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"Hmm… captain, I have to say something." Gin said. "Not that I don't trust our swordswoman… but I think we should look out for her and Vivi. It will get dark in a few hours."

Sanji quickly stood up. "Yeah, we should look for them. They haven't even joined us for Lunch… it's a good thing I made them the special lunch box with fried turkey in it."

"Turkey…? Our lunch box didn't have turkey in it," Usopp complained. Johnny, Yosaku, and Bartolomeo nodded at the same time.

"Eh… you guys aren't that important."

"This is blatant discrimination!!!" All four of them said at the same time.

"Not that I like to agree with the cook. But… we should look for Vivi and Kuina… Kuina can of course handle herself. But what if the princess gets into some bad situation?" Zoro pointed out, now that he sat down from the ground.

"Don't worry about it…" Luffy lazily waved, before facing them, and jabbed his thumb over his shoulder in the air. "They are already here."

"Wait… is Kuina in the clouds?" Zoro mumbled.

"Not gonna fall for that twice…" Sanji took a glance anyway and his jaw dropped in shock.

In fact, all of the crew looked behind Luffy and had their jaws dropped to the floor. Even Luffy who looked back was surprised by what he saw.

Both Kuina and Vivi returned and they came with style, riding on a beautiful white winged-snake's back.

"Now, isn't that interesting? Shishishi…" Luffy laughed, because of course the world would throw some weirdness into it.



"Is that a dragon?!" Usopp asked the most generic question.

"No, that's a winged snake," Coby corrected, "Dragons have legs."

Luffy put his right fist on his left palm, "So a mystery snake!" The others gave a unified nod, dumbly.

Kuina and Vivi didn't say anything, only amusement was written on their faces as they looked at their crewmates' reaction. Kuina was the first one to get off from the winged snake.

"Sanji… can you do me a favor and feed her," Kuina said, rubbing the white creature on its chin. The snake hissed cutely. "It became quite angry when it didn't find any food from us. Can you give her something?"

"Wait… her?!" Sanji asked. "I will be right back Mademoiselle!" With that the cook was gone, using the fastest version of Soru all of them had ever seen him use.

"Well, both of you have quite the story, I'm smelling. Shishishi…" Luffy grinned. "But first things first, Hello!" Luffy waved at the winged snake. "Name's Monkey D. Luffy? Wanna join the crew?"

Of course, Luffy heard a few groans, along with a few facepalms.

The white snake hissed cutely and shrugged. Not understanding what Luffy meant.

"Oh, by the way, is your name by any chance White Fury?" Luffy asked.

The snake tilted its head cutely, before shaking it. But it had sparkles in her eyes and nodded.

"Oh, so you like the name. Okay, then you are White Fury from now on." Luffy said, grining, "Shishishi…"

Kuina pouted, "Hey, I wanted to name her."

The others sweatdropped at the antics.

"Sorry sorry~~" Luffy mused.

Luffy glanced back at 'White Fury,' she was quite magnificent for a snake, and she had wings. Very cool looking in fact. Now, who in their right mind wouldn't want a dragon-looking snake on their crew?

"Hey, I know that look…" Nami said, "Where are we even gonna keep her…?"

"Eh… I think we can fit her on the front of the deck. She might need to curl up though," Gin said, nodding along with Bartolomeo. A few sweatdrops were among the audience.

"Isn't food going to be an issue… what does she eat anyways?" Zoro said, rubbing his chin. The snake blinked a few times, before mumbling something, and looking away.

"Not you too…" Nami groaned.

"Captain's orders." Zoro shrugged. "Also, she looks cool."

"Yeah, having a winged-snake is a man's romance!" Usopp said, with sparkles in his eyes. The idiotic trio, Bartolomeo, Johnny and Yosaku, nodded eagerly with sparkles around their eyes as well.

The snake hissed a bit, shying from all the praises.

"Ahem… it seems White Fury is a bit shy." Luffy said. "Give her some space guys. Also, she said, she eats anything that's fish or meat, she is a snake after all. Huh, we are very much alike in that department, aren't we? Shishishi…"

The snake blinked, saying something else that came out as hiss and Luffy nodded.

"Yeah, I can understand you just fine. Sparky can as well?" Luffy said, jabbing his thumb toward the six-armed monkey, who gave her a wave. The winged snake blinked, surprised, looking at the weird-looking monkey. "Can you understand her as well? Eh, Zoro?"

The swordsman in question nodded. "Yeah, but not as good as Sparky."

"Anyway, she helped us come out from one of the volcanos… she's quite the beast in the air." Kuina said, rubbing the snake on its chin. Vivi also did the same, as the snake started hissing cutely.

Vivi was already taking things for granted. There was too much craziness today that her bar for normal went down significantly. Just about a few minutes ago, the winged snake was out for their lives, now it was all calm and collected, happy to be around them.

After it seemingly challenged Kuina for stepping into her territory —apparently, the frozen ship was its nest or at least it's vacation nest— it got easily defeated. So it was very eager to help Kuina, after she had proven her strength. For some reason, Vivi found the snake similar to Kung Fu Dugong from her home island.

Like them, if someone worthy defeats them, they easily become their followers.

"Food shouldn't be an issue." Kuina said, breaking Vivi out of her musing. "I thought over it…. if Sanji can feed both Luffy and Momoo at the same time, another one more to the list won't be a problem."

Luffy was going to point out that Kuina basically put Luffy in the same category as a sea king but after thinking about how much he ate, he wisely chose not to.


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