One Piece: The strongest female pirate crew

Koch travels to the One Piece world. The system allows him to create the strongest female pirate crew. The more female members join the pirate crew, the stronger he become, the greater the influence, the higher point he earn. Traveling all over the world, looking for crew members to form 100-member female pirate crew. PS: Hello translator is here... just want to translate this book for one piece fan and English is not my language so sorry for any grammar mistake.. I am just translating this for fun, this book doesn't belong to me nor the book cover..

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Gion's New Ability.

CH 102: Gion's New Ability.

New World, Unknown Island.

Koch took the Devil Fruit from Robin and gave it to shakky.

"Sister Shakky, this is for you."

Shakky also took the Devil Fruit without hesitation, and took the bite.

Everyone were looking at Shakky, they want to know the abilities of the Devil Fruit, that was never heard of, this Devil Fruit was buried here for hundreds of years, so there wasn't any record of it.

"Sister Shakky, how is it?" Gion asked her, she also ate the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, she want to see what change it bring to shakky.

Shakky tries to feel the change and also the ability of the Devil Fruit.

Koch also paid attention to the change in Shakky's combat power through the system, before she ate the Devil Fruit her combat power was about 60,000, which was already strong compare to many pirates. Now after eating the Devil Fruit for combat power is 93,861, her combat power was increased by only 30,000.

[Shakky, Combat Power: 93,861

Physique: +20]

Koch was little disappointed, he thought that her power will increased by at least 50,000. Koch also got the physique points, now his physique is 75 points.

Stussy got the lightning Devil Fruit, which increased her combat power by 70,000. The lightning Devil Fruit was the best of its class, which was understandable.

When Gion ate the Phoenix Devil Fruit her combat power was increased by 50,000 and Shakky Devil fruit and Gion Devil fruit are of same class but the different was huge, Koch didn't understand this, there was the difference of 20,000 combat power.

'They both are the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, but why the Vampire Fruit gave low combat power than Phoenix Fruit." Koch thought that gap should not be this big.

"My physique was enhanced by the fruit, but I don't feel younger."

Shakky can feel the changes on her body, her physique was enhanced but it didn't meet Shakky's expectations, she thought that she will be younger, but she didn't feel any change on her age.

If she can't become younger, then the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit will become useless, she will get weaker and weaker.

"I think you should use the Vampire Devil Fruit ability and absorb the lifespan of other people, so that you can return to your youthful appearance and this ability can also make you stronger." Koch remembered the detail of the fruit and explained them to shakky.

"I understood." Shakky looked at the other side of the island, there were many pirates gathered at the city.

"Everyone on this island were pirates, and they should already know that we are here, we can't leave any eye witness. So you don't have to hold back."

"Captain, I think you forgot, that I used to be a crew member of the most ferocious pirates of the sea, killing those pirates is easy."

Shakky change into her vampire form and two bat wings came out of her back, she flew towards the city which was full of pirates

After ten minutes, she return back.

Everyone looked at her in amazement, they can tell that, she looked younger than before.

"I thought Vampire drink blood, but this vampire Devil Fruit didn't absorb blood from the victim's body but their lifespan, which make me younger and stronger."

She has become younger and stronger.

"Sister shakky, you look younger than us." Gion and Stussy looked at Shakky enviously.


Shakky was overjoyed, after absorbing the lifespan of the pirates, she rushed to the group, she didn't even looked at her younger appearance yet.

"Captain, thank you."

"You have become stronger, which is very helpful to the crew, no need to thank me." Koch waved his hand casually.

Shakky was grateful to Koch, she never thought that she would be young again.

Koched looked at the system data, the combat power of shakky was increased again.

Her initial combat power was 60,000 and after eating the Devil Fruit it become 90,000 and now after absorbing the lifespan of the pirates, her combat power is around 120,000.

Another 30,000 combat power was increased, in just one day her combat power was increased from 60,000 to 120,000. This is the reason that many pirates want to eat the Devil Fruit, especially the top level Devil Fruit.

Her strength can be compared to the commanders of the sea emperors, and she also has huge experience as the member of the Rocks Pirates.

She should also have the same level of strenght when she was the member of the Rocks Pirates, and now she can even increase her combat power by training or absorbing the lifespan of others. The Sun and Moon Pirates have another strong member in their crew.

Koch looked at Gion data.

(TN: It is their combat power and New Bounty.)

Devil Fruit: Mythical Zoan, Phantom Phoenix.

Combat Power: 300,420. (Mid level Admiral.)

Bounty: 1.2 Billion Beri.

It has been almost one year since she ate the Mythical Zoan, phoenix Devil Fruit, her strength was increased greatly, her combat power was also increased a lot, her combat power is around 300,000 right now, which make her the second strongest female in the sea right now, First is Big Mom.

Gion combat power is very explosive, although Gion is still weaker than current Admirals, but with her new ability she can even fight with the Admirals.

Her new ability is exactly opposite of Marco's Devil fruit. Marco's Phoenix flame can heal others, while Gion's Phoenix flame can absorb others strength and make the user stronger. the longer she fought, the stronger she gets, so Koch was confident that Gion can fight with Admirals on equal level.

If the Five Elders knew that the Phoenix Devil Fruit has such ability, then they would curse Koch even more.

And every phoenix have the ability to resurrect from the ashes, but Koch was not sure about if that was true or not.

Gion bountybis also the highest in the crew right now, it is 1.2 Billion Beri.

In the eyes of the world government, Koch was already dead, so Koch bounty was not increased, it was the same as before, 900 Million Beri, but Gion is different, after the death of Koch, she became the captain of the Sun and Moon Pirates, and with her Phoenix Devil Fruit, her bounty was increased by large amounts.

In just one year, her bounty was increased from 0 to 1.2 Billion, she became the fastest person to reach the Billion bounty.


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