53 Chapter 53 – Alchemy Library

"I will give my pills to you, and you can take 5% of the profits as a commission after selling them for me. Just make sure the alchemist remains anonymous."

Ken knew that Michael's offer to keep it a secret was a gesture of goodwill. Since they wanted to be on friendly terms with him, he offered to deepen their relationship.

"That sounds like a great choice. Here's my token; you can contact me whenever you want."

It was the same type of communication device that Ken gave Nick before. Ken already knew the rules, so he knew that as a fourth-rank alchemist, he needed to sell 200 pills of the fourth grade to get the right to 2 hours in the library.

"Here are 200 pills I've concocted over the last few months. Please make sure I can get 2 hours in the library."

He already had 8 hours stacked; 2 hours for each rank he passed. As a fourth-rank alchemist, he had 8 hours.


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