1 You died

Sitting outside sucks so many people are already inside including my sister who left without me. I want to meet some of the great people made some of the best manga & anime I have ever seen. Plus it's so hot at least I'm almost in the building

Random girl: Nee-chan it's hot out here

Nuira: Nee-chan? I'm not your sister.

Random girl: You remind me of my sister so I will call you Nee-chan till we go our separate ways.

Hmmm, I guess it helps to have someone to talk to while I'm stuck in this line. I would listen to music or watch YouTube but I forgot to charge my phone *sigh* sadness. Me and this random girl waited in line we were almost in till something happened.

random girl: Nee-chan we are almost in. Do you know what let's hang out when we get inside?

Nuira: Sure little one. You're better to hold a conversation with than my sister. I love her but she can be hard to deal with at times.

random girl: You have a sister?

Nuira: Yep, a twin si-

Suddenly there was a loud explosion and the building started to crumble. Everyone is running and yelling. I grabbed the little girl's hand and ran.

Nuira: Cmon little one we have to get out of here!

I was running as fast as I can but the girl is too slow so I picked her up in a princess carry. I think the only reason I was able to carry her is due to pure adrenaline. I noticed the walls and ceiling is crumbling at a fast rate. Half of the building is underground. So we have run through a tunnel before getting out.

Random girl: Nee-chan will we be fine?

I look at the scared girl in my arms and nodded yes at her. We are almost out but the entrance is starting to cave in. If I hold her while running we both won't make it so I threw her just before the tunnel collapse over me. I open my eyes and see the girl crying over me. I try to move but couldn't move anything but my neck and arms. A warm feeling is all around my body. Even though I don't see it I knew it is my blood.

Nuira: *coughs blood* Looks .... like this.... is the end .... for .... me little .... one.

Random girl: Stop *sniff* calling me little on I'm in the 7th grade.

Nuira: You're still .... little. Hey, do me .... a .... favor.

Random girl: what is it?

Nuira: If you see my twin *coughs blood* sis...ter please have .... her....wipe....my.... hard... drive...

Random girl: Nee-chan? Wake up. Neeeeee-chaaan!

That's the last thing I see and hear before everything went to black. So I died huh. At least I gave my life to save another. It would be funny if I saw YOU DIED like in dark souls. Suddenly came a blinding light so I instinctively covered my eyes. When I opened them I am in an all white space.

Nuira: Huh? Where am I? WHY AM I NAKED!?

???: I can answer that.

I hear a voice and saw no one. I turn around and see a door pop out of nowhere. The door opens and out comes sone guy who looks like he is in his mid-30s

Kami: Hello I'm Kami and I'm-


Nuira: Oi!!!! Don't look at me, you damn pervert!

I see the man start on the white ground start to cry.

Kami: Why every time someone I bring or comes here Tries to get *sob* away from me or hit me. *sob* I'm a god I shouldn't be treated like this *sob*

Nuira: (-_-)

You're a god? I would have never guessed it if you didn't say it.

Kami: I have no control over your nudeness when you came here *sob*

Wait he said god so that means. He is going to send me to another world. Damn, I shouldn't have punched him. So the next thing I did is a bow and say sorry.

Nuira: I'm sorry Kami-sama

I did that with the most polite smile and tone I can muster. When He saw my face he gave me the look of a bit of anger but it went away and he gestured for me to walk through the door. Soon as I walked through the door and I'm in a room filled with video games, a computer, and most of all manga. I see Kami sit down at the table so I sat down to.

Kami: Let's get down to business. You died and have been given a second chance at life by the universe. So I will send you to a place of your choice and grant you 5 wishes.

What do I want hmmm. I know.

Nuira: I know what I want.

Kami: That is fast. What is the world you want?

Nuira: The world I want to go to is naruto. My 5 wishes are this. 1, I want to have the same body as Rem from re:zero. 2, I want to have chakra that rivals that of an Uzumaki. 3, I want to be the same age as naruto so transmigrate me when he is 4 years old. 4, I want an Item box that I can store things in. Plus I want it to have 1 million ryo and Rem's morning star which should be indestructible. For my final wish, I want to sent just outside the village.

Kami: It can be done

Nuira: Really? I thought-

Kami: There would be restrictions no I can grant you all those wishes. Now, are you sure you want what you asked?

Nuira: Yes I'm sure

I see Kami raise his arms and he looked like is about to snap his fingers

Kami: enjoy your trip

Nuira: Why did you smirk while-


A blinding light instantly developed me again and I closed my eyes. I feel a slight breeze on me and when I open my eyes to see that I'm outside. I check and see that I have a child's body and I have blue hair. I jump for joy that I got what I wanted. Item box I think with the intention to open it and see an rpg like inventory pop up before my eyes. I see my 10 million ryo and morning star. Since I have rem's body I might as well go by rem. It's going to be weird at first but I'll get used to it.

I finally decided to look around noticed something. This isn't Konoha it looks like the terrain near the mist village. Shit! Now that I remember I didn't specify I wanted to go to the leaf village. No wonder Kami said enjoy your trip. DANMMIT YOU BASTARD GOD! This must be payback for punching him. Oh well, I'm 4 years old plus with my oni strength I sure I'll be fine a lot of ninjas now is genin to jounin. Before I set out I need supplies so guess I'll be heading to the mist before the leaf.

Rem: I guess it's time to start my new life in the world of naruto.

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