56 Chapter 55

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"...A bargain, you say."

The wind. It slowly began to pick up around us.

"It sure is interesting to hear such words from someone whom I've only met once before, and from a 16-year-old youngster." Dragon's eyes were locked with mine, and though it was the dark nighttime, I could clearly see his eyes, filled with conqueror's might.

I found a slight chill down my spine. Monkey D. Dragon... his haki stood a few levels above mine.

"...However, the Marine is no different than the World Government. By telling you previously to seek righteousness, I meant to imply..."

The wind brushed past me, and my coat flapped wildly from it. It felt cold and dangerous—as if trying to remind me, of whom I am facing right now.

"...that you forsake your status as a marine."

The wind ferociously swirled around us, and I could feel the overwhelming pressure from the leader of the Revolutionary Army. Whether the wind was the manifestation of this man's will or his mysterious devil fruit—I had no idea.

"Marine is incapable, Smoker. Your folks relentlessly chase after the crimes sighted from afar, yet turn a blind eye to ones that occur right in front. You may be a good man, but still," Dragon stated firmly, with Ivankov and Kuma standing on his left and right, "I have no intention to work with a group of hypocrites—"

Dragon. He must've traveled around the world. He must've seen many cases where the World Government exerts tyranny over civilians, while claiming that those acts are done under the name of 'justice.' And I, sailing and combating the pirates for a few years, was also aware of how broken this world was.

In essence, Dragon and I were quite similar.

Within the wind, wisps of smoke were seen. They, slowly immersing in the wild wind without any resistance, began to swirl along. A strange phenomenon, Dragon seemed to be thinking. Then Dragon and his friends realized, that I go by the title of 'White Hunter' Smoker, the user of Smoke Smoke fruit.

Pazz—! Dragon's eyes widened. That subtle yet jolting sensation—he must've felt it, of what I was hiding within me.

"You..." Dragon's eyes narrowed, "You possess an ambition of your own... even when you're a marine."

"There is nothing absolute in this world, Dragon." I said while grinning slowly. Though Dragon's haki was ferocious, it failed to make me yield against, "There is only so much that a person can do, and a change is inevitable. And in this world, there are no gods in this world, but instead, pretenders. Those pretenders aren't capable of resisting the flow."

I raised my hand up and pointed at the dark sky.

"And I will be blatant,"

As the moon, which was shining brightly, was momentarily covered by the clouds that floated by, I declared,

"I plan to bring down the sky."

Ivankov and Kuma flinched in shock. Dragon's eyes widened in disbelief.

"I don't seek justice. I don't look for ways to justify my cause. I simply walk according to the direction in which my heart guides—and it tells me, that this world can be improved."

The wind died down, and the whistling sounds in my ears disappeared. The sky, still hidden by the clouds, rendered my surrounding even darker. In this state, Dragon said, "...A bold statement, young marine. A plan to break through the ranks and end the World Government as a 'marine' of all possibilities... quite daring, aren't you..."

Dragon seemed to be contemplating. Ivankov and Kuma, not saying a word, stood silently by. And after some time passed, he finally asked,

"What bargain are you here to offer, Smoker."

I grinned as I replied,

"The issue that I consider to be of greatest concern at the current moment,"

The despair-filled eyes of those shackled women. The upcoming slavery of Boa Hancock and her sisters if I were not mistaken. Joker or Donquixote Doflamingo pulling strings from the back. I believed that I could prevent them from happening,



[Next Morning]

"...Geez, what a wild night it was," Rosinante, leaning on the rail of the marine ship, mumbled while looking around the kingdom, "Strange. That sudden storm was quite extreme, to the extent that most of the noises were muffled by it. I expected huge destruction, but... everything seems fine."

Down the deck, on the solid ground, the marine soldiers were standing in an orderly manner. In front of them, Aramaki was found yawning.

Next to them, there were a group of men wearing black suits: CP8. Their leader, Garfield, was found talking over Den Den Mushi. Then, he finally ended the call and stood up, before notifying Aramaki, "Still no sight of Commodore Smoker. We can only hope that he's fine."

Aramaki snorted, "Of course he'll be. Throw away those useless words; he already told me to handle the operation on this island after all, meaning that he anticipated a long battle."

Garfield sighed while placing his hand under his chin, "Anyhow, this serves as a proof that the combined strength of Dragon, Ivankov, and Kuma, reaches the level of 'Nightmare' Gecko Moria and 'Hell Blaze' Diego. The rise of new criminals at the current state of the sea... the Age of the Great Pirates is gruesome to deal with."

Rosinante, dropping down from the ship, said seriously, "There is no point waiting then, is there?"

Garfield nodded silently. Aramaki, grinning excitedly, said, "Rahahaha, nope! We're heading out, now!!!"

Robin, who was standing among the marine soldiers, thought, 'Replacing the king who has become corrupt. King's main source of entertainment is purchasing slaves from the Human Auction shop. Human Auction shop is run by Joker, the rising figure in the Underworld. But the thing is...'

