1 Luxury sign in gift package

"I want to become a winner in life, what can you do for me?"

"A sign-in package a day?"

"Sign-in package?"

"Host, today's sign-in package has been refreshed. Target, Eagle Blue International Financial Centre on Financial Street."


Outside, the sun was blazing hot.

Yanjing during July, in the middle of summer was like a stream of fire descending from the sky.

Wu Hao sat in the back seat of a cab, his heart raising and restless.

The sadness and joy of the last two days really showed the ups and downs of life in full play.

Yesterday, the company was officially declared bankrupt.

Wu Hao is heavily in debt.

Thinking about the last two years of struggle, only one word came to mind, heartache.

After graduating from college, he borrowed 1.5 million from friends and family to open a small agency.

Agency of foreign high-end optical instrumentation.

Unfortunately, the industry barriers are deep, and the circle is narrow.

Without a lot of capital and a wide range of connections, it is difficult for small businesses to keep their operation going.

Wu Hao failed to start a business.

Last night he drank too much and was hangover.

As a result, the system suddenly awakened in the morning.

A very practical system, a daily sign-in package.

And the first place to sign in, is the financial street of the Eagle Blue International Building.

Which is Yanjing's leading 5A office building.

Wu Hao was looking forward to it.

I don't know what the gift package contains.

Will he open a secret book of immortality cultivation like those protagonists in web novels ?


"Young man, here we are."

Finally, the driver pulled up to the side of the road.

Wu Hao breathed out heavily.

He gave the taxi fare, got off and walked to the curb.

Not far away, the sign of Financial Street was erected toweringly.

This is the most expensive office building concentration area in Yanjing.

The office rental price of Financial Street has jumped to the fourth place in the world, ranking only after Hong Kong Island Central, The midtown of New York and West end of London.

In Yanjing, Financial Street is the gathering place of white-collar petty capitalists.

Once, this was also Wu Hao's dream place of work or of opening and running a business.

A lot of people also want to come here to work as it is a symbol of status.

But it is not easy to get a posting here.

Wu Hao wandered in faith.

Slowly walked deeper into the heart of the financial street.

Eagle Blue International Financial Center was in the core of the financial street.

A few minutes later.

The brilliant and towering financial building finally appeared in front of his eyes.

Wu Hao was a little excited.

What kind of surprise would the sign-in gift package give him?

He slowly walked closer.

It was odd.

As he got closer and closer to the financial centre building, it was as if the building was faintly glowing, The same type of glow displayed in video games or meeting an NPC during a mission in a game.

When Wu Hao walked under the financial center building, there was a 'ding' sound in his head.

[Ding, congratulations host for signing in successfully and getting a sign-in gift package.

[Do you want to open the gift package?


"Open it."

Wu Hao took a deep breath.

[Opening the gift package.....]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining ownership of Yanjing Financial Street.]

"Cough, cough, cough ..."

"The whole financial street?"


"All the office buildings here are mine now?"

Wu Hao coughed several times in excitement, and his heart was beating wildly.

In the blink of an eye, a chicken had become a phoenix?

What level of rank is Yanjing Financial Street?

It can be said that the office rent of the Financial Street is ranked fourth in the world.

Just like Eagle Blue Financial Building, that is the top grade 5-A class office building, a super office area.

Wu Hao stood in place and slowly looked around.

The whole financial street.

The total area was 1.18 million square meters.

It had super famous companies such as Gaosheng Securities, Reese Securities, Morgan Chase Bank and so on.

Wu Hao's throat became dry out of shock.

"System, this whole street ... is really mine now?"

[Host, Financial Street has become an asset under your name. Just now, all the formalities were completed, and someone has been sent to send you the title certificate and relevant information.

"Send someone to deliver it?"

[Yes, Liu Zhongheng, the president of Financial Street Property Co.]


Wu Hao wiped sweat from his forehead.

It was too hot.

Although it was early in the morning, the temperature outside almost reached 33 degrees.

Wu Hao turned around and went directly into the building.

The first floor of the building was the common floor.

There are some high-end cafes and restaurants.

As soon as he entered through the door, there was a Starbucks, and Wu Hao went directly into Starbucks, and found a place to sit down.


His phone suddenly vibrated

He Picked it up and saw it was a call from an unknown number

He answered the call


"Hello, is this Mr. Wu Hao?"

"it's me"

"Hello Mr. Wu, my name is Liu Zhongheng and I am the general manager of the Financial Street Property Management Company Is it a convenient time for you now?"

When he heard Liu Zhongheng's name, Wu Hao Chang took a deep breath

He quickly recollected himself and replied calmly

"Yes it is convenient, as i happen to be free "

"Great Mr. Wu, where are you now? I have some important documents here that you need to sign and take over I will send them to you now "

Wu Hao swallowed hard and quickly said: "I am in Starbucks on the first floor of Eagle Blue International Finance Centre"

"Mr. Wu wait for me"


Wu Hao hung up the phone

Although on the surface he looked calm, his heart was beating wildly

He is the big boss behind Yanjing Financial Street?

He can reach the peak of life by collecting rent?

Isn't life sweet?.

On the other end of the phone

Liu Zhongheng also wiped beads of sweat from his forehead

After putting down the phone, he murmured to himself: "Who is this Mr. Wu Hao? He sounded so young, i am really surprised is he really the owner of Financial Street?"

"He happened to be in the financial centre building? Is it to inspect work?"

"No, I have to leave quickly"

"Hope he is not a difficult person"

Liu Zhongheng turned and picked up the file bag and hurried out of the office

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