104 Meddling Vice Admiral #104

The smoke quickly cleared, revealing Kieran's form. He quickly transformed into a shadowy beast as he rushed towards Cedric and pushed him away from Charlos. "We have no time to worry about that guy now," Kieran urged, his voice laced with urgency. "The admiral won't take long to recover..."

Cedric's anger burned within him, fueled by the chaos around him. He glared at Kieran, frustration evident in his gaze. "Get out of here, you idiot! You don't want to get involved in this mess!" He said, gritting his teeth.

Kieran's eyes met Cedric's, his expression unyielding. "I'm already involved whether you like it or not," he replied firmly. "We both are...even I wanted to punch that guy, but killing a celestial dragon is going too far. It'll only escalate the situation further. Let's leave it at that for now."

Cedric's fists clenched at his sides, the turmoil within him threatening to overwhelm his better judgment. He could feel the fire of anger burning in his chest, urging him to obliterate the celestial dragon. However, Kieran's words echoed in his mind, reminding him of the bigger picture.

If he were alone, Cedric wouldn't have cared. He only ever wanted to do as he pleased and was willing to price for it, but he wasn't alone. He had other people to think about.

Reluctantly, Cedric took a step back, his anger still smoldering beneath the surface. He knew that Kieran was right. "I hate to admit it, but you're right..." Cedric admitted with a heavy sigh.

"Let's hurry up and get out of here..." He glanced back at Charlos, who lay wounded and groaning on the ground, his expression hardening. "Before I change my mind..." He added with a scowl as he transformed into his hybrid form.

Kieran nodded, barely hiding the signs of relief. "His time will come... but for now..." He paused for a moment, his gaze shifting toward the distance. "For now, we gotta focus on getting out of here. Follow me!" He added as he turned around and started running.


As Kieran and Cedric sprinted through the chaotic streets, focused on their escape, Kuzan momentarily remained still, only to suddenly regenerate his torso after the duo were out of sight.

Kuzan's torso was fully restored within seconds, leaving no trace of the injury he had sustained. He straightened his posture and turned his attention back to the wounded Charlos, who glared at him with renewed frustration and anger.

"What are you waiting for? Go after them!" Charlos barked, his voice laced with impatience.

Kuzan met Charlos's gaze, his voice calm and composed. "I'm afraid I can't fulfill that request..." he replied, his words measured.

Charlos's eyes widened in disbelief. "What? Have you lost your senses? They attacked me! They must pay for their insolence!" he shouted, his wounded pride and the pain coursing through his body fueling his rage.

Kuzan remained unfazed, his icy gaze unyielding. "There are factors at play that you don't fully comprehend," he explained calmly. "That young man may have other accomplices who might be lurking around and waiting for me to leave your side..."

Charlos's anger simmered, his wounded pride clashing with the logic presented by Kuzan. He clenched his fists, struggling to contain his frustration. "I don't care about any accomplices! I want revenge! I want them punished!" he growled through gritted teeth.

Kuzan's expression remained calm. "I understand your desire for revenge. However, for your safety, I can not leave," he advised. "Rushing into action without considering the consequences could result in more harm than good..."

Kuzan's words had zero impact on Saint Charlos as he continued to shout obscenities and orders at the admiral, who ignored him while gazing at the horizon. 'I've seen your justice firsthand, young man... I only hope we don't meet again, for your sake...'


Having spent the past five minutes sprinting behind Kieran, confusion furrowed Cedric's brow as he observed his calmness. "You seem pretty calm considering the circumstances... is there something I need to know...?" He asked as he followed behind the assassin.

A mischievous grin formed on Kieran's face as he turned to Cedric. "Just keep following me. I have a plan." Without bothering to turn around, Kieran continued running.

Cedric monetarily hesitated, unsure of what to make of Kieran's words. Ultimately, he shrugged and continued sprinting after Kieran, his instincts kicking in to keep pace.

As they raced through the chaotic streets, Kieran skillfully navigated through the alleys and side paths, avoiding direct confrontations and staying out of sight.

