One sign-in bonus at the beginning of the day

The capital chain broke and his company went bankrupt. On that painful morning, the system woke up. Wu Hao: system, I want to be a winner in life. What can you do? System: one check-in gift-package a day. On the first day, Yinglan international financial centre in Yanjing Financial Street was signed in and became an industry under the host's name. The next day, the 4S store which is the best car shop was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, refreshing a top luxury car every day. On the third day, the National Fitness Centre was signed in and he had a perfect body. On the fourth day, Yihe villa Royal fourth institute was signed in and became an asset under the host's name, worth 800 million.On the fifth day, Yanjing University signed in and had a black technology product solution on the day of check-in. Wu Hao: system, is there any other area where I didn't make money(This story and characters are purely fictional. If there are similarities, they are purely coincidental. Do not imitate.)]

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I really don't know her

At front Street Police Station.

In the temporary holding room.

Zhao Jiao looked haggard, and was sitting on a chair.

Wan Ming was standing on the side.

Across the room stood several people, all from Kangtai Magazine.

Among them, Lu Feng was the most irritable.

He was pestering a police officer and shouting: "Comrade, comrade, I don't accept private mediation. Do you understand what I'm talking about?"

"I'm the deputy editor-in-chief of Kangtai Magazine, you know?"

"She's a minor internet celebrity, and now she's suspected of fraud, and you're asking me to mediate privately?"

"Hey, talk. How long are you making us wait anyway?"

"Let me ask you something. Believe it or not, I may be complaining to you, but... "

"I know you are the deputy chief editor, what are you excited about?"

The police officer had a serious expression on his face and really couldn't help but frown and say, "I'm doing this for your sake. You say she engaged in fraud, by cheating for an interview, but her boyfriend also came. What if that friend also comes later?"

"Impossible, absolutely impossible. She doesn't even know that person."

"How do you know?"

"That person clearly said he didn't know her this afternoon."

At this time, Wan Ming, who was standing next to Zhao Jiao, spoke up, "My friend will be here soon. Mr. Lu, I still hope you can ..."

"Don't talk to me, who are you."

Lu Feng turned his head and cursed angrily.

"Keep your mouth shut, Who are you? bullying girls is all you can you do? You are a bullshit editor-in-chief."

Zhao Jiao cursed in a sharp voice.

"Fuck you ..."

Lu Feng was so furious that he turned around and pointed at Zhao Jiao and wanted to curse.

"Brother Lu, Brother Lu, calm down."

"That's right, this is the police station."

"Brother Lu take it easy."


Several colleagues around Lu Feng could not stop persuading.

"MD, It's really bad today."

As soon as Lu Feng's words fell, someone outside knocked on the door.

The officer turned back to open the door, and someone outside whispered, "The owner of that antique car is here."


The police officer nodded his head.

Then turned back to Lu Feng and Wan Ming and said seriously, "The key person is here, the owner of that antique car you are talking about has arrived."

"My friend is here?"

Wan Ming was instantly happy.

Zhao Jiao who was also surprised inexplicably stood up.

Only Lu Feng looked at the door in disbelief, his eyes filled with disbelief.

A moment later.

Wu Hao walked in with an indifferent look.


The police officer standing at the door nodded at Wu Hao and said, "I'm police officer Sun Hongliang."

"Hello, I'm Wu Hao."

"It's best if you can come. Right now your friend and Mr. Lu's side are going at each other's necks, and the point of argument lies in whether you are Ms. Zhao Jiao's friend or not."

As soon as he finished talking, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense.

Wan Ming and Zhao Jiao were all staring at Wu Hao.

Lu Feng rushed closer and looked at Wu Hao and said coldly, "Mr. Wu, don't forget what you said in the afternoon. We have a recording of the scene."

"What did I say?"

Wu Hao looked at him indifferently.

"You said you didn't know her."

Lu Feng casually pointed at Zhao Jiao.

"I do not know her."

As soon as the words fell, Lu Feng burst out laughing, "Hahaha, did you hear that, did you hear that. He said he doesn't know you at all."

Zhao Jiao's face went white.

Wan Ming's face also went white.

Sun Hongliang frowned and waved his hand at Lu Feng: "Keep your voice down, this is a police station, no loud noises are allowed."

"Humph, now the facts are all there, you know what you must do." Lu Feng curled his lips.

Sun Hongliang looked at Lu Feng with contempt in his eyes.

To be honest, it was very annoying to deal with this kind of person.

From the beginning to the end he had the attitude that screamed ' i am an elite social figure'. And he felt that them as police officers should serve him.

Police officers are for the people and for the service of justice and not to serve the elites and disregarding relevant procedures.

Sun Hongliang turned his head to look at Wu Hao and seriously asked, "You really don't know Ms. Zhao Jiao?"

"No, I don't."

"Then why did she say she knew you?"

"She does know me."


Sun Hongliang froze.

Several other people also froze for a moment.

Wu Hao simply pointed at Zhao Jiao and said, "She is Wan Ming's girlfriend, and Wan Ming is my brother. So she also knows me. However, I'm not sure when the two of them got together. So I don't know Zhao Jiao very well. Is that explanation clear?"


Sun Hongliang laughed, turned his head to look at Lu Feng and asked, "Do you understand?"

"Holy fuck ..."

"Mr. Lu, you must pay attention to your manner of speech, this is a police station."

Lu Feng's face was turning blue.

He looked at Wu Hao angrily for a long time before he cursed through clenched teeth, "You're a bully. You and Liu Ya are ganging up on me Isn't it?"

"What does this have to do with Liu Ya?"

"Wu, I'll remember you. Don't think you can have your way with me just because you drive a broken antique car, you remember, sooner or later I'll get you back."

Lu Feng cursed viciously, then turned to look at Sun Hongliang and said angrily, "Can I go now?"


Sun Hongliang had a stiff expression.

"You ..."

"Brother Lu, calm down, calm down."

"Brother Lu, you can't leave."

People beside him had to calm him down again, Lu Feng took a deep breath, and with gritted teeth he said, "Then what do you want from me?"

"You reported the case, so you must come with me to cancel the case."

Sun Hongliang payed no mind to him, he then turned his head and looked at Wan Ming and Zhao Jiao: "You must go with my colleagues to make a statement. After the statement is done, you can take your leave."

"Thank you, Officer Sun."

Wan Ming let out a sigh of relief.

Then the crowd followed Sun Hongliang out.

Wan Ming came to Wu Hao, patted his arm hard and whispered, "Brother, I swear, there will never be a next time."

"Haha, I hope you remember."

Wu Hao smiled.

Zhao Jiao, who was standing behind Wan Ming, happened to look up and saw his smile, and her heart involuntarily fluttered.

He was handsome, calm, and rich ...

This is the best candidate for a husband.

Unfortunately, his first impression of her at this point must have been ruined, right?

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