20 My uncle's family has come to visit

Han Yuehua nervously looked at Wu Hao.

Sun Mengmeng on the side also looked at him without blinking.

Just as Wu Hao was about to speak, his phone vibrated.

He then picked it up and had a look.

"Sorry, a call from my mother."

Wu Hao smiled apologetically and directly turned around to answer the phone.

Han Yuehua was frustrated.

She held her hands together uneasily.

In a distance.

"Hey, mom, why are you calling so late?"

"Son, there's a problem."

"What is it, tell me."

On the phone, Lin Jing also seemed to be in a difficult position: "Son, it's just that, your uncle's cousin has come back."

"Just come back."

Wu Hao blinked: "Why, he's challenging me again?"

"Alas, you know how he is, so don't take it personally."

"Mom, it's not a big deal. I don't even take his words seriously."

"There's more."

"What else? it's alright, just say it."

"Then I'll tell you. It's just that your cousin got a date and brought it home this time."

Wu Hao listened and was amused: "That arrogant, domineering, loud mouth personality can also find a girlfriend? Surely it must have not been easy."

"Yes, so your uncle and aunt are very happy, they decided to travel to Yanjing together, and play for a few days, to deal with their feelings."

"Oh, alright"

Wu Hao understood.

This was his eldest uncle's family and they wanted to have fun

So It was not a big deal.

If they had come a few days ago then things might have been difficult.

After all, his company has just gone bankrupt and i only had a few thousand dollars in hand.

Now well ...

They are free to play as much as they want.

When I started my business, I borrowed more than a hundred thousand yuan from my uncle's house. At that time, my uncle didn't hesitate. He was very happy.

Forget it, i will just let Mom and Dad also come to Yanjing to have some fun.

The old couple haven't been to Yanjing ever since the day they took a black-and-white photo in the capital when they got married.

"Mom, it's nothing, I'll take care of everything when you get to Yanjing."

"Son, are you really okay with this? Mom knows your company is not doing good, if it is not possible, I can ..."

"Mom, it's all right. Why don't you and Dad join us for a couple of days. It's the weekend tomorrow, so I'll book a flight for you."

"Your father and I are coming too?"

On the phone, Lin Jing's voice was a bit excited.

"Of course, you and Dad have to come. If you don't come, I am afraid i will be too lazy to receive Uncle and his family. So you should come."

"Son, your father will be excited after he finds out. He'll have something to show off again."

"Hehe, you should come and enjoy yourselves."

Wu Hao looked at the bustling city with bright lights outside and said softly, "Mom, if you have a good time in Yanjing, you can stay and live in Yanjing all the time from now on."

"That won't work. The cost of living in Yanjing is too high. It's not easy for you to earn some money, so it's better to save it for your wife in future. Okay, I'll talk to your father then and let your father tell your uncle as he also has a long face."

"Well, tell my uncle that I'll take care of all the expenses in Yanjing."

"Okay, I'll hang up then."

"Well, mom, good night."

"Good night, son."

After hanging up the phone, Wu Hao silently looked outside.

The parents who lived in a small town in the northeast were very simple-minded.

This little thing can cause my father to show off in front of my uncle. It's really sad when you think about it carefully.

Their generation, really has never enjoyed happiness.

Wu Hao let out a sigh.

Come on.

Now that there is money to be made, why wouldn't he let the old couple experience happiness?.

Wu Hao turned back to Han Yuehua and Sun Mengmeng, with an apologetic smile: "Han Yuehua, I'm sorry. I may not have time tomorrow. I have family coming from home."

"Oh, is uncle and aunt coming?"

Han Yuehua asked in a hurry.

"Well, it will be my father, my mother and my uncle's family. So i will be responsible for entertaining them in Yanjing. "

"Mr. Wu, I, I."

Sun Mengmeng next to him suddenly reached out and said urgently, "I can help you, if you need to book a hotel or something, I' am good at such things."

"Yes, that's true, that is your strong point."

Wu Hao smiled.

Sun Mengmeng used to be a receptionist and was also responsible for the secretarial work.

In a small company, she played around with the front desk and secretarial work by herself.

"Mr. Wu, need my help?" Sun Mengmeng had an expectant face.

"Indeed i will. You can wait for my call anytime, and I'll let you know when everything is confirmed on my side. When the time comes, you will book the hotel and pick them up for me."


Sun Mengmeng gestured an 'ok' gesture, her face smiling brightly.

Han Yuehua's eyes, on the other hand, were much more gloomy.

Unlike Sun Mengmeng, she was close to the water and got the moon first.

The invitation failed and seemed she was in a much bleaker mood.

The lively cocktail party behind her slowly turned noisy

The hustle and bustle noisy environment made Han Yuehua unable to bear it.


More than half an hour later.

The cocktail party ended.

Because Wu Hao's car was ruined, Liu Zhongheng prepared a Mercedes, and it had been waiting downstairs.

After the party was over.

Wu Hao asked the driver to send Han Yuehua and Sun Mengmeng home one after another.

He himself went back to the office building in the garden and sat for a while.

Not long after, the phone sent text messages one after another.

It was the ID information of the eldest uncle's family.

Four people, eldest uncle, eldest aunt, cousin and his girlfriend.

Wu Hao operated the phone for a while and booked the tickets for six people.

All first class.

Since dad wants to have a long face, let him have a good laugh.

After taking care of everything, Wu Hao turned off the lights of the office building, locked the door, and left the garden-in-a-garden work area in a leisurely manner.

Outside, it was still hot and muggy.

Yanjing in July is not a suitable time for travel.

Wu Hao slowly walked out of Financial Street and turned to Guangning Road.

Just when he was about to walk to the intersection to get a car, a figure suddenly leapt out of an alley diagonally, swinging a stick and hit him on his head.

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