One Piece: Ulquiorra Cifer Template

Ash reincarnated in the world of One Piece and became Rocks' younger brother. Ash, who possesses the Ulquiorra template, was besieged by many strong men on the island of God Valley because of his strength, which was so strong that everyone feared it. Fortunately, with the system's help, Ash escaped from death and fell into a deep sleep. The World Government collected Ash's body and put it on the unknown seventh floor of Impel Down: Devil's Nest. Many years later...

Riyuuu · Anime & Comics
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4 Chs

Chapter 3: Matching Up

For Kong, of course, he wanted to take this opportunity to kill the two brothers, Rocks and Ash, directly. But before coming to God Valley Island, Kong had received orders from the Five Elders.

According to the Five Elders orders, it is to make sure to kill Rocks directly. As for Ash, it's better to imprison him and study his strange power.

After all, what Ash has shown in the past two years is not only his terrifying fighting talent and strength. Ash's terrifying ability to recover in a very short period of time after being injured made even the Five Elders greedy.

According to the Five Elders, if the World Government can research Ash's ability and if the members of the CP organization also have Ash's pervert recovery ability, then the power of the World Government will directly increase dramatically and no longer need to worry about whether the D clan made a fuss.

In order to achieve this purpose, the World Government disregarded the opinions of all Marine executives and secretly contacted the Roger Pirates and the cadres of the Rocks Pirates.

With this kind of order, Kong can't guarantee that he can do it. Kong has already made a decision in his heart to absolutely kill Ash, a terrifying person. After all, Kong doesn't want to face a monster that is nearly unkillable.

Just when Kong was recalling the orders of the Five Elders. Ash, on the other side, waved his hands with a smile. "Okay, don't waste your time. Let the two of us brothers feel it. Can you give us some surprises after joining hands together?"

"Yeah, are you worried that we brothers will let you be buried on this island?" Rocks added teasingly.

Hearing the taunt of the two Rocks brothers, whether it is Kong, Marines, Roger Pirates, former cadres of the Rocks Pirates, or the others, all drew their weapons at the same time.

"These two bastards, not just powerful, even mocking people, are at the peak level," Kong, who was already filled with anger, glared at Rocks and said. "Since you two want to die badly, then I will help you!"

Hearing Kong's voice, the Marine [Admiral] disappeared in an instant, and a crack appeared directly where he was originally standing.

At the same time, the other two Marines [Admirals] exchanged glances, unsheathed their swords, and launched fierce sword skills against Rocks.

Unlike the three Marine [Admirals] in Luffy's era, none of the three current Marine [Admirals] are Devil Fruit users. They just relied on physical and sword skills and stood on top of the current Marines.




Fists and swords collided continuously, making the ground crack from time to time.

The aftermath of the battle between Rocks, Kong, and the Marines [Admirals] swept the entire God Valley island at an extremely fast speed. The Marines and the members of the Rocks Pirates were all backing away.

Watching this sudden outbreak of war, the faces of the Marines are already full of excitement. Having been entangled with the Rocks Pirates for so many years, there's finally a chance to take down Rocks and Ash, two monsters.

As for the members of the Rocks Pirates, they are filled with confusion. Things got to the point where they no longer knew what to do.

While these Rocks Pirates members are confused about their lives, Shiki, who held his two swords, grinned. "JIEHAHAHA, like Ash said, stop wasting time! Kill the two of them early to avoid any accidents!"

Shiki, who was smoking a cigar, glanced at Ash and then said to Sengoku, Garp, and others around him, "Just as I said before, I'll confront Rocks, and Ash will leave it to you guys! I hope you don't be killed by that guy."

After finishing speaking, without waiting for Sengoku and others to respond, Float-Float Fruit activated and flew towards Rocks' position.

"Ash, if it wasn't for your status as Rocks' younger brother, I would never have let this happen today." Newgate on the side also took a look at Ash and said it with some regret.

Ash smiled nonchalantly when he heard Newgate and replied, "Edward, do you still need to be so hypocritical? Stop pretending here."

Newgate didn't talk nonsense with Ash anymore and rushed to the battlefield, where Rocks, Shiki, and others were with the Supreme Grade Sword•Murakumogiri in his hand.

Kong + Marine Admirals + Shiki + Newgate VS. Rocks

As for the rest...

Ash looked at Sengoku, Garp, Zephyr, Roger, Rayleigh, Jabba, Linlin, Silver Axe, John, two Cp0 members, and Figarland Garling that surrounded him.

The corners of Ash's mouth curled up, and he spoke arrogantly, "COME HERE, ALL OF YOU! LET'S FINISH THIS UNSETTLE BUSINESS!"