20 Chapter 20: Decided on the advanced mythical mission! Determination!

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In the entire "Heaven", no one has completed the myth advancement mission for thousands of years!?

Su Yang, who was looking for information about promotion missions, was slightly stunned when he saw the message.

Su Yang narrowed his eyes and fell silent.

Heart Slayer, who was standing at the side, felt Su Yang's emotions and did not say anything.

She just looked at him quietly.

After a while.

Su Yang opened his eyes and carefully browsed through the information of the advancement missions.

[ Normal advancement ]

[ After advancement, all attributes increase by 10%. Every level up will give you 10 free attribute points! ]


[ Intermediate advancement ]

[ after promotion, all attributes increase by 20%. Each level-up will give you 20 free attribute points! ]


[ Superior advancement ]

[ After advancement, all attributes increase by 40%. Each level-up will grant you 40 free attribute points! ]


[ Hegemon advancement ]

[ After promotion, all attributes increase by 60%. Each level-up will grant you 60 free attribute points! ]


[ Mythical advancement ]

[ After advancement, all attributes increase by 100%. Every level up will give you 100 free attribute points! ]


As the difficulty increased, the rewards would also increase.

However, when it came to the advanced stage of myth, it was a direct leap in advancement!

Not only would it increase all of his current attributes by 100%, but it would also increase his attributes by 100%.

In the future, with each level up, he would receive 100 free attribute points, which was ten times more than the normal promotion!

And this was only the benefit he gained from the system introduction.

Su Yang had gathered some information from the forum.

After completing the intermediate advancement, it would at least have the potential to grow to silver.


After the completion of the advanced promotion mission, it would at least have the advanced potential to grow to the level of a yellow chicken.

After completing the tyrant advancement mission, they would at least have the potential to grow into a platinum-level tyrant legend.

As for the advanced mythical mission, it was set off directly for the highest goal.

As for the lowest achievement, it could reach the diamond rank.



After taking a deep breath.

Su Yang still insisted on his original idea!

He chose the advanced mythical mission!

He already had the forbidden talent, unlimited growth, and the mythical skill, slaughter, and plunder.

If he didn't try the mythical advancement mission, he would definitely not be satisfied!

Furthermore, there were three chances for the promotion mission!

No matter what, he had to try the mythical advancement mission!

In the entire "Heaven", no one had completed the mythical advancement mission for hundreds of years.

In that case, let him become the first person to do so in these hundreds of years!

After all, he had been accumulating strength for the advanced mythical mission until now.

The strength far exceeded a normal level 10, magic resistance 100%, super armor, and slaughter.


There's also the life contract Heart Slayer!

These powerful skills had given enough support.

He could feel Su Yang's unwavering determination.

On the side, Heart Slayer, who had been quietly watching Su Yang, also smiled.

The so-called powerful ...

It wasn't just his strength and talent.

It was more about the firm belief in his heart to become stronger and the unyielding tenacity!

Su Yang's current state of mind had already reached the standard of a strong man!

As a weapon spirit, Heart Slayer was unconsciously deeply attracted to it!


After confirming the choice in his heart, Su Yang's mind was clear and his heart was relaxed.

Since it had already been decided ...

Then, the next step would be to complete it with all his heart and soul!

The accumulation of strength had almost been accumulated.

What he needed to do now was to adjust his body's condition.

Su Yang quickly closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

He had to recuperate and build up his energy, making full preparations for the upcoming myth advancement mission!


The next day.

Su Yang prepared everything he could.

Then, he clicked on the advanced mission option.

He chose the advanced mythical mission!


[ You have chosen to advance to the myth! ]

[ Advanced myth mission is starting to form! ]


[ Mythical advancement mission has begun. The mission secret dungeon has been created! ]

[ You can check the information related to the advanced mythical mission on your own. After confirming it, you will be sent to the generated mission secret dungeon!]

Su Yang quickly adjusted his breathing and calmly clicked on the mythical advancement mission information.

[ Promotion mission (mythical)]

[ Valley of blade spirits]

[ In the blade spirit mountain range, there used to be some blade spirits who stood aloof from worldly affairs. However, due to the interference of the demonic Qi in hell, the minds of these blade spirits were affected, and they became a group of blade demons who only knew how to kill! ]

[ Mission requirements: kill 100000 blade demons, the blade demon general, and the blade demon king!]

[ Blade demon (blade spirit): level 13~ level 18 bronze-level monster]

[ Blade demon general (blade spirit): level 20 silver boss]

[ King of blade demons (blade spirit king): level 30 gold boss]


Su Yang, who saw the mission information, was silent.

Wtf!? This was the legendary advanced mission that was known as hell difficulty.

This was too torturous!

Killing 100,000 level 13 to 18 bronze monsters was already an extremely difficult task.

They even had to kill a gray-silver boss and a yellow-gold boss.

A normal level 10 black iron professional would definitely not be able to complete this mission!

Moreover, the advancement mission required him to complete it alone.

At the same time, there were restrictions on the items that could be brought into the mission.

With these restrictions, even in the worlds where "Heaven" had been in existence for! Long time, it would be very difficult to challenge this task!


"The difficulty level has exceeded the limit!"

No wonder it's called the hell difficulty!

"But it's still fine. I don't know if i can take on a yellow-gold boss with my current strength! "

After understanding the relevant information about the advanced myth mission, the gloominess in Su Yang's heart was swept away.

Not only that, but he also felt a sense of excitement in his heart!

The higher the difficulty of the challenge, the stronger his determination to conquer this mythical mission!

No matter the result, he had to do his best to complete this promotion mission!

Even if he failed in the end, it was enough as long as he lived up to his heart!

"Are you ready, Heart Slayer!"

Su Yang said excitedly with a smile.

"Brother, I'm ready. I'll do my best to help you!"

Heart slayer nodded his head seriously and said in a very determined tone.


"Let's start!"

Su Yang nodded.

He began to advance to the mythical mission!

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