159 Chapter 158: Infiltrating Enies Lobby Alone! 

"Rifan thank you...wait a minute, you...are me? !"

Franky's eyes widened, looking in disbelief at Rifan who had transformed into himself.

"Sigh, only you Captain Rifan the only one who can speak so frankly like that since your like a seers."

"However, why do you want to become like this person?"

Carina asked with some doubts.

"This is how I help Franky."

Rifan first smiled at Carina, then turned to look at Franky:

"I just used my ability to become like you."

"To be honest, I'm not going to leave Sea Train just like that."

"A very interesting thing seems to be going on at the Enies Lobby."

"So I'm going to join in the fun."

Hearing what Rifan said, Franky looked at Rifan curiously.

Then he frowned quickly:

"That place at Enies Lobby is dangerous."

"It is said that no prisoner has landed in Enies Lobby and has come out alive."

"Since you know so much, you should know that the same is true of my teacher Tom."

"Even so, are you still going to that place?"

Rifan patted Franky on the shoulder with a smile on his face, saying:

"Don't worry, I have the ability to ensure that everyone can leave safely."

"If the situation is not right, I will choose to leave in advance."

"And, don't you want to teach that Spandam a lesson yourself?"

"That guy is the chief culprit who once arrested your mentor."

"If you have such an idea, I can help you realize this wish."

Franky frowned when he heard Spandam's name.

An an unknown anger in his heart that begins to burn unconsciously when he remembered the past. 


Franky clenched his fists, trembling with anger.

Apparently, even after so many years, Franky was surprisingly angry at the thought of Spandam's face.

"Rifan, can you really bring Spandam to me?"

"Naturally, I am very enthusiastic about helping my crew. As long as you need it, I can bring Spandam to you."

"In that case, please let me see that bastard."

Franky clenched his fists together, with a grin on his face.

[Rifan, you have triggered Franky invitation mission——revenge on Spandam!]

[After completing the task, you can invite Franky to become a partner. ]

'Oh? before becoming a partner, I have received two invitation missions. '

If these two tasks are completed, it must be able to make Franky have a good loyalty to me.

While thinking in his heart, Rifan began to explain his plan to Franky and others:

"I used Observation Haki to spy on the conversations of those cp9 agents."

"They're rushing back to support because Shiki dropped zombie human and zombie beasts on Enies Lobby."

"The reason why they brought you, Franky with them is because they don't want all these years of being undercover to go to waste."

"Of course, Spandam should have asked Marine for help."

"However, with the speed of the sea train, we should arrive one step ahead of the Marine sent to deal with Shiki."

"So if our actions are fast enough, we won't be able to develop into a situation where we will encounter Marine."

Hearing this, Mikita immediately showed an excited expression.

"Captain Rifan, are we going to take this opportunity to kill Shiki this time?"

No wonder Mikita was so excited.

After all, it was earlier when Rifan and Mikita were alone together.

Like Mikita, Rifan mentioned that Mikita will have a second Devil Fruit later, and this second Devil Fruit is Shiki's Fruit.

In that way, Mikita, who already has a good Conqueror's Haki, will definitely become a terrifying existence.

What's more, Rifan also thinks that if Mikita can awaken the Kilo Devil Fruit at that time.

Cooperating with Golden Lion Float Devil Fruit, she can completely increase the weight of the suspended island several times, and then throw it directly at her opponent! 

Of course, the premise is that Rifan's assumption regarding the awakening direction of the Kilo Fruit is accurate.

Rifan shook his head to Mikita, and said:

"Although I think that if we fight him head-on with the strength of our whole team."

"There is still a good chance of killing him."

"After all, that guy's strength has indeed dropped, and last time I didn't go any further and broke his leg."

"However, a Shiki is after all a legendary pirate."

"And he has zombie monsters there."

"Even if we want to defeat him, it will definitely take a lot of time."

"If Marine arrives later, and we don't have enough physical strength at that time."

"I will be our bad luck."

"So, Mikita, wait for a while."

"When I have a chance later, I will go and take that Devil Fruit from Shiki."

"Then give it to you to use."

"Of course, if I find out that I do have a chance to kill that Shiki guy."

"I will never show mercy either."

When Mikita heard Rifan's words, she naturally didn't have any objections.

She even heard Rifan say that she would give the Float Fruit to her, and she wished she could throw herself into Rifan's arms right now.

But after seeing Rifan's transformation into Franky, she held back her impulse.

"I understand now, Rifan, you are planning to pretend to be me."

"Let those cp9 guys take you to the Enies Lobby..."

"And we just need to hide and be ready to meet you at any time, right."

Franky rubbed his chin and spoke.

"That's right, that's the plan."

"Wait until I get what I want at Enies Lobby."

"We'll leave as soon as possible."

"So, Franky, take your shirt off."

