140 Chapter 140


"Take this! 10,000 kilo press!" Miss Valentine screamed as she fell heel-first toward Johnny.

The man ducked by only an inch, before he tried to stab the female agent.

The agent in question parried Yosaku's spear with her own umbrella, which was made from some good metal, being able to withstand the blade. But still the woman was pushed back.

Yosaku charged, attacking with his spear and the female agent countering them.

"Take this, Spear thrust!"

"Kyahahaha!" Miss Valentine laughed maniacally, "You are too slow, bastard!"

Both of them used their weapons, clashes happening, sparks flying. Miss Valentine used her powers skillfully along with the umbrella, while Johnny used his own strength with his spear. Both of them were at a standstill, but Miss Valentine got the upper hand when she was able to hook the spear.

"Kyahaha… your friend with the shield over there should have been my opponent. At least he could have defended against my powers with his shield, but you… you're dead."

Johnny was wide-eyed when the agent suddenly yanked his weapon out of his hands along with the umbrella, and flipped acrobatically over him, spinning and slammed her leg down with an axe kick. "Without your weapon, you are useless. I'm not. Now die! 5,000 kilo axe kick!"

Johnny had no choice but to cross his arms over his head, and yell. "Tekkai!"


A large explosion occurred and Miss Valentine was wide-eyed seeing her attack get blocked for the second time. She wondered how he was able to deflect her kick, normally it would have killed any lesser man. But then again any lesser man wouldn't fight her. It felt like she was kicking steel.

"What are y…" She wasn't even able to finish the sentence as Johnny grabbed her by the leg, and with momentum, smashed his opposition into the ground, creating a crater and knocking the wind out of her. Before she could even do anything, Johnny attacked again.


Miss Valentine was barely able to roll to her side as the ground bore a hole, smoke coming out of it as Yosaku finger dug inside.

Johnny clicked his tongue, before standing up and dusting his clothes. He would be lying if he said he didn't feel that last attack from Miss Valentine, his arms were still shaking.

In this small time he only had managed to learn Tekkai, Shigan. He was almost there at learning Kami-e paper art and Soru, but even if he can't use them right now, his speed had improved quite a lot along with the control over his body.

"You! What are you?! What kind of devil fruit did you eat?" It didn't make sense to her. Super strength could be explained with training, but being able to withstand her kick and make a bullet-like-hole in the ground with just a finger. She had never heard of that before.

Johnny didn't say anything and walked near his spear before kicking the umbrella toward her. Miss Valentine caught it with ease.

"My powers don't come from any fruits but my friends. And you! You wanted to hurt them… so get ready to be hurt!"

"Go power of friendship!" Someone cheered from the roof.

Miss Valentine snorted. "Don't get in over your head… I will kill you even with your weird technique."

While the fight was happening, it was creating a lot of commotion. Enough to wake up the resident bounty hunters from their sleep.

At first, they thought it was just some small scuffle amongst them, but with the sounds of explosions growing, they knew this wasn't the case anymore.

So a group of bounty hunters around thirty in number came towards the plaza where the fight was happening.

"Hey, Bill… is that Mr. 8 and Mr. 9?" One of them asked, as they ran towards their bodies, luckily they were breathing. Only knocked unconscious. "Hey, splash some water… we have to wake them up. Shit, someone beat them up pretty badly."

"Hey, we found Miss Monday… she-she isn't breathing." One of them stuttered as the female bounty hunters checked over her body. The muscular nun wasn't breathing.

"Ugh…" Igaram grunted groggily.

"Hey, I think Mr. 8 is waking up!" One of the bounty hunters announced to the others, splashing more water on the man's face. "Hey! What happened here…?"

The first thing Igaram did after waking up was to try and remember what happened. Before he got knocked out from the pain, he saw Johnny and Yosaku, friends of the straw hats, fight off Mr 5 and Miss Valentine. And he was shocked.

"It's them…" Igaram tried to say, but coughed. He was promptly given some water by the nearby bounty hunters.

"Who? The straw hats? Did they attack us?" One of them questioned.

"They really are bad pirates…" Another lamented. The surrounding group also felt betrayed by their hero… but.

"No, it's not them." Igaram said, shaking his head. He had seen Luffy take Vivi to safety. "In fact, they are the ones fighting off the intruders…"

"Then, who attacked us, in Whisky Peak? In our home turf?" One of them asked. Now all of them were enraged.

"Ugh… It's the Mr. 5 pair… they have abandoned our cause." Igaram lied, coming up with something. "The organization has put a bounty on their head… they were already criminals when they joined… they want to take over the town. You guys need to stop them!"

Rather than saying anymore, Iagaram faked falling unconscious. With his state, he wouldn't be fighting any time soon. By acting unconscious, he could avoid the questioning.

The surrounding bounty hunters froze, a bit of fear in them… could they stop them? They were numbered agents… but with all of them combined… it shouldn't be so tough.

"Hey, we can do this." One of them said. "It's just two. We can stop 'em if we work together! We even have the hero Luffy by our side…"

"Yeah! Didn't you hear Mr. 8 say that his friends were already fighting them? Let's go and help them, we will protect our own town!"

With a resounding cheer, all of them took their weapons in hand, wanting to help the brave straw hat heroes fight off the bad agents.

So all of the bounty hunters gathered and went to the plaza together, only to see the fight coming to an end.

Yosaku leaned on his shield as Mr. 5 fell to the ground, the fight wasn't as tough as he first thought. Especially, after separating the two agents.

Yosaku walked over to Mr. 5's body and pulled his axe out of his chest. Luckily for the agent, the wound was not that deep and was on the right side. The man beneath Yosaku winced when the bounty-hunting pirate yanked his axe out and coughed up blood.

"Just finish me." The man growled. With this many injuries, he didn't have the strength to use his powers anymore.

"Shut it." Yosaku said, bashing him on the side of his head and knocking him out. With that the fight was over, and the bounty-hunting pirate looked to his side.

Johnny's fight was still going on, but it was about to end.


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