80 A Symphony of Carnage #80

AUTHOR'S NOTE PLEASE READ: a lot of people have been compalining about this and that, so I'll take the time to adress it here, since ya'll seem to have no intention to read the chapters I post properly or at least reading the comments where I've replied and answered the same fucking question for the 100th time.

Anyway, in chapter 75, it speicifcly says "A fire ignited inside me. I made up my mind to keep serving as a marine for now, using whatever resources and opportunities I had to gather strength, knowledge, and allies" notice the "for now" and the deep meaning behind it?

"I decided to dive deep into gathering information and teaming up with like-minded folks who also wanted change" notice how he says like minded folks without specifying where? As in not necessarily within the marines?

I understand that such complicated use of English might be too diffuclt for some people to understand, but please try to at least wrap your tiny brains around it before yapping, like pretty please? Ok? Thank you! Moving on.

Some people complained about the fight with the four sea beasts, and the complaints don't make any sense. He clearly used Rankyaku, and other variation techniques of the six powers to cut up the sea best, and he targeted the exposed organs with his pistols. I didn't go out of my way to explain all that up, since I assumed I'm writing for intilegenct species, but some of you were quick to prove me wrong. Well, even with your disadvantaged, sub-human, under-developed brains, it should all be clear now, no?

Another dude said, that the scene, where Cedric singelandely killed four sea beasts made him seem weak and ruined the pacing of the story... and I'm not even gonna degnify that with an answer, because even I am not willing to stoop to that level of fucking stupid.

Finally, some dude said the mc was bipolar becuase he helped the marine soldier in Marijoa and ingored the kidnapping in Sabaody, which is the only valid criticism, but I say, different people have different triggers. Someone might get angry if something happens to someone is remotely related to him, but simply shrugs it off if it happened to a stranger. Humans are contradicty like that.

Besides that, eveything will become clearer with the continuation of the story as Cedric's personality shows more and more through the upcoming chapters. And with that out of the way, enjoy the chapter, look forward to the next one coming up at the usual schedule and give me your fucking power stones.


As Cedric approached Grove 16, his gaze locked onto the warning sign displaying the body of a dead marine. Rather than being deterred, he chuckled. He saw the sign not as an obstacle but a challenge, and one he was more than happy to take on.

With a mischievous grin spreading across his face, Cedric took a deep breath and began to sing loudly, his voice carrying the infectious melody. The familiar tune reverberated through the desolate streets, catching the attention of residents and passersby.

"What I want, you've got, and it might be hard to handle..." Cedric's voice rang out, filled with energy and enthusiasm. His powerful vocals and the cheerful rhythm of the song created a stark contrast to the grim atmosphere of the lawless grove.

Unbeknownst to Cedric, his performance was not welcomed by all. The lawless inhabitants of Grove 16, who were used to a life of violence and secrecy, were irritated by his brazen behavior. The cheerful melody grated against their hardened sensibilities, and they took it as a challenge against their rule of the area.

As Cedric continued to sing, a group of figures emerged from the shadows, their steps synchronized to the rhythm of his voice. They moved with stealth and purpose, their eyes gleaming with annoyance and amusement. They saw Cedric as an intruder, an unwelcome disturbance in their domain.

As the song reached its chorus, the ambushing group encircled Cedric, their expressions grim and intentions clear. Cedric saw them coming from a mile away and grinned at their emergence. With a quick shift in his stance, he transformed from a singing Marine into a poised combatant.

With a lightning-fast motion, Cedric unsheathed his gleaming spear from its holster, holding it firmly in his hand. The sunlight glinted off the polished metal, casting an ominous glow. The lawless inhabitants, momentarily taken aback by Cedric's preparedness, hesitated for a split second before launching their assault. But that split second was all Cedric needed.

A whirlwind of deadly precision and efficiency, Cedric became a force to be reckoned with. He unleashed a flurry of swift strikes with his spear, each movement executed with calculated intent. The air crackled with the sound of the weapon slicing through the space, meeting its mark with lethal accuracy.

Within the chaos of the battle, Cedric's spear danced with deadly grace, leaving a trail of severed limbs and spurts of blood in its wake. The sounds of bones snapping and flesh tearing accompanied each strike, creating a macabre symphony. His opponents, overwhelmed by the sheer brutality of his assault, had no chance to mount a coherent defense.

With a swift lunge, Cedric impaled a thug through the chest, lifting him off the ground with a sickening squelch. Blood sprayed from the wound, drenching Cedric's face in a shower of crimson. He flicked his wrist and the the lifeless body slid off the spear and crumpled to the ground, discarded like a broken doll.

As the remaining thugs closed in, their eyes wide with terror, Cedric seamlessly transitioned from his spear to his revolvers. The barrels blazed with fury as he pulled the triggers, each shot finding its mark with unerring accuracy. Bodies dropped like marionettes with severed strings, their faces frozen in expressions of agony.

