179 Chapter 179


Kon had to keep quite the distance because he knew that at least one of the members of the Straw Hats knew Haki. Aramaki had underestimated the boy, and he paid dearly. He wasn't going to make the same mistake.

He would know of course. Because he saw the fight from the front seat. Though, towards the end, the fight became so chaotic that he had to keep a lot of distance between them.

That was also the reason he didn't know how Aramaki got defeated. He was too far from the fight. But he couldn't get any nearer, or Luffy might detect him.

That was also the reason why the ghost agent didn't know about Sparky and his abilites. Or as to how the six armed monkey contributed in beating Aramaki. For all he knew, the monkey was just the crew's pet. A case of misinformation, which the poor man would pay dearly for.

But now that Luffy left, he closed in on the Going Merry. But he didn't board the ship immediately.

He calmed his nerves and spread out his observation Haki. He wasn't that good at using the color of Observation, but well enough to detect humans from animals and structures.

But when he opened his eyes, he smirked. Those fools, they didn't leave anyone to guard the ship. He did sense some animal life forms in the ship. But it could just be rats for all he knew.

With finding no danger, —still in his ant like size— he jumped up, using Geppo to board the Going Merry.

He looked around one last time, no one was on the ship. He didn't look around the ship that much. He only had one job, and that was to plant the Dyna stone where the Straw Hats would never look.

He looked around a bit and found the storage room. Kon grinned, and slipped into the room from the underneath the door. And honestly, he was surprised by the amount of gold they had. Also this room seemed a bit warm, like it had a heater inside. But he didn't pay attention to that.

'What the fuck?! How can some no name pirates have that much treasure? Gold, weapons, sea stone… They haven't even been on the grandline for a month!' he thought, before a smirk appeared on his face. Maybe he could liberate all of the gold. Dead men didn't need gold. 'There's at least half a ton of these… hehehe, I'm rich!'

Because of his greediness, Kon, unfortunately, didn't see a six armed monkey that was looking at him from the side.

Kon greedily made his way towards the gold, and with his hands touched it, shrinking all the gold to the smallest size. Before pocketing them in his suit. He also took out the dyna stone.

'Now where to put the bomb.' He thought, 'Not there near the table, if someone gets to the ship, before I can get my distace they might find the stone. Also, not near those weapons and swords. How the heck did the crew get that many weapons…? Must have looted some other big crew. Also, definitely not near the big ass white snake, it might accidentally eat it. Eh… wait!'

Kon's eyes widened and at the last moment he jumped to the side to avoid getting bitten by White Fury.

"What the fuck is a big ass Snake doing here?!" he questioned. He clicked his tounge, "Sorry buddy, but I have to kill you…" with that he moved, with one of his fingers out. But to his surprise his speed slowed down. "What the-!?"

Before Kon could do anything Sparky grabbed him mid-air, "Puny man." With that, he smashed the man on the ground, hard, on the head. Knocking him out. But just to be sure he repeated the process a few times more.

And it also seemed to deactivate his powers. As all the gold and dynastone turned big to their original shape, along the agent. But at a slower pace, because of Sparky's slow slow fruit powers.

"Hey, what happened?" Kuina said, entering the door, "I heard a commotion down here? Wait, is that…"

After promptly stripping the agent butt naked, and tying him down with sea stone ropes, and force-feeding him a few grams of sea stone, all three members of the Straw Hats looked at the Dyna stone.

"Is that a bomb?" Kuina asked, she found the detonator inside the, now knocked-out, agent's pocket. Along with the large glass container that held it. She was in her room looking into the Germa tech that could turn you invisible.

She was looking into it, as the technology was behind it as the tech used water around the body to turn invisible. And while her element was ice, she was trying to think of ways she could use it. And that was when the commotion happened.

Sparky shrugged. "Maybe?" he said, his words were getting more clearer now, that was good. But having a bomb in the ship was no good. "I ws here, case warm. Uw-ah!" the monkey said.

Kuina nodded. Actually both Sparky and White Fury wasn't liking the cold. And Nami had bought a heater when she was in Logue Town.

So they set up the heater for those two. White Fury mainly chose the room 'cause she wanted to sleep with the shiny stuff. And Sparky was here because he was trying to learn the old language from the notes Sabo and Vivi left them. For a monkey, she definitely was academically inclined.

"So, um… want to check if the log book mentioned anything about it?" Kuina asked. "I don't know how far you are on learning the old language, but it wouldn't hurt to check if there's any mention of it."

"Oke," the monkey shrugged going near the books. Opening up a book that was titled 'Weird and Dangerous Stuff we found on the Journey' by Rihan. With a few page flips and skimming through it, the monkey's eye comically widened.

He looked at the Dyna stone and then back at Kuina, and gulped.

"It's not good is it?" Kuina said, with a sigh already rubbing her head as Sparky shook his head. "So what should we do about this?"

"Duno know…" Sparky said, before reading through the old book and looking at Kuina. "Freez it." He wanted to say more, but his speech reverted back to monkey sounds, but the instructions were clear.

Kuina nodded, before touching the glass container and freezing it with the most powrful Verf she could muster. But to keep it in ice, she had to constantly be in contact with it. "Well, now... Who's gonna tell the captain?" she asked.

White Fury, Sparky and Kuina looked at each. Before long, both White Fury and Sparky were gone, leaving Kuina alone with the agent and the frozen bomb.

Well, at least Sparky was kind enough to get the books on Verf down here to the stroage room. "This is going to be a long day."

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