One Piece: The strongest female pirate crew

Koch travels to the One Piece world. The system allows him to create the strongest female pirate crew. The more female members join the pirate crew, the stronger he become, the greater the influence, the higher point he earn. Traveling all over the world, looking for crew members to form 100-member female pirate crew. PS: Hello translator is here... just want to translate this book for one piece fan and English is not my language so sorry for any grammar mistake.. I am just translating this for fun, this book doesn't belong to me nor the book cover..

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Big Mom's Greed. (Bonus Chapter)

CH 98: Big Mom's Greed. (Bonus Chapter)

Totto Land.

"Katakuri, go and bring Stussy back to me, I want to let the world know, what will happen to anyone who dares to reject my tea party." Big Mom ordered katakuri, she want to vent her anger and she found the perfect candidate.

Katakuri, as the strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates, accepted this task.

No one dares to refuse Big Mom order, no matter who you are, you have to act obediently.

"Mama, the Sun and Moon Pirates were little special than we thought." The eldest son perospero said as he read the newspaper.

"The newspaper said that, the Sun and Moon pirates have the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit, which gave the user an ability to perform Immortal Surgery, and kaido also want the Mythical Zoan phoenix Devil Fruit of Gion."

These two Devil Fruit were attracting the attention of the many strong pirates from the New World.

With the help of Doflamingo, many newspapers companies got the news about the secret of the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit, and the news was already posted on the newspaper. Many major forces of the New World already received this news.

"Immortal Surgery?"

Big Mom took the newspaper and read all the detail about these two Devil Fruits, her eyes were filled with Greed.

She is already a sea emperors, if she want something, she can easily get it, so there are not many things that can attract her attention, but eternal life is something that everyone wants.

"ma.ma..ma.ma, Katakuri, bring this Ope-Ope Devil Fruit to me, and also bring Gion, we can make some deal with Kaido. If she refuse then kill her, we can't have her joined the Beast pirates."

Katakuri frowned, he didn't leave immediately.

"What's wrong, why are you not leaving?"

Big Mom stared at Katakuri,

"mama, Gion is very strong, it will be difficult to bring her back alive and there is also Stussy, who also have a great strength, this task will be difficult for me alone." Katakuri said to Big Mom, although he was confident on his own strength, but to win against Gion and Stussy, it will be difficult for him.

"Smoothie, you go with Katakuri." Big Mom looked at her daughter, Smoothie.

Katakuri is the strongest among her sons, and Smoothie is the strongest among her daughters.


Smoothie stood up, she was little conflicted, the Sun and Moon Pirates were going to be their allies, but now she was going against them, Smoothie hesitated for a while.

Unknown Sea, Red Haired Pirates.

Shanks also got the news of Koch' death.

"Koch is dead?" Shanks looked at Benn Beckman who was reading the newspaper, and was shocked.

"Is the true or false?"

"It's true, all the newspapers published the same news of Koch's death." Benn Beckman said, while smoking cigarette.

"No way, I never thought Koch will die like this."

"We have only been apart for six months."

"Koch is as strong as Captain, how did he die?"

The crew were shocked, they knew Koch was as strong as Shanks, so it was hard to belive that someone can kill koch.

"Marines were so ruthless, they send all three Admirals and Zephyr, just to kill Koch." Benn Beckman who was reading the newspaper, said to the crew.

All of them were silent, they knew it was impossible to escape from four Admirlas.

"I told Koch to stay low, but he didn't listen, he should not have killed that Celestial Dragons." Shanks was not feeling well.

"If I had known, I should have fought with him again, for makino, if I managed to take makino away, she wouldn't die so soon."

The Red Haired Shanks kept hitting the deck with his fists, he couldn't belive that Makino is dead now.

"Uh... shanks, it is only Koch that died in the battle. According to the newspaper, Koch fought all the Admirals alone and the other members mangae to escape safely, after fighting for few hours he died of exhaustion." Benn Beckman explained to Shanks and the crew, the full detail of the battle.


The Red Haired Shanks was shocked and picked up the newspaper as quickly as possible and stare at the contents of the newspaper.

After reading the newspaper, Shanks sighed deeply.

"I admired Koch, for the sake of the crew, he faced the four Admirals alone."

Shanks admired Koch decision, he also understands. If all the members of the Sun and Moon Pirates joined forces to fight against the four Admiral, there was a high chance that all of them would be killed, but if koch fought alone there was certainly probability that others member can escape.

"Koch gave up his life so that the rest of crew can escape safely, he was a great captain."

"There are very few captain like this, who can sacrifice themselves for the crew."

All the crew were full of respect.

Shanks was silent, he was silently reading the newspaper

Shanks start to drink desperately.

"Shanks, now it not the time to be depressed, there are a lot of news in the sea right now, it is rumored that the Sun and Moon Pirates have the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit that has the ability to perform the Immortal Surgery, many big pirates have started to make their moves, including Kaido and Big Mom. The world government will also be after the Ope-Ope Devil Fruit, and without Koch, the Sun and Moon Pirates are in very dangerous situation. There are not many strong member in the Sun and Moon Pirates, Gion and the Queen of the Pleasure District, stussy, are the only one who have enough strength, other are all weak."

Benn Beckman reminded Shanks.


Shanks stood up abruptly, his eyes became sharp.

"Who dares."

A powerful Conqueror's haki was released from Shanks.

"It is time to take action, release the news and let sea know, that the member of the Sun and Moon Pirates are protected by the the Red Haired Pirates. If anyone make a move against the Sun and Moon Pirates they will be the enemy of the Red Haired pirates." Shanks declared.


All the members of the Red Haired pirates were excited.

The Red Haired pirate ship set off, Shanks was standing on the deck of the ship, he knew that his warning could not stop everyone, he only hoped that the Sun and Moon Pirates were at safe location right now.

"Koch, I reminded you, to gather powerful crew members, but you still choose only females members."

Red Haired Shanks couldn't help but complained about Koch.

New World, Wano kuni.

The announcement of the Red Haired Shanks was also spread to the sea, many pirates were terrified, they were afraid to take any action. The Ope-Ope Devil Fruit, may make them Immortal but it can't make them invincible.

But the threat of Red Haired Shanks was not enough for the big pirates like, Beast pirates and Big Mom Pirates.

"That Red Haired boy is too arrogant, did he think that he can monopolize Koch's treasure alone." Kaido didn't take this threat seriously.

Although Red Haired Shanks was strong and have the qualifications to become the fourth emperor of the sea, but he was still weaker than Kaido and Big Mom, so how could kaido be afraid of Shanks.


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