She gazed at the Cipher Pol agents with a well-hidden contempt,

'The main customers of that Human Auction shop are the Celestial Dragons themselves. And by supporting the rebellion here, you, the World Government, are admitting that 'slavery' is wrong; you know that it's wrong, but continue nonetheless. Hypocrites... how disgusting.'

The marines began to march along with the CP8 agents, with their weapons held in their hands. As they entered the street, one among the agents whistled. Upon the signal, many civilians revealed themselves from various buildings, filled with determination.

It was a fascinating number, and some became awed at the grand gathering. By the time they reached the castle, the number has become countless.

"...Good to see that you're fine, Seki."

And in the front, next to Aramaki and Garfield, there stood a skinny blonde, Seki. He laughed haughtily,

"Siasiasia! Of course I am!"

Facing against them were Warmog the 'Big Force' and his crew—the ones who currently went by the title of 'royal guards.' Warmog narrowed his eyes at Aramaki and Garfield,

"...How come you folks are siding with the rebellion."

Garfield stepped up and unscrolled a paper scroll in his hands. He then read, "For years, king Barnon has forsaken his role as the monarch! He committed the unforgivable and atrocious acts of working with pirates to plunder the goods of his very own citizens! The World Government expresses its grief that this injustice was only discovered only recently, and henceforth we declare, that king Barnon is to be dethroned and arrested!"

Warmog fell silent as Garfield stated loudly. Then, placing his hand over his eyes, he,


began to laugh loudly,

"Hahahahaha!!!!!" Warmog muttered, "Oh, Joker... it went just as you predicted. I can't believe it—hahahaha!!!"

The marines, CP8 agents, and civilians watched Warmog's demeanour in confusion. Warmog, ignoring them, then took out his greatsword and pointed it at them,

"Heh, pretty amusing, isn't it?" Warmog smiled devilishly, "I won't speak any further. Since you dared to do so, come all at once, puppets."


[Unknown Location]

Under the bright sky, at the shore of one mysterious island, one tall man with short blonde hair with flamingo-like attire and sunglasses was lying on a lounge chair. On his left hand was a glass filled with cocktail, while his other hand held onto a dial connected to the Den Den Mushi.

'Heavenly Demon' Donquixote Doflamingo. He was one of the well-known seven rookies, but at the same time, the enigmatic 'Joker' of the Underworld. Currently, he was chatting with someone.

"Ah, so the war has finally begun." Doflamingo expressed his delight, "Fuffuffuffu... did Warmog ask for any support?"

<<Beheheh, no, Doffy. He seems quite confident.>>

"Heh, good." Doflamingo grinned after taking a sip from the glass, "Then, Warmog will keep the war in a stalemate. It will be elongated, and..."

<<Beheheheh!!! We will sell weapons to both sides—even more profits for us!!!>>

Placing the glass down, Doflamingo then hummed in deep thought. He then asked with slight concern, "...But I have a bad hunch, Trebol. 'Mad Bull' was already proven to be inferior to Warmog a year ago. However, that 'White Hunter,' he's the fellow who defeated Moria and Hell Blaze before; his strength seems a little threatening to us."

<<No worries~! He's currently occupied with the 'Rebellious Dragon' on the island of Knockdown! Beheheh, that marine doesn't know whom he's dealing with! And besides, just to ensure that White Hunter doesn't join the war at Lulusia, Vergo was sent on his way! If Rebellious Dragon spares White Hunter, Vergo will end his life!>>

"Good, good," Doflamingo nodded, "And with the Celestial Dragons taken care of, any further involvement of Marine isn't of a concern... fuffuffuffu!!!

Doflamingo, finally ridding the last shred of concern, laughed boisterously, "Now this is getting interesting, isn't it?!"




In Knockdown island, one pirate gulped in disbelief, "Is... is this for real?"

'Knockdown' island. It used to be an empty island, but recently with the start of the Great Age of Pirates, the pirates took over in order to safely bypass the Marine Base G-2—rendering this place quite similar to Jaya. Therefore, though the marines didn't have an eye on this place, the pirates did.

On this island, there was one single marine with a white justice coat on his back: Smoker. Uncaring of the countless pirates who spectated him from all around, he combatted one black-haired man with a tattoo on his face: Dragon.

BOOM! A punch was intercepted by a punch. A kick was countered with a kick. The battle between the two was intense and incredible, such that the pirates felt nothing but fear.

Tap. Dragon, landing on the ground casually, looked at Smoker who did the same. He then said coldly, "When will you give up on me, White Hunter? I already told you, haven't I? You cannot defeat me."

Smoker, while cracking his neck, growled, "Until the yearning souls of my dead colleagues are satiated with your blood, that isn't happening."

The ongoing clash of wills between the two seemed intense and genuine—such that no one realized that they were acting.

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