After Rifan handed over his coat to Mikita who was closest to him, he said.

Of course he didn't just go to the Enies Lobby to grab a Spandam.

According to the original book, Spandam still holds two Devil Fruits in his hand.

This is what Rifan wants too.

Of course, in addition to these things, Rifan also prepared materials for using Munch-Munch Fruit to collect some zombie viruses in order to make G virus strengthening potions.

'Having said that, a reformer like Franky.'

'Does the G virus strengthening potion have any effect on him?'

Rifan thought to himself while taking Franky's coat and putting it on.

"Brother Rifan, don't you need to take off your shorts?"

Franky was shirtless and looked at Rifan's lower body curiously.

"No need, no matter what, I won't do something perverted like that."

Rifan shook his head and directly chose to refuse.

Just kidding, even if he was running around in his underwear, Blue Star's audience couldn't see him.

But he didn't want to do it in front of his partners. 

Especially with Robin and Ada, who are somewhat dark-bellied.

"But in this way, those cp9 people will feel confused, Captain Rifan."

Sure enough, after Rifan made a decision, Robin immediately expressed her opinion.

"Indeed, I think Rifan, you can run around in your underwear."

The corners of Ada's mouth curled up slightly, and she urged.

Judging from the eyes of the two, they are naturally quite happy to see Rifan without shorts.

Rifan even felt that they wanted to see him strolling outside naked.

"That's enough, you two."

Rifan looked at Ada and Robin with some shame, then turned to look at everyone and said:

"Everyone, let's rest here for a while."

"After arriving at the destination, Karina, you can use the color fruit to make everyone invisible."

When Karina heard what Rifan said, she naturally nodded with a smile on her face.

Time flies, and hours on the sea train are fleeting.

Under the instruction of Rifan, Karina and others boarded the transparent Black Pearl again, ready to launch special operations at any time.

When several people from cp9 came to check Franky's situation, although they were a little confused about the fallen soldiers and Franky played by Rifan who broke free from the chain and wore a pair of shorts

But didn't think much about it.

Instead, after handcuffing Rifan again, they took Rifan out of the sea train.

However, as soon as they stepped out of the gate of the sea train, CP9 and the others were shocked by the chaotic scene in front of them and their eyes widened.

The original symbol of absolute power, Enies Lobby, has turned into a complete riot.

A large number of zombies and zombie beasts raged wildly in the crowd.

Even the two titan watchmen are temporarily difficult to parry.

Similarly, the scene in front of him also let people who didn't know the latest situation of Rifan because of the black screen of Rifan's live broadcast room know where Rifan is now.

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"Here, is it really Enies Lobby?"

Kalifa frowned, looking at the situation in disbelief.

"Looks like that's why Spandam is asking us for help."

"Blueno, use your door fruit to take us directly to Spandam's office."

"That coward should be at the most heavily guarded place."

Rob Lucci looked at Blueno at the side and order.

Now, he understood why Spandam didn't choose to run away.

Because the few exits he saw were completely surrounded by zombies.

If it weren't for Blueno's ability, it would be very difficult for the people inside to get out.

'Shiki, that guy is above the clouds.'

'I Hope that guy doesn't notice me. '

Rifan thought while trying to reduce his sense of existence and aura.

After being pushed by Kalifa.

He stepped into the air door made by the door fruit.

And after the transfer of more than a dozen air doors in succession.

Everyone finally came to where Spandam was.

"Damn it, back off."

"Jabra, you idiot, protect yourself."

While waving the long sword in his hand, Spandam gave orders in horror.

At this moment, the sudden opening of the air door made Spandam stunned, followed by a burst of ecstasy.

Sure enough, a moment after the air door opened, Blueno and others walked out of it.

"Great, you guys are too slow!"

"Quick, take me out of here now, I can't stay here any longer.

Spandam didn't even look at Rifan.

He ran directly in front of Blueno, urging him to use the door fruit to take him away.

Blueno frowned and turned to look at Lucci.

Rob Lucci nodded after looking at Jabra, Fukurou, Jabra and other agents present:

"Since everyone is here, prepare to evacuate."

For the entire Enies Lobby, the most important to Rob Lucci are these colleagues of cp9.

Furthermore, although he want to leave Spandam here, he has to be protected.

With the consent of Lucci, Blueno is going to use the door fruit to rebuild the space door, but at this time.

The entire building began to vibrate violently, twist, and then collapse.

An ordinary person like Spandam immediately rolled to the ground and landed right at Rifan's feet.

And Blueno's original ability was also interrupted, and he wanted to stand firm with Lucci and others.

However, soon, the building turned into a lion's head-shaped earth stone and bit everyone down.

And led them to roll towards the zombie group.

Rifan's eyes flickered, and he immediately noticed that it's Shiki's ability.


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