One Wish to Own the World

"I wish to have the highest intelligence possible, an intelligence that would allow me to perceive and thoroughly understand everything I see, even if superficially and only once, to the fullest, including strong points, weak points, and how to overcome them." Due to a mistake made by God, Ken is born with every type of perfect memory, but without anything else - he is weak, sickly, stupid, and unwanted. However, there was a saving grace - he made a friend, Leo. Leo would talk to him about hypothetical situations like what to say in case a genie granted him one wish. When Ken dies and God offers him one wish for his next life as compensation for his previous mistake, Ken simply recites Leo's words and is sent to the cultivation world. There, he slowly learns that he is the only one he can trust. Armed with the special remaining Godly Qi from his reincarnation and with the ability to learn and improve techniques and manuals easily, even creating his own original cultivation path, he cultivates with the goal of standing at the top of the world, even if it takes leaving his moral code behind. Follow Ken in his journey as he lie, blackmail, murder, rob, poison, and manipulate others to achieve his goals! ----- DISCLAIMER: The god in the story is completely random and made up, and is not the particular god of any religion existing today in the real world. This god only exists in the imaginary world of my story. Join my Discord server! https://discord.gg/ad64bjZXMm

Railvas · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
358 Chs

Chapter 259 – Ken's Activity During the War

Soleil swallowed her saliva in worry but knew she had no choice but to wear the collar her young master presented her with. Although she was playful in nature, she feared Ken, and he made sure she would keep a balance between happiness and fear. Heaven when she's on his good side, and hell when she's on his bad side.

Taking the 'gothic-style necklace', she closed it around her neck, and the runes on it glowed for a moment. 


Pain assaulted her head for a few seconds, and she screamed in panic as she grabbed her temples with both hands and her green eyes turned bloodshot. 

'Oh, it seems much more violent than what Vivienne experienced. I guess manufacturing a fourth-grade collar based on a sixth-grade one is harder than I thought,' Ken mused as he watched the scene take place with a calm expression.