1 Prologue

"Hey, pirate king! Where did you hide all the treasure you found?!"

Dream. While we are asleep, we live within the imaginary world created based on our memories and experiences. It is once we've woken up that we perceive it as a dream.

"Is it in the Grand Line?! You got it, didn't you?! That legendary treasure…


However, what if you don't wake up? What if… your dream is the reality, and what you believed to be real all this time, was a dream instead?

"…Wahahaha… my treasure?"

"D-don't speak without the permission!!!"

I found myself standing in the middle of the crowd, dumbfounded, as one man with long black hair to cover his facial appearance, grinned in front of the executioners' blades.

Gol D. Roger. The king of the pirates. Yes, I did recognize him. He… he was the legendary figure within the manga named One Piece, one of the most phenomenal stories that has ever been unveiled in the reality—

"…If you want it, you can have it!!!"

—hold on, reality?

"Find it! I left everything this world has to offer—there!!!"

Then came, an abrupt execution by the scared executioners. The king of pirates met his end in the Logue Town, in front of my eyes.

The crowd uproared in excitement. Without a doubt, Gol D. Roger's will has been passed on to the next generation already,

'Marking the beginning to the Great Age of the Pirates...' I thought as I slapped myself on the cheek. It stung, and yet, I didn't 'wake' up.

Was it that I transmigrated, or was it that I belonged within this world from the start, and somehow, just somehow, dreamed of what may happen in the future here? And—

'Hold on.'

Who am I?

As people around were rushing in and out out of excitement, I stood here, frozen, facing an identity crisis.

Then, due I was knocked down all of a sudden by one huge man, who didn't seem to have seen me standing.

"Ow—!" Once again, another jolt of pain. Without a doubt, I wasn't dreaming.

"Oh, I am sorry." The man leaned down, and lifted me back up with his huge hand, "Hold on, don't we know each other? Your name was, hold on—"

'And how come I can understand what they are saying?'

I couldn't follow. Just what was happening around me? What is reality? Who am I? This can't be a dream, right?

I... what am I supposed to do?

"Smoker! That's right, Smoker! That was your name, wasn't it?"

I found my eyes widening upon hearing the name 'Smoker,' I raised my hands up and touched my hair, feeling the spiky rough texture.

"...Sir, is my hair white?"

"Hm?" The man raised an eyebrow, but nodded nonetheless, "Yes, you indeed are!"

The man who is called 'White Hunter' by many, known to have eaten Smoke Smoke fruit. A renowned marine with the rank of a Captain or Vice Admiral in the manga. One who has, unfortunately, lost most of his battles. Smoker.

That is me... it seemed.

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