Amidst the carnage, one thug managed to land a desperate blow, slashing Cedric across the arm. The pain surged through his body, fueling his bloodlust. With a primal roar, Cedric grabbed the wounded thug by the collar, pressing the barrel of his revolver against the man's forehead.

Cedric coldly stared into the thug's eyes and, in one swift motion, pulled the trigger, the gunshot shattering the silence. Blood and fragments of bone splattered across Cedric's face as the thug's lifeless body crumpled to the ground. The execution served as a chilling reminder to the remaining thugs of their imminent fate.

The grove now lay strewn with the mutilated bodies of those who had dared to cross paths with Cedric. His chest heaved with exertion, his pulse pounding in his ears. The young marine still wasn't confortable with raw brutality, but he knew that in this lawless world, sometimes violence was the only language understood.

With a firm breath, Cedric wiped the sweat and blood from his brow, his gaze steely and unwavering as he scanned the gangsters lurking in the shadows and observing the battle, causing them to scatter.

Satisfied with the message sent and knowing the outlaws won't soon challenge his presence a second time, Cedric pressed on towards his destination. The echoes of the battle faded into the background as he set his sights on Shakky's rip-off bar in Grove-13, knowing that within its walls, answers awaited him.


Sometime later


Cedric treaded through Grove-13, the lawless area that seemed to revel in chaos and defiance. As he walked, the remnants of his recent encounter with the thugs still lingered in his thoughts. The scent of blood and the taste of victory was still in his mind.

It had been two long weeks since Cedric arrived at the Sabaody Marine Base, and he dedicatied most of his time to uncovering information about the various kidnap gangs, and the slavers palgeuing the arhicpelago.

Despite his relentless efforts, progress had been frustratingly slow. The slavers operated with meticulous secrecy, leaving behind only whispers and shadows for Cedric to chase.

He spent his free time tracking down leads, infiltrating pirate strongholds, and gathering informatuons. But the scraps he managed to gather were often inconclusive, lacking the specific details he needed to expose the slavers' operations and take them down.

Now, standing at the entrance of Grove-16, Cedric's eyes scanned the dilapidated buildings, searching for the infamous Shaky's Rip-Off Bar. Shaky was a bartender a former piratre who prider herself on knowing eveything about everyone, a woman with her fingers on the pulse of the entire world. Cedric hoped he would find the missing pieces of the puzzle he sought within the bar's walls.

As Cedric approached the bar, he couldn't help but notice the racket inside the bar behind the door. And suddenly, a pirate came flying out, blood leaking from his mouth, his face a mask of pain. The sight caught Cedric off guard, and he instinctively stepped back, only to chuckle as he realized what was happening inside.

As he entered the bar and watched the pirate's friends still inside being extorted by Shakky, Cedric couldn't help but shake his head in genuine amusement at the scene. The pirates' plight was unfortunate but seemed to be a consequence of their actions rather than an injustice. He found the whole situation rather amusing.

Shakky, a woman known for her cunning business practices, had made a habit serving drinks and food to pirates and criminals at seemingly reasonable prices, only to demand outrageous sums when it was time to pay. Those who couldn't afford it would be subjected to swift, but brutal beatings.

The atmosphere inside the bar was a mix of tension and absurdity. The trapped patrons, some looking sheepish and others defiant, were caught in the whirlwind of Shakky's ploy. Meanwhile, Shakky herself wore a mischievous grin, thoroughly entertained by the predicament she had created.

Cedric walked through the door and strolled past Shakky and the pirates with a leisurely smile before leaning on the bar's counter. He couldn't help but appreciate the irony of the situation. Pirates who had terrorized civilians were now on the receiving end of Shakky's unique brand of justice.

Shakky's eyes narrowed as she watched Cedric, and she couldn't help but get suspicious. She'd heard about him and how he ruthlessly dealt with pirates since he arrived at the Archipelago a couple of weeks ago, sparing none that crossed his path.

After all, Shakky and her husband, Silvers Rayleigh, were infamous pirates, with the latter being the right hand of the pirate king before retiring and moving into the Sabaody Archipelago to live peaceful lives.

As Cedric leaned against the bar counter, a tense silence filled the bar between him and Shakky. A shrewd gaze from the seasoned former pirate met The amusement in Cedric's eyes. Shakky had seen her fair share of formidable enemies, but the young man before her didn't seem threatening.

"I'm sorry, young man, but we don't serve marines here," Shakky said, a hint of caution and amusement in her voice as she spoke, turning away from the pirates.

"You'll have to go somewhere else for food and drink...." She added with a frown, uncaring of the pirates as they took advantage of her momentary distraction and slipped away from the bar.

Cedric chuckled softly, his eyes still fixed on Shakky. He could see through her facade and saw through her doubts. "That's unfortunate, but I'm not here for food or drink..." Leaning forward slightly, Cedric calmly replied, causing Shakky to frown.

"I want information..." The young marine said as he threw his backpack on the bar counter and opened it. "Naturally, I'm willing to pay..." He added as he retrieved several stacks of cash, tossing one toward Shakky.

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