One sign-in bonus at the beginning of the day

The capital chain broke and his company went bankrupt. On that painful morning, the system woke up. Wu Hao: system, I want to be a winner in life. What can you do? System: one check-in gift-package a day. On the first day, Yinglan international financial centre in Yanjing Financial Street was signed in and became an industry under the host's name. The next day, the 4S store which is the best car shop was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, refreshing a top luxury car every day. On the third day, the National Fitness Centre was signed in and he had a perfect body. On the fourth day, Yihe villa Royal fourth institute was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, worth 800 million.On the fifth day, Yanjing University signed in and had a black technology product solution on the day of check-in. Wu Hao: system, is there any other area where I didn't make money(This story and characters are purely fictional. If there are similarities, they are purely coincidental. Do not imitate.)]

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The entire car dealership is mine

Han Yuehua returned to the office.

Right after sitting down, the desk's landline rang up.

Looking at the number display, it turned out to be president Fang Mengqiu's landline number.

Han Yuehua's heart skipped a beat and she hurriedly picked up the phone to answer it.

"Hello, Mr. Fang."

"Han Yuehua, come to my office."


Han Yuehua quickly hung up the phone, Han Yuehua hurriedly headed to the president's office.

She felt anxious.

After two years of working for Shenghua Securities, this is the first time she was called to the president's office.

I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse.

Soon, she arrived at the door of Fang Mengqiu's office.

She reached out and knocked on the door.

"President Fang."

"Come in."

Han Yuehua pushed the door and walked in, quickly sweeping a glance at Fang Mengqiu's face.

He had a poker face.

Couldn't tell if he was happy or angry.

"Mr. Fang, you're looking for me for something?"


Fang Mengqiu had been looking at the computer, and only after ten seconds of silence did he look up at Han Yuehua and smiled, "I remember you graduated from Yanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, right?"


"What year did you graduate?"


"Let me ask you privately, do you know someone by the name of Wu Hao? He was in the same department as you, And also graduated in 2017."

Han Yuehua was stunned: "Wu Hao? I know him."


Fang Mengqiu's eyes lit up, he even stood up: "were you classmates?"

"Well, not from the same class, but from the same department. We used to meet during our big classes. What's wrong Mr. Fang?"

"he he, this classmate of yours is very impressive ."

Fang Mengqiu let out a long breath and smiled as he waved his hand at Han Yuehua: "Sit down, I'll tell you slowly. This classmate of yours actually obtained ownership rights of financial street."


Han Yuehua's was stunned.

"He is now the owner of the financial street."


Han Yuehua was dumbfounded.

Just now, he said he came to collect rent.

4.1 billion?

Could it...

be true?

Han Yuehua's brain was completely unable to function.




Wu Hao strolled around the financial street carefully for several times.

Since he was already the owner of the financial street, he naturally had to know his own business in detail.

The management work might be in the hands of Liu Zhongheng, but he needed to understand and see for himself.

Only until after 5 pm did Wu Hao decide to take a taxi to leave the financial street and went back to the small broken down house he rented in the South fifth ring road.

I will see Wan Ming later in the evening.

He said that a classmate came, and I do not know who the person is that just arrived in Yanjing.

While waiting for others, Wu Hao roughly searched the property market prices on the internet near the Financial Street and the situation of the various large and small districts.

Now that he had money, he had to buy a house.

And then get his parents to Yanjing.

Anyway, after they retire, he would stay by their side.

About 7:30.

Wan Ming sent a text message.

The mysterious classmate had a temporary arrangement, to take Wan Ming to the suburban hot spring villa to soak in the hot spring.

Wu Hao was dumbfounded.

This was really frustrating.

As he waited for half a day in vain.

Seeing that it was dark outside, today's walking up and down all day was really tiring, so he will simply relax and grab a bite at home and forget about it.

Around nine o'clock in the evening, Wu Hao directly showered and fell onto bed.

It did not even take him five minutes to fall asleep.



The next day early morning.

[Ding. Today's check-in package has been refreshed. Check-in target, West District Champion Auto 4S store.]


Wu Hao was woken up by the message alert tone.

He woke up in a daze and scratched his head hard.

After sitting still for ten seconds or so, he suddenly came to his senses and leapt up from the bed with excitement.

It was time to refresh the sign-in target again.

This time, what big gift package would be obtained?

Twenty minutes later.

Wu Hao washed up, dressed up, quickly left the neighbourhood and took a taxi to the 4S store of Champion Auto in the west district.


The 4S store of Champion Motors is the largest 4S store in the whole western district.

The luxury cars that could be seen in Yanjing and even in China was basically bought from here.

When Wu Hao arrived at the 4S store, he saw that faint glow again.

The champion car dealership was luxurious.

The overall green-blue tone.

The car dealership covers an area of more than seven hundred square meters.

There were several colourful and luxurious sports cars parked at the door.

Wu Hao's eyes lit up as he looked at them and hurried over.

[Ding, congratulate the host for signing in successfully and getting a sign-in gift package.]

[Do you want to open the gift package?]



Wu Hao said excitedly.

[Opening the gift package...]

[Congratulations to the host, the 4S store of Champion Motors has become an asset under the host's name.

[The store will refresh a top luxury car every day.]

[Today's luxury car, McLaren P1.]

"Phew, if this continues, won't my heart burst? Last night, I was thinking of buying a car, but i was given a car dealership?"

Wu Hao swallowed hard.

[Ding, all title transfer procedures have been completed, please host go to 4S store to receive them.]


It's really efficient.

Aren't you the cutest system in history?

There is no routine, no threat, no nonsense, only giving aid.


His phone vibrated wildly.

Wu Hao casually answered the phone.

"Hello, is this Mr. Wu Hao?"

"It's me."

"Hello, Mr. Wu. I am Wei Lai, the person in charge of the 4S store of Champion Motors. We have been notified that Champion Auto is under your name. May I ask if Mr. Wu is free? I will report to you."

"I ... am right outside the car dealership."

"What? Mr. Wu you have already arrived? We are coming out to meet you."

He hung up the phone.

It didn't take two minutes for the door of the 4S store of the champion car dealership to open wide.

From inside, six young girls hurriedly walked out, each wearing sexy biker clothes, standing on either side of the store entrance.

Then, a middle-aged man in his forties came out with several young men in suits.

When he saw Wu Hao standing outside, the middle-aged man waved his hand vigorously.

Those several young men plus six wonderful girls bowed their heads at the same time and shouted in a respectful voice: "Welcome Mr. Wu to inspect the work."

Wu Hao: "..."