10 Chapter 10: Mythological advancement

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Seeing Su Yang's loving actions, Heart Slayer squinted his eyes and was very happy.

In the tool space, she felt that even if she was contracted to someone, she might not be able to use this talent.

Therefore, he kept himself in a deep sleep.

It was only until Su Yang's arrival that she was awakened due by her talent.

At that time, she inexplicably had a good impression of Su Yang.

It was just that he didn't dare to take the initiative.

When Su Yang chose her, she couldn't believe she was chosen!

After getting a reply, he signed the contract.

In his hand, Heart Slayer took bloodthirst from Su Yang, blinked, and looked at Su Yang.

"It's for you. Eat it!"

Heart Slayer nodded and squinted at the bloodthirsty sword in his hand.

In Su Yang's line of sight, the bloodthirsty sword in Heart Slayer's hand was rapidly decaying.

Wisps of energy flowed out of the bloodthirsty sword and headed for the heart slash.

Very quickly ...

The bloodthirsty sword was reduced to dust, disappearing without a trace.

"Brother, I've finished absorbing it."

Heart Slayer opened his eyes, his face full of smiles.

From the looks of it, he should have gained something.

Su Yang looked at Heart Slayer's message.

As expected, heart slash had already gained a new bloodlust effect.

Hmm, I've gained a bloodlust effect. Not bad!

Su Yang looked at Heart Slayer and said with certainty.

"Big brother, the chances of me obtaining the effects of a sword-type weapon by devouring it is very high."

"Not only that but the blade's toughness and sharpness will also be increased."

Heart Slayer happily returned his gains and improvements.

"Hehe, amazing, not bad at all."

Su Yang nodded and handed the Hidden Ghost Blade and the Ice-sealing blade to Heart Slayer.

Since that's the case, I won't keep these two weapons. I'll let you devour them!

"Alright, thank you, brother!"

Heart Slayer smiled sweetly and took it.

Soon, the two weapons rotted and turned to dust, just like the bloodthirsty sword.


[ Your weapon spirit's strength has been dramatically improved! ]

[ You have received the tool spirit's feedback! ]

[ Acquired a large number of experience points! ]

[ Level up! ]

[ You have reached level 10! ]

[ Received 5 free attribute points! ]

[ Level has reached the upper limit. You can start the promotion mission! ]


After Heart Slayer had devoured and absorbed the Hidden Ghost Blade and the Ice-sealing blade, Su Yang suddenly felt tremendous energy entering his body.

This was the feedback ability of the life contract.

Heart Slayer's strength had significantly increased and returned to Su Yang's strength.

This power was presented in the form of experience points.

It directly raised Su Yang's level to level 10.

"This ..."

A life contract actually has this effect.

Su Yang, who was a little surprised, was overjoyed.

Su Yang asked.

"Heart Slayer, how's the harvest from devouring weapons this time?"

"I've gained a lot,"

"The effect of my heart slash has been strengthened after devouring the hidden ghost blade."

"At the same time, I've obtained the freezing effect of the ice-sealing saber."

"In addition, my blade has become even stronger and sharper."

Heart Slayer shared what he had gained.

Su Yang nodded and checked the information on Heart Slayer. It had indeed improved a lot.

"Since you can quickly increase your strength by devouring weapons, do you want to buy some swords and other weapons for yourself?"

"No need, brother. My strength has already reached its peak."

"If you continue devouring weapons, the benefits will be even lower. I can only give you feedback."

"Now, your level has reached its upper limit. If you continue to devour, it will only be a waste."

Heart Slayer said.

Su Yang nodded: "That's true. However, I already have 500000 gold coins. It's useless to keep it. "

"I'll post a weapon purchase post on the trading forum now!"

After thinking for a while, he made a decision.

Hence, he posted a simple weapon purchase thread on the trading forum.

Then, after distributing his free attribute points, he looked at the promotion mission information.

"Normal advancement, intermediate advancement, advanced advancement, overlord advancement, mythical advancement."

"Is it possible that the evolution method of a species will increase from low to high? "

Su Yang couldn't help but sigh as he looked at the information.

"Brother, which method will you choose?"

Heart Slayer asked Su Yang curiously.

Su Yang's eyes were downcast. When he raised his head again, his eyes were filled with determination.

"Advanced myth!"

Hearing Su Yang's affirmative answer, Heart Slayer's eyes lit up. "Yes, I'll do my best to help you!"

"It's definitely tough to advance to the myth! "

"Without sufficient strength, it'll be challenging to accomplish!"

"My current strength is far from enough. Only by becoming stronger will I be qualified to complete the advancement of myth!"

His goal was to advance to myth, so Su Yang was not so proud as to rush directly.

After all, it was an advanced mythical stage, so he had to improve his strength for the time being!

He would complete the mythical advancement mission when he was confident enough!

There's also a silver-grade skill book. After using it, my strength should increase by a little.

Thinking about increasing his strength, Su Yang looked at the silver skill book he had obtained from the trade center.

[ Heavily Injury (passive) ]

[ Level: Silver ]

[ Effect: your attack has a special effect, causing the target to be under blood loss and debuff for 10 seconds. During the next 10 seconds, the target's healing effect will be halved. ]

This silver-grade skill was a passive skill.

The Heavy Injury effect was very powerful.

Therefore, during the transaction process, Su Yang chose it without hesitation.

Without any hesitation, Su Yang immediately used the [ Heavy Injury ] skill.

After feeling the [ Heavy Injury ] skill, Su Yang began to think.

"If I want to continue improving my strength, I can only continue to improve more special attributes."

"It would be even better if we could encounter a boss monster and directly kill it."

"Boss monster ... I wonder if there will be any discoveries in rock city."

Su Yang opened the forum and began to search for information about rock city.

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