After several seconds, Cedric finally caught up to Kieran, his curiosity urging him to ask. "So? What's the plan? Where are we going?"

Kieran pointed ahead towards the shore, where a coated pirate ship was docked. "We're going over there," he replied, a hint of mischief in his voice. "I thought something like this might happen, so I made preparations."

Cedric's eyes widened in surprise. "So we're robbing a pirate ship?" he asked, a mix of disbelief and amusement in his tone, having calmed himself.

Kieran chuckled. "Not exactly rob, more like borrow without permission after beating up the original owners," he clarified. "I figured having a reliable means of escape would be handy, so I scoped out these guys...."

Cedric shook his head with a wry smile. "Sometimes I wonder if your an incredible guy or just a disappointing assassin... couldn't you just take care of the pirates?" He asked with a sigh.

Kieran flashed him a grin. "I thought you'd hold out a bit longer... I didn't think you'd snap so fast..." He said. "Besides, we got help, so it won't take long to take control of the ship..."

Before Cedric could respond, the flapping of wings reached his ears, causing him to look up in surprise. Chuchun descended from above, Baby Five perched atop his back. They swooped towards the pirate ship, causing chaos and confusion among the celebrating pirates.

As the chaos unfolded on the pirate ship, Duval and the Flying Fish Riders emerged from within the waters, launching their own assault on the pirates. With their combined might and tactical prowess, it seemed Chuchun, Duval, Baby Five, and the Flying Fish Riders would swiftly overpower the disoriented pirates and take control of the ship.

Cedric and Kieran watched the scene unfold, their eyes widening in awe at the display of power. "Looks like they've got this under control," Cedric remarked as he chuckled.

Kieran nodded, a smirk playing on his lips. "Indeed, they're not half bad... but we need to get in there and help them so we can leave quickly," he said, gesturing towards the pirate ship.

With renewed urgency, Cedric and Kieran quickened the pace, sprinting towards the dock where the pirate ship was moored. Their hearts raced with anticipation as they approached their means of escape.

However, as they reached the ship, a powerful force struck the ground before them, causing the earth to tremble. The smoke and debris clouded their vision, momentarily obscuring their surroundings.

Cedric and Kieran's instincts kicked in, their bodies shifting into defensive stances. As the smoke cleared, a towering figure emerged from the haze.

"Onigumo..." Cedric growled, his voice dripping with annoyance. "Why am I not surprised you're here, you goddamned lackey...?"

Onigumo's gaze was cold and unyielding as he locked eyes with Cedric and Kieran. "You won't escape justice," he declared, his voice resonating with a steely determination. "You will answer for your crimes."

"Seriously, why can't you stay in Marineford and keep kissing Akainu's ass?! We're in the middle of something right now..." Cedric said, his eyes twitching in irritation. "Isn't that your favorite pastime activity?"

Onigumo's expression remained stoic as he stepped forward, his presence exuding a menacing aura. "Mock me all you want, brat," he replied coldly. "It won't save you from justice...."

Cedric scoffed, his frustration boiling over. "Justice? Spare me the hypocrisy," he retorted, his voice laced with sarcasm. "You and your ilk have no qualms committing every human right violation imaginable if the celestial dragon orders it..."

Standing beside Cedric, Kieran maintained his composure, though a hint of amusement played on his lips. "I don't know what's going on here, but you two seem to have a shared past," he interjected, his tone playful as he turned to Cedric.

"No such thing... this guy was a pain in my ass back on Marine HQ..." Cedric sad, scoffing as he gestured toward Vice Admiral Onigumo. "Something about Akainu not liking me..."

Onigumo's grip tightened on his weapon, his patience wearing thin. "You've wasted enough of my time," he said, his voice low and dangerous. "Prepare to face the consequences of your actions!"

Cedric's eyes narrowed, his anger intensifying. "Fine, if you want a fight, you'll get one," he declared, his voice dripping with determination. "But don't expect me to hold back. I've had enough of your meddling."

Kieran grinned, his eyes glinting mischievously. "Looks like you got things under control here..." he said as he turned to the ship. "I'll leave this guy to you and prepare the ship to set sail...."


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