One sign-in bonus at the beginning of the day

The capital chain broke and his company went bankrupt. On that painful morning, the system woke up. Wu Hao: system, I want to be a winner in life. What can you do? System: one check-in gift-package a day. On the first day, Yinglan international financial centre in Yanjing Financial Street was signed in and became an industry under the host's name. The next day, the 4S store which is the best car shop was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, refreshing a top luxury car every day. On the third day, the National Fitness Centre was signed in and he had a perfect body. On the fourth day, Yihe villa Royal fourth institute was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, worth 800 million.On the fifth day, Yanjing University signed in and had a black technology product solution on the day of check-in. Wu Hao: system, is there any other area where I didn't make money(This story and characters are purely fictional. If there are similarities, they are purely coincidental. Do not imitate.)]

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Missed by the flight attendant

Wu Hao took Liu Dan back to the office.

He sat in the office inside and flipped through his phone for a while.

He had a list of all the Southern Airlines executives and their contact information in his phone.

While he was looking for someone, Liu Dan stood quietly on the side.

This afternoon was too magical.

She had accidentally met an inexplicable person who turned out to be the largest shareholder of the company.

'I not only visited the luxurious private plane with him, but also had a wonderful lunch with him. Finally, I was surprised when he fired Zheng Xiaogang.'

He was fired ...

It seemed too outrageous.

Moreover, could i still go back to being on a plane?

Can i still be a flight attendant?

Can i still go back to the international flight and go around the world to take pictures?

Once she thought of this, Liu Dan's heart thumped.

Looking at Wu Hao's figure, it was as if he was faintly emitting light, while his heart unconsciously produced a ripple.

Handsome and golden!

I wonder if he is single?

Just when Liu Dan was thinking about it, Wu Hao went to the side to make a phone call.

The phone call took a full twenty minutes.

After making the call, he turned back and looked at Liu Dan and laughed: "Okay, you can report back to your post this afternoon. From today, you will be reinstated as the flight attendant of the international route."


Liu Dan let out a scream of excitement.

"Yes really."

"Mr. Wu, thank you so much. I ..."

Liu Dan's big, charming eyes began to redden, and tears were forming straight in her eyes.

"Don't be so excited, just work hard. I could solve your problem, it was also a kind of fate. I have found someone to arrange a new director for the office so you can do what you have to do."

"Thank you, Mr. Wu."

Liu Dan suddenly walked closer and took the initiative to give Wu Hao a gentle hug.

This girl, her body was really good.

It's a pity she is just a flight attendant.

Wu Hao secretly praised her in his heart.

After the two of them separated, Liu Dan excitedly said, "Mr. Wu, I still have to pack some things. If you are free one day, I would like to invite you for dinner okay?"

"Yes, we all have time, right. You pack up, I have to go first."

After saying that, he turned around and walked away without hesitation.

Liu Dan suddenly remembered something, She then hurriedly ran out the door and said urgently, "Mr. Wu, can you please leave your contact details?"

"150 ********"

Wu Hao casually said his number and left in a leisurely manner.

Liu Dan quickly wrote down the phone number.

Looking at the number, the corner of her lips gently curled and she murmured, "I must invite you to dinner, I will definitely seize the opportunity."



Wu Hao came to the parking lot and got into the Bentley.

The phone 'ding' sounded.

It was a message from mom.

They had returned home safely.

It was good.

Although they didn't enjoy their own private plane, but there are many opportunities in the future.

After a few words with his mom, Wu Hao put away his phone and drove slowly away from the international airport

After two o'clock in the afternoon.

Wu Hao arrived at the 4S store.

"Mr. Wu, you're back? How is this car handling?"

As soon as Wei Lai saw Wu Hao, he immediately came over and asked with a smile.

"Not bad, it drives very stable."

"That's good."

"Old Wei, do we have any ready-made cars in the store that are suitable for girls around 20 years old to drive?"

When Wei Lai heard that, he immediately laughed: "Mr. Wu is this a gift for your girlfriend?"

"No, it's just a company car. But currently there is only a nineteen-year-old girl who will be driving it , so try to pick one that suits her."

"No problem, Mr. Wu, follow me."

Wei Lai painfully led Wu Hao towards the big garage.

Along the way, the staff of the store, no matter men or women, nodded respectfully and greeted Wu Hao when they saw him.

It could be seen that the management system of the champion car company was still very good.

When they arrived at the big garage.

Wei Lai pointed to a compact vehicle parked inside and said, "Mr. Wu, This is a Mini cooper 50 Mayfair, dark red classic series, suitable for a young girl to drive."

"It looks good, how much is it?" Wu Hao's eyes lit up.

"Around 400,000."

"Okay, that's it. Find a way to get a license plate, And I'll drive it out of here."


Wei Lai immediately turned around and went to work.

Half an hour later.

Wu Hao drove the mini cooper, which had a relatively good looking front, out of the 4S store and returned to the financial street.

As soon as he entered the office building, he saw Sun Mengmeng working at her position with her head buried in work.


"Yeah, Mr. Wu you are here."

Sun Mengmeng immediately jumped up.

"Here, This is your assigned car. Drive this for a while to get used to driving."

After saying that, Wu Hao threw the car key in his hand on her table.


"It is a Mini cooper, it looks pretty good." Wu Hao smiled.

"Wow, it's actually my favourite car. Mr. Wu, I'm going out to take a look."

Sun Mengmeng took the keys and ran out in a flash.

Wu Hao also followed and walked to the door.

Far away.

Sun Mengmeng excitedly circled around the car a few times, then opened the door and sat directly inside, shouting inside and did not know what to say.

A few moments later, she got out again and ran to Wu Hao with an apprehensive face: "Mr. Wu, how much is this car?"

"Not expensive, about 400,000. I will give it to you as a practice vehicle."

"400,000 for a car? What if I crash it?" Sun Mengmeng staggered as she listened.

To her, a 400,000 dollar car was already a sky-high car.

"Idiot, how can anyone worry about crashing before driving? You will crash? Are you so unlucky? Is it good to crash a car?"

Wu Hao glared at her timidly and turned around to enter the office building.

"Hey, Mr. Wu, wait for me."

Sun Mengmeng shouted and quickly locked the car door and followed all the way to the office on the third floor.

After entering the office.

Wu Hao said without looking back, "Has Xintai Life completely moved out?"

"Yes, that floor is all empty."

"Good. Starting from today, come up with a renovation plan. It's time for Haotian Photon to rewire. Meng Meng, work hard."


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