One sign-in bonus at the beginning of the day

The capital chain broke and his company went bankrupt. On that painful morning, the system woke up. Wu Hao: system, I want to be a winner in life. What can you do? System: one check-in gift-package a day. On the first day, Yinglan international financial centre in Yanjing Financial Street was signed in and became an industry under the host's name. The next day, the 4S store which is the best car shop was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, refreshing a top luxury car every day. On the third day, the National Fitness Centre was signed in and he had a perfect body. On the fourth day, Yihe villa Royal fourth institute was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, worth 800 million.On the fifth day, Yanjing University signed in and had a black technology product solution on the day of check-in. Wu Hao: system, is there any other area where I didn't make money(This story and characters are purely fictional. If there are similarities, they are purely coincidental. Do not imitate.)]

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Throw Lu Feng out!

While Wu Hao and Liu Ya were chatting inside, another group of people came in from outside.

Walking in front, was Lu Feng.

Another middle-aged man in a dark red suit, wearing square glasses, introduced the layout of the venue for Lu Feng as he walked.

The two men were followed by four or five people.

When this group of people walked to the inside of the arena hall, they all saw Liu Ya and Wu Hao.

Lu Feng immediately raised his eyebrows, from a distance he shouted: "Yo, Liu Ya, You're already here? You even dragged along the owner of the car to the venue."

As soon as they heard this, Wu Hao and Liu Ya turned around at the same time.

"Lu Feng, can you keep your mouth clean, what nonsense are you spewing? Are you crazy?"

Liu Ya gasped and gave him an angry look.

"Is my mouth not clean? Have you tasted it?"

Lu Feng wiped his mouth and walked over, while looking at Liu Ya with a provocative face.

"You are shameless."

"You're not any better."

Lu Feng glanced at Wu Hao and turned to smile at the middle-aged man wearing glasses beside him, "Manager Zhou, there shouldn't be any idle people in the exhibition hall, right?"

"Of course."

The middle-aged man wearing glasses nodded and looked at Liu Ya and said, "Editor-in-chief Liu, no idle people are allowed to enter the exhibition hall during the setup period."

"Manager Zhou, he is my friend, and he is ..."

"I don't care what his status is. This is the rule of our exhibition hall, please abide by it. You can stay in the hall, but he must leave."

The middle-aged man casually pointed at Wu Hao.

Liu Ya looked at him, and then looked at Lu Feng, From the way they were carrying themselves she could see that the two of them had conspired together against her.

This Lu Feng is really good.

After all, he has been a deputy editor for seven years, and has a wide network of contacts in Yanjing City.

The project manager of the International Convention and Exhibition Centre was very familiar with him.

As such she was outnumbered.

Liu Ya's face turned red and she looked at Wu Hao helplessly.

"Mr. Wu, I'm sorry."

"What do you have to be sorry for."

Wu Hao laughed.

"I ... ugh, why don't I accompany you out for a walk. It's okay for me to come back afterwards." Liu Ya said in a low voice.

"I'd love to let you walk with me. However, I have to wait here for a while, someone will be bringing me something."


Liu Ya froze.

After he finished speaking, Wu Hao's phone 'dinged'.

He picked up the phone and walked to the side to answer the call.


"Hello, how are you, is this Mr. Wu?" A hoarse old voice sounded over the phone.

"It's me."

"Hello, I am Qi Jinyin, the general director of the International Convention and Exhibition Centre. All the property rights procedures of the convention centre have been sorted out, as well as the schedule and rent for the next quarter will be transferred to you."

Wu Hao smiled faintly, "I am right in the exhibition hall, come over."

"Exhibition room? Good, I'll come over right away."

After saying that, the two hung up the phone.

Wu Hao turned back to Liu Ya and smiled, "Someone will be sending something to me right away."

"Sir, please go outside and wait."

The middle-aged man wearing glasses became aggressive.

It could be seen that he was the one who was backing up Lu Feng.

Wu Hao turned his head and looked at him, "What's your name?"

"Zhou Wencai, the project manager of the convention centre."

"Well, you are no longer the project manager."


Zhou Wencai was stunned and he froze.

Lu Feng on the side laughed: "The nerve that this guy has, Who gave you the power to say such things? Now hurry up and get out, Or else I'll call security."

"You who your Surname is Lu, you're a really tiresome douche bag. So can you please stop whining in my ear?"

Wu Hao's expression was cold, and his eyes became unusually hostile.

"Pretend all you want, you can continue pretending for me."

Lu Feng strutted in front of Wu Hao and said: "Just because you drive an antique car, You think you are a big shot? This is the convention centre, not your backyard."

"You'd better hurry up and get out, or I'll ask the security guards to throw you out."

Wu Hao looked at him with a burning gaze.

Lu Feng lost his patience, so he hurriedly said to Zhou Wencai, "Manager Zhou, tell security to throw him out."

"Security, security."

Zhou Wencai also no longer hesitated, he turned his head and shouted a few times.

Two people from the security room at the door immediately came running in.

"You guys shoo him out, hurry up."

Zhou Wencai reached out his hand and pointed at Wu Hao.

Just then, an old voice came from behind the group, "What's going on? Why are there so many people here? Zhou Wencai, what are you doing?"

Zhou Wencai was stunned.

He turned around and looked at the old man who came over and smiled: "Mr. Qi, you're here? There is a person who is not related to the preparations, So he was causing trouble, As he refused to leave, so I called security."

"An unrelated person?"

The old man who came over was none other than Qi Jinyin.

As soon as he heard about the unrelated people, he was scared and hurriedly walked over.

When he saw Wu Hao, he immediately smiled and went over to extend his

Hand: "Mr. Wu, I am Qi Jinyin. I'm sorry to keep you waiting."

"It's fine to wait for a long time, but it's another thing to be harassed by mosquitoes. It was very distracting."

Wu Hao lightly replied.

The surrounding became instantly quiet.

Lu Feng's expression was distorted.

Wencai was even more confused.

Why was his boss acting like a subordinate in front of this man?

Qi Jinyin saw that Wu Hao looked unhappy, He then turned his head and gave Zhou Wencai a fierce glare, then he handed the document package in his hand to Wu Hao.

"Mr. Wu, this are all the documents and materials of the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Please keep them."


"There is also the next quarter's rental fee, a total of 70,000, I have asked the cashier to go to the bank for the transfer, it should arrive soon."


Wu Hao nodded, and didn't look at the paperwork, but turned around and walked while saying, "Where is my office?"

"It's next door, please follow me."

"Before you go, tell the security to throw that guy called Lu Feng out."


Qi Jinyin turned back and waved his hand at the security guards.

Without saying a word, those two security guards yanked Lu Feng and pulled him out.

"Hey hey, what's going on? Manager Zhou, Manager Zhou ..."

Lu Feng yelled and screamed.

Unfortunately, Zhou Wencai himself was also sweating.

Seeing that only Lu Feng was dragged out, He thought that he had escaped.

When he was about to relax and heave a sigh of relief, From a distance he heard Wu Hao's voice once again: "That guy called Zhou Wencai is also an idle person, Please show him out of the premises. Liu Ya, come with me and tell me about your car show."


Liu Ya drifted back to her senses.

What just happened right now?