Acquired a bottle of radiance potion ]

[ Acquired light skill stone ]

[ Received a lucky headband ]

Looking at the new items in the inventory, Su Yang couldn't wait to check the information on these items.

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