One Piece: with a Gamer system?

Synopsis: An ordinary guy from earth who has was thrown in One Piece world w/ Gamer system. PS. The covered picture isn't mine, just randomly found it on google, I think it's cool and felt like the MCs image is suitable for it so yeah.. Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece.

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Chapter 4

Nodding his head, Roy checked his other notifications, and after seeing nothing new, he decided to try his new skill, [Real Clone].

Activating the skill, Roy felt a large chunk of his MP leave his body.

It was a weird experience, and it reminds him of his past life. He remembers that time when he was in a hospital and the doctor had to take his blood for testing. He thought it was normal, but what he didn't expect was that the doctor took a chunk of his blood, leaving him drained and weak as chicken for a whole day.

The feeling of being drained by MP is kind of like that, but dozens of times more intense.

Fortunately, he has a cheat [Gamer's Mind] and [Gamer's Body], otherwise a normal person would have died from that.

After a moment of weakness, he soon recovered, but before he could rejoice, a glowing orb of light suddenly appeared in front of him.

The light was very bright, and as it dimmed down, a figure who looked exactly like him appeared from it.

"Hello? How are you feeling?" Roy felt awkward as he talked to his clone, but he endured it and asked.

"I don't feel anything," the clone answered with a straight face.

"Do you have feelings like anger, emotions, etc?" he asked again, as although he created the skill himself, he only knows its basic layout; other small details were ignored due to the limited energy from the gem.

"I don't, but I think I can simulate human emotions if the original wanted it."

"Cool, what abilities of mine can you use?"

"Everything, except the "gamer" interface itself, skills, perks, and abilities, hence a waterdowned version," the clone asked, making Roy nod in satisfaction.

He asked a few more questions, such as if the clone had the same INT and WIS as him, but the answer he got was a bit disappointing. Originally, he created the condition that the clone could only have one tenth of his 'strength' to preserve the INT and WIS attributes.

Unfortunately, only half was retained, but he was still satisfied that [Real Clone] is still OP in his opinion.

After several more questions and physical tests, Roy once again turned his attention to his MP and MP regen.

[Real Clone] is a very MP-demanding skill; with the current attributes of his INT and WIS of 43 (+5) and 14 (+2), his MP is only 580 while the MP regen is about 6.1 per minute.

(Note: Each point of INT is equivalent to 10 points of MP, while every 10 points of wisdom is equal to 1% of mana regeneration and 1% magic resistance.)

In other words, with his current capacity, he can only maintain the clone for about 5 minutes.

Roy's expression is dark when he thinks about the experience of death he'll get upon the death of a clone. He had an urge to add all his remaining stat points to WIS, but unfortunately, rationality told him that even if he did, the most it could do was increase my regen by a little.

Roy was feeling helpless, but just as he was about to give up and accept the soon-to-be painful experience, he suddenly remembered that in the original book, Han Jee Han has many methods to increase his mana regeneration.

Among these, the most common is to directly increase his WIS; the other is through items and equipment; and lastly, through skills.

The first and second methods are things he can't afford right now, but for the last one, Roy wasn't sure.

Closing his eyes, he sat in crosslegs, taking a deep breath and clearing out his thoughts: breath in, breath out, like the one in those Chinese novels.

At first, Roy was a bit skeptical, but after a while, he slowly felt his mind become more calm, clear, and peaceful.

'Due to a specific action, a skill has been created.'

[Meditation (Active) Lv 1

Allow the user to enter a deep state of relaxation and tranquility. During meditation, you focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. This process may result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being.

Effects: +5% MP regen, +5% HP regen]

Seeing this, Roy's smile widened, but he did not end the meditation and kept going.

Few minutes later.

An unexpected message rang in his mind, surprising him.

'Due to meditating seriously, your wisdom has increased by 1.'

Seeing this, Roy was even more eager to meditate.

Originally, his wisdom only increased when he did something considered wise or by completing quests and reading books.

But the problem is, he can't do wise things all the time, The quest is also triggered randomly, and reading books can only give him limited wisdom.

Now that he had meditation, the problem that had been giving him a headache for a while was finally solved.

4 minutes later.

The clone finally died due to a lack of mana.

The cause of death is random, and this time, it was a heart attack.

