It was 2010, new session have just begun the school corridors were crowded than ever, the crowd have different wonderful people, all different but all graceful with different story to tell, it always get's me, does not matter how close a person is to you they live a total different life you never know what's going on in there mind

So here starts my story, since my childhood I was very shy and socializing was like a dream I always wanted but my adrenaline have others plans , back in 1 grade there was this girl named kie she was the most stupid and as the folks say beautiful, so a person like me who was intimidated try all my best to be her friend but all I ever did was to smile stupidly, silly old me its always been like jumping in a hot tub for me when it comes to make friends, I was in a cage that I created to feel safe but it also took my wings, and with time it got worse I won't interact at all, I was a smart kid I know that because from a very young age I was interested in math and science and achieved a lot of awards in mental math, but still you know that was a long time ago when you're forced to participate by parents and after some time they get tired of making you understand and they have their own life so who to blame but yourself, and until 5 th grade I was the like a dead body in class, I was always so nervous about being judged I don't know where I got all that but oh my god those days were tough, I had no friend at school no one to talk to at home and there was no such thing as confidence in my book so eventually I started to get bullied and surprisingly not from my classmates but from my teachers, I don't know what's up with them but in every period I was like like oh my god its gonna be me again and yeah it was true, I remembered my english teacher called me in the front of the class and smacked by head in the board, reason you may ask I forgot to bring the grammar textbook, no offence but we had like 20 books and as I said I was entirely cut from the school life, I had no idea what was going in the class, I was afraid to ask my classmates I had no friends so I didn't know about weekly time table so I carried literally all the 20 books after that inspiring smacking incident so it don't happen again yeah so it was terrible, it got bad with time i even became scared to ask for washroom so I always run for washroom in lunch to pee and it was a crowded school so it took time, and by the time I finished my business and head for lunch it was already like half period gone so I ate very less became underweight soon, damn all those years were horrible

there was this one time when I could not control my pee and I wetted myself in class during math test because I was to nervous to ask like always and it was a really bad day, I started to cry like really loud, I was freaking out did know what to do and I was in 7th grade at the time so I was the center of attention my math teacher made really bad remarks and I just stood there helpless and embarrassed.

I hated my self more than ever, but I was there alone and with all the faith I could have, I was prepared to face it.