156 Chapter 156


"So, are we ready?" Kuina asked.

Vivi nodded, most of the important books regarding Virf and the log book fit inside her bag. It looked quite bloated now, they didn't have any space for the lunch box either.

Both of them enjoyed their meal though, Sanji really knew his stuff. So right when they exited the lower floor onto the main deck. a volcanic explosion occurred, shocking both Kuina and Vivi.

Both of them were shocked, but it quickly turned into a look of wonder. The whole place's color turned a fiery red, and even with the volcanic eruption, the temperature that should have cooked any normal person didn't appear.

The temperature did get a bit warm, but nothing much. It spoke volumes of the late Virf user's powers. An ice that even lava couldn't melt. Now, wasn't that just amazing!?

The redness of lava, the volcanic ash lazily dropping from the sky, along with blue ice. Made it quite the sight to see.

"You know, this place is pretty damn amazing. I actually don't regret coming here." Vivi said, smiling carefreely for the first time in the day. Now that they knew this was no ghost ship, and the story behind it, she was very glad that she journeyed with Kuina. Maybe if she didn't this wouldn't happen and this would have been left undiscovered.

"That I can agree on," Kuina said, smiling. The wind blowing her hair and white kimono, she really was glad that she was able to come here.

This place, maybe the crew could come back later, this really was no ordinary place. The late Virf user rightly knew the beautiful place where she and her crewmates could have their final sleep.

Soon, the volcanic eruption stopped and both of their attention was locked onto the flying creature that was glaring at them.

"Um… Is it me, or is that a white dragon?" Kuina asked, looking at Vivi.

The blue-haired teen was too dumbfounded to even answer for the moment.

Flapping its large wings in front of them, was a white snake-like creature that had blue stripes all around its body. The majestic creature from the top of its head to its tail could be around 30 feet long, at least 2 feet in width, its wingspan at least 25 feet. It was flapping its wings gracefully and had an angry look on its face, as it had its fangs out towards them.

Kuina squinted her eyes, "Wait no, I think it's a white winged snake. It doesn't have any legs." she corrected herself, and was a bit of a let down for her. She would have liked it more if it was a dragon.

The flying snake creature in question, hissed at them.

"Well, at least now we know it's angry." Vivi said, a layer of panic in her voice. "I take it back, I don't like this place at all!"

"Well, speak for yourself, I'm just happy that I can fight a dragon wannabe on my second Island of the grandline. I love being a pirate!" Kuina smirked as the snake hissed with it's fangs out, before breathing in some air. One could guess what would happen next.

Vivi was almost on the verge of tears as the winged snake breathed out a smoke cloud of poison and Kuina jumped into the air with Wado Ichimonji in her hands and a challenging grin on her face.


"Um… hey, now that I think about it. Where's the princess?" Bartolomeo asked, covering his wounds with bandages. Nothing too serious.

"Yeah, where's Big Sis Kuina… her ice would come in handy right now." Johnny groaned, having a black eye, from his fight with Yosaku.

"I second that," Yosaku replied.

"Hey, you don't think they got caught up in some trouble, do you?" Coby asked. He looked completely fine, —mainly because of his fruit's abilities— though with how rough his clothes looked, one could guess that he also went all out with Sparky.

"Coby… we are the straw hat pirates… it would be odd if we didn't." Luffy casually said. Massaging the large bumps on his head. Sabo was strong, sure, but he didn't expect to get bullied this badly. Man, he needed to gain more strength, well, more speed, if he didn't want to get his ass kicked again.

"Yeah, you really need some ice right now." Sabo snickered. Not only was the second in command of the revolutionary army stronger than Aramaki, Sabo was also more skilled.

Luffy might have beaten Sabo in the strength department, but Sabo was faster, more skilled, and had a variety of techniques. The Dragon Fist, along with Haki, was a deadly combination. And with how speedy Sabo was, Luffy wasn't able to defend himself from most of his attacks with Haki.

Even with his combined Gears, he had to passively keep Tekkai on, so that he wouldn't get too hurt.

Luffy gave Sabo the most mature reaction, pulling down his eyelid and sticking his tongue out at him. His brother of course laughed it off.

"Heh, I have to say, this day was not a complete waste," Zoro said, grinning lazily. He also looked quite banged up. "I did teach an arrogant cook something about flames."

"You wanna say that again, Marimo?!" Sanji butted heads with Zoro. "The only reason it was a tie is 'cuz you cheated. You used Kuina-chan to distract me! Where was your honor?!"

"Oh, did I?" Zoro smirked. "I don't remember it. All I did was ask a simple question? You were the one that fell for it. And it clearly wasn't a draw."

"You wanna settle the score!?"

"Why not, curly brow!"

Honestly, Zoro wasn't someone who used underhanded tactics, but in the fight with Sanji. He lazily asked the cook if Kuina was flying in the clouds. And what do you know, the dumb cook actually fell for it, and that made Zoro get one up on him.

Honestly, Zoro wasn't used to using this type of underhanded tactic. But when fighting Luffy, who was a very tricky and underhanded fighter, you tend to pick up on things. He blames his captain for his corruption. But then again, they were pirates, honor would get them nowhere… definitely not to the top.

As Zoro and Sanji butted heads, both of them were unaware of the fact that a danger was looming over their heads. A danger with an orange head of hair and glowing red eyes.

Bang… Bang…

"I will personally kill you both if you start another fight," Nami growled with angry shark teeth that would even put Arlong to shame. She then looked to the rest of them. "That extends to the rest of you, morons. Got it!?"

"""Yes, ma'am!""" All of them gave her a salute by instinct. While only a few of them carelessly laughed. Dorry and Broggy were nowhere in sight, it was evident that the giants went for a nap, after having Lunch.

They put their all in their last match, but unsurprisingly no one came as a victor. So they took out their frustration with sleep. And because the straw hats were so friendly, they didn't need to watch each other's backs either. They trusted their new friends.


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