10 Chapter 10 – Learning About the Dantian and Meridians

Ken thought for a moment until he decided how to go about the situation.

"Do you have access to a library?"

He asked Sol as ideas started popping up in his mind.

"Yes, I should still have access to the lowest floor of the alchemy library and some general books about cultivation in the inner sect. I also have access to the technique treasury, but techniques and manuals cost a lot of CP. I need to save for a year just to get one technique if I don't buy any pill to support my cultivation."

Ken nodded when he heard her explanation. It made sense that the sect made the disciples work hard for small rewards; this way those at the top could continue to enjoy free resources almost unlimitedly.

"Can you bring books out of the library?"

"I can take out 3 books at any given time. However, I must return them within 3 months, and I need to register my name. Young Master, you really love books."

"I do. From tomorrow bring with you three books every day. Borrow them after you leave today."

"Hmm, okay."

She felt that this young master had weird whims, but as long as he didn't tear those books, she didn't mind following them. She was still grateful for those pills she just got and couldn't wait to absorb them.

"Give me your manual for today."

"Um, I need it, young master. I can't get another one from the sect."

"I will give it back before you leave. You can go prepare lunch while I read it."

"Eh, okay."

She said with a downcast face and gave him the manual. She understood she was scammed, and Ken wasn't going to be a normal kid and play games.

'But hey, I can use this time to read about alchemy and cultivation so I can improve my knowledge. Unfortunately, I can't meditate and cultivate; if something happens to the young master and I won't even notice it, I will be executed for sure.'

She sat by his side and watched him as he flipped a page every few seconds. She didn't go to prepare lunch because there were still over 2 hours until lunch. She sighed, a baby was just finding an excuse to get rid of her!

Ken didn't mind her presence and just focused on reading the book. The manual was much shorter than the alchemy books; he finished it within 40 minutes only.

"You can take it back."

She just rolled her eyes in annoyance and took it.

"I don't have any other books with me."

She immediately said after taking the manual.

"I know you must have fighting techniques, don't lie to me."

She widened her eyes in surprise; she didn't expect this too clever baby to know that.

"Haha, Young Master. You must be a cultivator for those books to hold any value, that's what I meant when I said I had no other books."

She laughed awkwardly and found an excuse. But Ken just raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't that the case for all those books I've been reading?"

'What reading? You were just looking at the pages and flipped them after a few seconds!'

She screamed inwardly but chose to remain silent.

"It's ok, I don't care about those techniques. Sit down and remove your clothes."

He really didn't care about them. He could learn how to fight later, for now, he just wanted to boost his cultivation as fast as he could.

"Um, what?"

She thought she heard him wrong. She didn't expect a toddler to abuse his authority this way!

"You heard me, just remove your clothes and sit here to meditate. Why are you acting shy in front of a baby?"

"But young master, why do you need me to be naked?"

She asked curiously and started removing her clothes. She obviously knew that babies didn't have a sex drive, and she just couldn't understand Ken's peculiarities.

"Wait, young master! Why are you removing your clothes too?"

"I'm going to sit in your lap, but I need skin-to-skin touch. You can consume the pills now and train."

He really had no choice. His Qi sensing abilities were too weak before awakening his dantian and meridians. He had to touch her as much as possible to feel the Qi channeling in her body.

Sol knew how cultivation works and a weird idea came into her mind. She then hesitantly mustered the courage to ask the seemingly impossible.

"Young master… is it possible that you are in the Body Strengthening Stage?"

If she thought about it from this perspective, his drive to learn about the second stage could make sense. It would also explain why he wanted to be skin-to-skin with her; it was necessary for him to feel her Qi if it was true.

"It's true, but you must keep this a secret from anyone else, even from my own parents, if you want to continue to be by my side and reap benefits."

Although she was the one to ask this question, she was still surprised beyond words. how could he possibly achieve that?

"Young master, are you telling me the truth? Don't prank me."

She said with a somewhat coquettish voice as she poked his shoulder with her finger.

Ken sighed and decided to just prove it to her.

"Reach out with your arms and resist my push."

She was sitting crossed-legged, so they were about the same height when Ken stood up. She reached her hands out and waited for Ken's push expectantly. Ken approached her and placed his palms against hers and pushed as strongly as he could.


She screamed in fright as she was sent back to her back and rolled on the ground once before stopping. She didn't really resist much because she still couldn't believe it, and Ken managed to move her.

"I told you to resist, so why did you doubt me? Now sit down and start absorbing the pills."

He climbed on her lap and hugged her to have as much skin contact as he could and waited for her to start the process.

As a baby, he didn't have any physical reaction to the fact that he was hugging a naked girl, and it didn't distract him. Even if he was 18 years old, he would still face no problem concentrating on the task at hand; he was thinking from his upper part.

He felt the normal state of her Qi before she took the pills, and felt a large pool of it in her lower stomach, where her dantian was. He could also see Qi being pulled from the air into 5 streams where her awakened meridians were.

Then, she ate all 3 pills at once and started cultivating her technique according to the method described in the manual Ken read earlier. He saw how the Qi was trying to enter a clogged meridian and fail, but each time opens a small part of it.

He kept watching the whole process for two hours straight without losing concentration for a single moment until it was done, and she finished opening her sixth meridian.

"That's amazing! It took me around 6 months for each meridian, and now with those pills, I finished the whole process in two hours!"

"Hm, that's nice."

He answered her without listening. He was thinking about all the ideas he had for how to improve her manual and how to best imitate the effects of a pill by using Qi manipulation techniques. He started calculating and integrating his knowledge from the former stage with the manual and his observations.


His stomach interrupted his thoughts and Sol chuckled.

"Hehe, young master, you're still a normal child in some aspects. I will go make lunch for us. Since you're a cultivator, should I make dishes with Qi for you?"

"Yes, but take a shower first."

She was all sweaty from the practice. The awakening of the sixth meridian was painful, and she groaned in pain most of the process.

Ken took a bamboo pen and started writing a new manual. At first, the letters were ugly and weird looking because of his inexperience in writing, but after the first few pages, each stroke was perfectly done and looked like a drawing.

45 minutes later, Sol served him a tray of food. He noticed there was much less food than his usual meals, but he remembered she mentioned something about Qi ingredients.

He ate the food, and for the first time ever since he started cultivating, he felt full.

'I guess I needed to consume food containing Qi to fill my body. I can't stuff my body with as much normal food as I want because of the physical limitations, but the amount I can eat can't supply enough energy to my body.'

"From now on, make sure to always use Qi ingredients in my food. Throw the normal amount of food so my mom thinks I ate the normal food like always. One last thing, bring me books about dantian for tomorrow."

Later that evening when his mother came home and saw the food consumption had doubled, she raised an eyebrow at the skinny Sol.

"Did any guests come over?"

Sol helplessly looked at Ken for help. Ken looked at his mother's large breasts and at Sol's modest twins.

"Mom, she's still a growing woman."

He said with an innocent voice. Mei followed his line of sight and gave an awkward smile.

"You're right… make sure to eat a lot, Sol."

"Thank you, Elder Mei…"

Sol bowed and left the house on the verge of tears.

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