As if his heart were pierced by thousands of needles, Roy had an urge to scream 'Help' but was unable to due to the weakness it brought.

Ten seconds later..

'Due to a specific action, a new skill has been created.'

[Pain Resistance (Passive) LV 1

Allow the user to tolerate or endure physical discomfort or pain without experiencing excessive distress or seeking immediate relief: + 10 END.]

Seeing this, Roy didn't feel good in any way but instead trembled in fear even more, remembering the pain he had just gone through.

He felt like he was experiencing psychological trauma. But fortunately, he has a gamer's mind, making him recover after the initial pain.

After making sure that nothing was wrong, Roy let out a chuckle and then turned his head to the deceased body of the clone before him.

Because of the harsh and strict conditions and restrictions he added to the skill [Real Clone], the clone conjured by MP is a genuine physical clone, a real human body.

Roy wondered if he could sell its organ on the black market to earn some money, but then he suddenly realized that he didn't lack it at the moment.

His father owned a billion-dollar corporation; he's a freaking rich kid. How can he lower his head to sell his own organ for a pitiful amount of money?

(Note: not the entire corporation, but more than 10%.)

At least for now, he doesn't need it; as for the future, Roy will decide when it happens.

Shaking off these random thoughts, Roy patted the clone's dead body and put it in his inventory.

The inventory has the function of storing and preserving, so he didn't have to worry about the stink that will be produced by the body once it rots.

After everything was done, he was once again left alone in the library.

Unlike before, he now has more choices on what to level up; the first is INT through reading, and the other is WIS through meditation.

Both have their pros and cons, but after several considerations, Roy finally settles on meditation.

Although he lacks INT, he needs more mana regeneration to maintain a clone.

After making up his mind, Roy sat cross-legged and started to meditate.

10 minutes later.

'Due to meditating seriously, your wisdom has increased by 1.'

Seeing this, Roy nodded in satisfaction.

At this moment, he also felt the cold and refreshing feeling of increasing WIS.

Unlike INT, which made problems easy to solve, WIS gave him a peaceful kind of clarity.

It was as if he were one with the universe; it was as if he could do everything, and for a moment, he even felt unmovable.

At this moment, he also realized that what he'd been doing all this time was pointless.

After transmigrating (or reincarnating), he has been thinking of ways to become stronger in order to have a happy life, but deep inside he knows that he is guilty.

You see, he has grown up in a low-class household, and his family has high expectations of him. Ever since he was young, his parents had always treated him as the one who would give them a good life.

But unfortunately, only four years after graduating college, he died unexpectedly.

Thinking about how his family would feel after he died, Roy's heart felt broken.

At this moment, he had a new goal other than being stronger.

Closing his eyes, he felt a warm energy on his body, making his very being feel embraced.

'Due to the specific mood, the host has accidentally triggered a special state of mind: epiphany.'

'Epiphany: A one-in-a-million brief moment where the mind is connected to the universe, allowing one to access the massive database and computing power. People who experience epiphanies often find themselves enlightened about what they pursue.'

'Due to successfully entering the state of epiphany, your wisdom has increased by 1.'

'Due to successfully entering the state of epiphany, your wisdom has increased by 1.'

'Due to successfully entering the state of epiphany, your wisdom has increased by 1.'

'Due to successfully entering the state of epiphany, your wisdom has increased by 1.'

'Skill Meditation leveled up by 1.'

'Skill Meditation leveled up by 1.'

Messages one after another rang in his mind one after another for a few seconds, and when he woke, Roy was surprised to find that his skill of meditation leveled up from level 1 to level 5, while WIS increased from the previous 16 to 28.


- - - -

A/N: I was kind of thinking how to give Roy [Instant Dungeon Creation] skill.

In the original book, Han Jee Han created the skill by creating a "protected space.

In "The Gamer World, supernatural beings can't use superpowers to influence the world because they will suffer bad luck or misfortune.

And 'protected space' is a space created by Gaia itself to allow supernatural beings to use their powers without restriction. 

The problem is, there's no 'protected space' in the One Piece world, there's no Gaia to create it, so creating it by himself is impossible.. I think..

The problem is, there's no 'protected space' in the One Piece world, there's no Gaia to create it, so creating it by himself is impossible.. I think..