One Piece: The strongest female pirate crew

Koch travels to the One Piece world. The system allows him to create the strongest female pirate crew. The more female members join the pirate crew, the stronger he become, the greater the influence, the higher point he earn. Traveling all over the world, looking for crew members to form 100-member female pirate crew. PS: Hello translator is here... just want to translate this book for one piece fan and English is not my language so sorry for any grammar mistake.. I am just translating this for fun, this book doesn't belong to me nor the book cover..

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leaving The Fishman Island. (Bonus Chapter)

CH 100: Leaving The Fishman Island. (Bonus Chapter.)

New World.

"The sea is getting is crazy."

"Even the Whitebeard Pirates are involved now, all the powerful group of the sea are competing for the treasure of Koch."

"I think this is too much, it is too shameless to do this after Koch death."

"They are saying that they will protect the Sun and Moon Pirates but they only want the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit, they don't care of anything else."

"They are pirates, pretending to be good people."

"Koch's death was insulted by the marines, and now everyone were after his wealth."

Many people respect Koch, and when everyone were disrespectful to his death, all the peoples were angry.

Fishmen Island.

Right now, Koch is ten thousand meters below the sea surface, the Fishman is Land can't get the news of the surface, so they didn't know anything about koch death.

So when they came to the fishmen island, the fishmen were not surprised and they also weren't afraid, instead they were happy and welcome the Sun and Moon pirates.

Koch and Fisher Tiger save many mermaid slaves from the Celestial Dragons, so Koch was respected by all the fishmens.

And after arriving the fishman, Koch killed all the pirates, that were creating trouble in the fishman island, the fishmen have deep respect for Koch.

The king of the Fishmen Island, Neptune, invited the Sun and Moon Pirates into the Ryugu Palace, and have chat with the King and also the Queen, Otohime.

Koch also find the little princess Shirahoshi, who was only four years old, who want to play with koch.

Koch brought her to the ship, and she played with kuina and Koala all day. Although she was only four years old and talk in milky voice, she was as tall as normal human.

After she heard the story of their travel from kuina and Koala, she also want to visit such places.

"You want to go the sea with us." Koch looked at Shirahoshi, after listening to the story from kuina and Koala, she asked Koch to bring her to the surface.

"Yes, Uncle, sister kuina and sister Koala said that the surface is so pretty."

"Call me brother, not uncle."


Koch rubbed Shirahoshi's head.

"When you grew up, I will take you to the surface." Shirahoshi is still four years old, he can't take her.

"Lier." Shirahoshi pouted her face, she was sad.

"I am not lying, let's make a promise, I will take you to the sea, when you are older."



[Shirahoshi joined the crew.

Combat power: 108.]

Koch looked at the system data, it only displays her normal power, she hasn't awakened her true power.

Shirahoshi played with kuina and Koala for a long time, and Koch also joined their game.

Hancock was looking Koch with weird expression.

"Koch like children."

Her eyes were shining.


Koch and the crew stayed at the Fishmen Island for only three days, and they were ready to leave to the New World.

"Koch, can the Fishmen Island raised the flag of the Sun and Moon Pirates." Neptune, requested Koch.

The Fishmen Island was the most attractive island on the whole Grand Line, and all pirates need to travel through the Fishman Island, to reach the New World. So the Fishmen Island was always attacked by the pirates, there was Fisher Tiger to protect the island, but now he was dead, and Jinbe can't support the whole Fishman island.

"Wait for three months, after three month, the Fishman island can raise the flag of the Sun and Moon Pirates."

If the Fishmen Island raised the Sun and Moon Pirates flag, then their location may exposed and they will also unable to protect the fishman island.

Right now everyone think that the Sun and Moon pirates were still in the first half of the Grand Line. The Sun and Moon Pirates escaped from the Sabaody without coating their ship and without coating, no one can enter the New World.

Three months later, the world government and the Marines will announced the member of the Shichibukai, and Koch plan was to attack them at that time, so he can't reveal anything right now.

"Thank you" King Neptune was excited.


Koch and the crew leave the Fishmen Island silently, their next destination is the New World.

"New World, is many time scarier than the first half, and many strong pirates live there." The girls who have never heard of the New World were nervous.

"Haha, you don't have to be worried, those so called strong pirates should be worried of us." Shakky laughed.

She looks forward to the future, where the Sun and Moon will become the strongest in the sea.

"Captain, I got the news that, many pirates were competing for your wealth."

Koch looked at shakky and asked.

"They are really shameless, and just who are these pirate that are after my wealth?"

"Kaido release the news that, he was accepting Gion on his crew and also asked Gion to bring the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit to him."

Koch's face turned cold, he was not interested to attack kaido right now, but now Kaido was coming after him.

Shakky continued. "Big Mom also want Gion and Ope-Ope Devil Fruit, she also asked Stussy to return to the Totto Land."

Big Mom is more greedy than Kaido.

All the girls were angry, they couldn't believe that after Koch death, everyone were after them.

"The Whitebeard Pirates also announced, that they are willing to shelter the members of the Sun and Moon Pirates."

"Even Whitebeard is after my wealth, I didn't expect that."

Whitebeard has the title of the strongest human, if koch defeat him and take that title, then that will increase his Achievement Points by a lot.

"The Red Haired Shanks also declared that he wanted to protect the member of the Sun and Moon Pirates, and he even warn everyone that, if anyone touch Makino, the Red Haired pirates will hunt them until death."

"Looks like, Shanks hasn't give up yet, it seem that the last lesson was not enough for him."

Koch's eyes was burning with fire.


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