One Piece: The strongest female pirate crew

Koch travels to the One Piece world. The system allows him to create the strongest female pirate crew. The more female members join the pirate crew, the stronger he become, the greater the influence, the higher point he earn. Traveling all over the world, looking for crew members to form 100-member female pirate crew. PS: Hello translator is here... just want to translate this book for one piece fan and English is not my language so sorry for any grammar mistake.. I am just translating this for fun, this book doesn't belong to me nor the book cover..

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Koch's Legacy.

CH 99: Koch's Legacy.

The Holy Land Mariejois.

The Five Elders were furious again.

"Who leaked the information about Ope-Ope Devil Fruit?"

The Five Elders were having a good time after the death of Koch, they were after the remaining members of the Sun and Moon Pirates, without Koch the remaining members were weak and they can easily get the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit, but now the news about about the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit was spread all over the sea.

Moreover, there was the news that Kaido was taking action himself, Big Mom also send someone, and there was also the news from the Red Haired Shanks.

The strongest pirates of the New World had already made their move, only Whitebeard didn't take any action yet.

The Five Elders were worried, that the Ope-Ope devil may fall into those pirates hand.

"Send all the members of the CP0 immediately, and be sure to bring back the Ope-Ope devil fruit. It is also better to kill those traitors, Gion and Stussy.

The Five Elders just gave their order, when a agent came running to the room.

"Lord Five Elders, it is a bad news."


"The revolutionary army, which has been hiding for a long time, also made their announcement. The revolutionary army were accepting the members of the Sun and Moon Pirates and are willing to shelter them"

The Five Elders were having a huge headache, even the revolutionary army, who were hiding also make their move, the situation is getting more chaotic.

"Bring the CP0 agents here, right now."

North Blue, Revolutionary Army.

After receiving the news of Koch's death, Dragon was silent for a long time.

"Koch, looks like your path was wrong."

Dragon's expression seemed calm, he knew this may happened and even warned Koch back then. He knew the World government would take action against Koch, but he never thought that they will send four Admirlas.

Going against the World Government was not that easy, the world government were standing proudly for 800 years.

"My handsome candy boy is dead." Emporio Ivankov was sad hearing the news of Koch death.

Bartholomew Kuma was expressionless, he knew, Koch fought alone against all four Admirlas to let the Crew member escape safely, Koch sacrificed himself for the sake of his crew.

The world government invited him to become one of the member of Shichibukai and he accepted.

"Without Koch, Betty will be in dangerous situation, we need to save her." Dragon thought about Belo Betty who was poached by Koch.

Dragon released the news, that they are willing to shelter the Sun and Moon Pirates, he thought that hearing this news, Belo Betty will persuade all the members of the Sun and Moon pirates to join the revolutionary army.

When Dragon released this news, the sea which was already chaotic become even more chaotic, many great Pirates and even the sea emperors were after Koch's treasures right now.

New World, Dressrosa.

Doflamingo was sitting inside the castle of the King of Dressrosa. He conquered this kingdom just a few weeks ago.

Doflamingo looked at the current situation of the sea with satisfaction. He was feeling great, that he manage to secretly manipulate the situation, and now almost all monsters of the New World were after koch's treasures. Doflamingo couldn't hide the madness, he was laughing like a maniac.

"Violet, you must pay attention to the movement of the sea, and once the monsters of the sea make their move, use your ability to investigate them immediately."

Doflamingo gave order to the New member of his crew, Viola. She is also the princess of this country.


Violet replied calmly, but there was hate and fear in her eyes, which she buried deep in her heart.

She has just learned that, Doflamingo was invited to become one of the member of the Shichibukai. she knew that, she can't save her country from Doflamingo so easily.

"Kaido, Big Mom, Shanks, Revolutionary Army and the World Government. Who will be the winner against them. Things are getting more and more interesting."

Doflamingo's wild laughter echoed all over the castle.

New World, Whitebeard Pirates.

While all the pirates were making their move against the Sun and Moon Pirates, Whitebeard Pirates were the only one that didn't take any action.

Marco looked at the newspaper and knew about the situation of the sea. He went towards Whitebeard and begged him to agree with his plan.

"Pops, the news about the Immortal Surgery has spread all over the sea. Kaido, Big Mom and Shanks were already taking actions, so this news must be true." Marko looked at Whitebeard excitedly.

Marco as one of the doctor of the ship, knew about the condition of the whitebeard. Whitebeard was getting weaker and was also suffering from some dark diseases, and he can't live long.

Marco knew that Whitebeard may have only 12 to 15 years to live, he was worried about this for many years now, but now there was the news of the Immortal Surgery, Marco doesn't want to miss this chance to save Whitebeard.

"Gu.ra.ra.ra.ra.ra, I am not interested in being Immortal, I am already satisfied with this life." Whitebeard smiled proudly.

"But pops, what if one day... you're gone?" Marco asked Whitebeard.

"It is normal, we grow old and die, that is not something that can be change, I will die when my time comes." Whitebeard said to his sons.

"But what shall we do?"

"Yes, if one day, you are gone, then what will we do?"

The division commanders gather infront of Whitebeard.

Among them, Blackbeard performance was even more touching. He hugged Whitebeard's thigh and start crying.

"Old man, if you die, I will not be able to live."

Blackbeard want to have the Ope-Ope Fruit for himself, but without Whitebeard, it was impossible, he doesn't have the strength to compete will the others right now.

Whitebeard looked at his sons.

"Ok stop crying, I am still alive, I won't die soon."

"But, pops we have to think about the future."

Marco looked at the Whitebeard, who was already sixty-two years old, he already passed his peak period, his strength was starting to decrease and his health was also getting worse.

Whitebeard hesitated for a while, he looked at Marco and asked.

"Marco, what do you want to do?"

"I will bring the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit for you."

Marco was confident in his strength.

"Koch was a great pirate, I can't take his things after his death, that will be disrespectful."

Whitebeard shook his head, if it was any other pirates, then he will easily snatch their things, but the remaining member of the Sun and Moon Pirates were young girls, as the strongest man on the sea he doesn't want to bully small girls.

"Pops, now the Sun and Moon Pirates are in danger, they can't survive alone. Big Mom and Kaido, both are after the Sun and Moon Pirates, and only you can save them right now."

Marco looked at Whitebeard, In terms of fame, prestige, and strength, no one can be compared to Whitebeard in the sea.

"Fine, we can let the remaining members of the Sun and Moon to join us."

"Yes!" Marco was excited, he turned into phoenix and flew away.


The Whitebeard Pirates also participated in this war.

The "legacy" left by Koch has become the most valuable treasure in the sea right now.


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