One Piece: The strongest female pirate crew

Koch travels to the One Piece world. The system allows him to create the strongest female pirate crew. The more female members join the pirate crew, the stronger he become, the greater the influence, the higher point he earn. Traveling all over the world, looking for crew members to form 100-member female pirate crew. PS: Hello translator is here... just want to translate this book for one piece fan and English is not my language so sorry for any grammar mistake.. I am just translating this for fun, this book doesn't belong to me nor the book cover..

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Plan For Revenge.

CH 97: Plan For Revenge.

Grand Line.

Only few hours have passed since the battle between Koch and the Admirals. The major newspapers have recorded everything, the news about Koch death was spread all over the Grand Line, both Paradise and New World.

Whitebeard Pirates, Moby Dick.

"Pops, just got the news, that the Admirals ambushed Koch at the Sabaody Archipelago." Marco waved the newspaper.


All the Whitebeard Pirates that were all over the ship, immediately gathered on the deck and looked at the newspaper.

There were few pictures of the three Admirals who were fighting with Koch.

"Those three brats." Whitebeard looked at Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru, he knew about the three new Admirals.

"Three Admirals teamed together just to deal with Koch, those Marines are so shameless."

Whitebeard couldn't help but sigh, he have lived the life of pirates for decades but the marines never attack them at such force, he couldn't understand why the marines are so afraid of Koch, so much that they send all three Admirals.

"Koch is doomed, the three Admiral are together, Koch will be killed."

"But this newspaper only wrote about the battle, but didn't publish the result."

Marco, looked at the newspaper with different expression, if koch was ambushed by the three Admirals, then the death of Koch was confirmed, but why there was no result yet.

After two hours another news bird came to the Whitebeard ship to deliver the newspaper.

Marco bought the newspaper and read the news.

"Koch was killed, but not by the three Admirals. Zephyr, an Admiral from the previous generation also came."

"Marines are so crazy, just to deal with Koch they send four Admirals."

Marco read the whole news and was shocked.

"This is not a trivial matter, the four Admirlas joined the force, but Koch almost killed Zephyr and Akainu was seriously injured, the battle lasted two hours."

"What?" Everyone on the ship were shocked.

Whitebeard take the newspaper and looked at the detail of the battle and also the picture of Zephyr, and Akainu.

This newspaper was not from the world government, so all the detail and the picture of the battle were posted.

Whitebeard sigh, ambushed by four Admirals, such thing had never happened before.

Suddenly Marco pointed to the bottom of the newspaper, something was written there in very small letters.

"Pops, look at this, the marines announced that after three months, in the place where Koch died, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the Shichibukai will be announced."

Whitebeard frowned, and looked at the news.

"Marines are too ruthless, they want to humiliate Koch death." Marco said.

Stepping on someone grave, the marines were more shameless than the pirates.

Fishman Island.

Koch and the girls were warmly welcomed by The fishmens.

After Koch and the crew arrived at the Fishman island, they cannot buy newspaper at the Fishman island, but shakky who has many channels, she easily got the news.

After hearing the news about the Shichibukai establishment right above Koch's grave, the girls were furious. Even the young kuina knew that, they shouldn't be disrespectful to someones grave.

The marines were going to humiliate Koch even after his death, they were so shameless.

Although Koch is not dead, but the Grove one is now recognised as the Grave of koch, the girls can't let the marines humiliate Koch.

All the girls looked at Koch, the girls want to destroyed the Marine's plan.

"Marines and the World Government gave such a great opportunity to us, we have to take it."

Koch wanted to take revenge against the marines, and now the marines themself gave best opportunity to Koch to take revenge.

"Koch, this time I am going with you." Gion stood firm.

"We are also going." All the girls looked at Koch.

"Fine, we can attack them together." Koch replied and looked at, Gion, Stussy, Hancock, Shakky and Belo Betty. They are the only one who are good at fighting in the crew right now.

"There is still three months, we need to train more." Gion said to the girls.

Shakky is also trying to get back her lost combat experience, and she is also looking forward to have the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit.

Three month is not a long time, they all need to train more, if they want to attack the marines and also the Shichibukai. Koch also thought of getting the Vampire devil fruit after they enter the New World.


On the sea, the news of Koch death quickly spread all over the sea.

The news created a huge uproar, when the people read the newspaper, they were shocked and couldn't believes it.

Many big pirates were also shocked by the news.

Totto Land.

Charlotte Linlin looked at the newspaper and become angry.

"Damn, those Marines, I couldn't get his genes."

She believe Koch is one of the most talented human she had ever seen, but now he was dead, even his body was burned to ashes.

"The four Admirlas attacked together and killed him, such a perfect gene, its gone."

The more she think about, the more angry she become.

Katakuri sighed and looked at the pictures.

"It is also an honor to die at the hands of the four Admirals."

If one day he was going to die then, he hoped that he will die in the same way as Koch.

Smoothie and the other girls, stared at the picture, they were shocked. After Big Mom announced that one of them will marry Koch, they were mentally preparing for that day, but now they received the news of Koch death.

"Even his death was earth-shattering." Smoothie looked at Koch picture, Koch was the perfect husband candidate.

Smoothie looked at Big Mom and asked. "Mama, let me bring Koch's body, we can gave a proper funeral for him."

"Smoothie, the dead person have no value." Big Mom was angry and directly rejected Smoothie.

"Smoothie, just give up this idea and read the newspaper." Katakuri gave the newspaper to smoothie.

Reading the newspaper, smoothie was shocked and was full of anger.

Right now all the pirates were angry, they were not interested in this Shichibukai system. The pirates were going against the World Government, but the Shichibukai are going to work right under the world government, they are no longer pirates, they are the dogs of the world government now.

"There are many supporters of Koch, but no one dares to take his body from the Sabaody. The whole island was surrounded by many marines." Katakuri stared atbthe picture of Koch.

"ma.ma..ma.ma, if the marriage between Koch and my daughter was successful, I would have forgiven Stussy, but now Koch is dead and Stussy is out there, she need to be punished." Big Mom released her ferocious Conqueror's haki.

"Katakuri, go and bring Stussy back to me, I want to let the world know, what will happen to anyone who dares to reject my tea party." Big Mom ordered katakuri, she want to vent her anger and she found the perfect candidate.


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