1 Chapter 1: Heaven descends –– acquiring the forbidden talent

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"The latest news: heaven, the realm that can change today's society, is about to descend!"

"Heaven is a mysterious existence similar to an online game that allows ordinary people to become stronger!"

"According to reliable sources, the initial stage of heaven's descending will be accompanied by all kinds of mysterious powers. If you want to become stronger, join promptly!"


On the news, everything about heaven kept coming out.

Su Yang, lying on the bed, struggled to get on his feet and muttered.

"Damn it, something like transmigration actually happened to me ..."

When he was more clear-headed, Su Yang carefully looked through the recent news.

As for the news that had just entered his ears, it seemed ... It was all true!

"This ... I can't believe i encountered such a thing after transmigrating here!"

"A mysterious existence similar to an online game has actually landed on the blue planet!"

Instead of resting, he took this opportunity to run to the internet cafe to play games all night.

Tired from playing games, he decided to lie on the computer table and sleep. He didn't expect to wake up in this world!

'if all the information i've gathered is true ...'

Then, this world would undergo a dramatic change!

Like an online game, a mysterious and unknown "Heaven" was about to descend on the blue planet!

"Although transmigration might be real ..."

"However, after experiencing it personally, i still feel that it's a little unbelievable!"

"Even though i've transmigrated, it seems like it's not too bad for now ... "

Su Yang went to the bathroom and washed his face with clean water. Looking at his handsome face in the mirror, he started feeling quite pleased.

"It's not a loss to get such a good-looking face!"

After a simple tidying up, Su Yang returned to the living room and continued to look at the information about this new world.

It was about the history of human development, the level of science and technology, and the structure of the world.

After carefully looking through the information, Su Yang realized that the things seemed similar to the world he came from before he transmigrated.

This new body and himself were of similar status and alone.

Regarding this, Su Yang didn't have any bad feelings.

After all, he was used to living alone. If he really had parents after transmigrating, he would probably not be able to get used to that.

The most significant difference was this "Heaven" that was about to descend.

As for the specific details about this thing, he, as a civilian, could not find out.

However, there was still a lot of information about the existence of "Heaven" on the internet.

After carefully sorting it out, Su Yang developed a basic understanding.

"Heaven" had actually existed for a long time.

Furthermore, it had already descended upon countless worlds.

Now, there were already many worlds connected by "Heaven".

And the blue planet was just a new world that "Heaven" was about to descend into.

Therefore ...

Some of the otherworld players on "Heaven" a long time ago had already come to the blue planet in advance to make preparations with unknown motives.

Even before "Heaven" started to descend, information about it had already spread on the internet.


"Interesting ..."

After roughly understanding the situation, Su Yang seemed quite fascinated for some reason. 

This was the first time he had seen a real-life version of an online game.

For a gaming enthusiast like him, this was too captivating!

Just as Su Yang was fantasizing about how to experience this online game ...


A vast aura instantly appeared and enveloped the entire world.

With the aura around him, Su Yang felt something sweep across his body in an instant.

[ "Heaven" has descended! ]

[ Digitizing the blue planet ... ]

[ Creating secret dungeon ... ]

[ Generating items and equipment... ]


[ Scanning personal information ... ]

[ Scan completed! ]

[ Personal talent awakening ... ]


[ Warning! ]

[ An unknown error occurred ... ]

[ Repair successful! ]

[ Talent awakening completed! ]

[ The talent you awakened is ... ]

[ Forbidden talent: unlimited growth (attribute)]


Su Yang was surprised when he heard a sizzling sound and saw the talent that he had awakened.

"A system error? A forbidden talent?"

"What the hell? Could it be that because i'm a transmigrator, i made an unknown mistake and awakened the forbidden talent?"

"Could this be the cheat codes of a transmigrator?! "

After some speculation, Su Yang concluded that he had received a cheating mechanism!

Thinking of this, Su Yang quickly checked the information about the forbidden talent, infinite growth.

Infinite growth (attribute)

[ Effect 1: all kinds of monsters will be marked with a special mark. You can obtain additional special attribute bonuses by continuously killing this type of marked monster. ]

[ Effect 2: when killing elite targets or above, there is a chance to obtain the target's skills, talents, or attributes. ]

[ Effect 3: attribute activations happen with more than ten activations collected. ]


"Hmm? This is dope!"

"This talent is indeed a forbidden talent! "

"I can obtain the opponent's skills and talents. This is too much of a bug!"

"Does this infinite growth mean that i can gain multiple attributes and activate special ones simultaneously?!"

"So dope!"

After reading the information about the talent, Su Yang was shocked.

[ Basic profession selection ... ]

[ You can choose one of the following six classes as your foundation ]

[ Warrior, mage, archer, moment, priest, summoner. ]

The emotionless notification sound rang in Su Yang's ears again.

Feeling quite thrilled, Su Yang calmed down and looked at the six essential professions.

After thinking for a while, he decided that with the blessing of this forbidden talent, it didn't matter what class he chose.

In that case, he would choose the one with comprehensive attributes.

Su Yang chose to be a warrior.

Although warriors had shorter arms, they were more balanced in all aspects.

It could resist, fight, run, and chase.

Other than some special recovery methods, it had no other flaws.

It was especially suitable for newbies.

However, Su Yang chose to be a warrior because he especially liked sword-related things.

When playing those kinds of role-playing games, he always chose the character with a sword.

When the weapon stabbed the monster, it felt so good!

[ You have chosen the warrior profession. ]

[ Successfully bound warrior class: apprentice warrior ]

You've randomly obtained a warrior skill: whirlwind slash (steel).

[ Your basic information has been scanned and will be converted into data. ]

[ Forum function activating ... ]

[ Activation successful. ]

[ The ranking function will be activated in seven days on the blue planet. ]

[ I wish you a pleasant trip! ]


With a beautiful feeling, Su Yang knew that he was transforming.

After everything was over, Su Yang immediately checked his personal information.

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