19 Chapter 18: Cocoyashi Village VI

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"Looks like someone is already here, and where is Nezumi and his lackeys?" A fish-man with blue skin and a pointed nose says while looking at the young man in front of Nami's house. He doesn't recognize the young man; he's a new face for him.

"Arlong!!" Three voices simultaneously say the name of the fish-man—Genzo, Nojiko, and lastly, Nami.

"Nami, Nojiko, and Genzo, where are the marines?" Arlong looks at the three people hiding in the house while ignoring the young man in front of him several meters away.

"So, you were the one to call them and told them about the treasure (money)" Nojiko suddenly realizes why the marines came to their house, searching for treasures—Arlong told them about the treasure Nami saved.

"Shahahaha, looks like you're not an idiot like your sister." Arlong looks at Nojiko and Nami, laughing loudly.

"You scum!!!" Nojiko yells and looks at him with hatred.

"As Lucifer said, you disgusting scum won't really fulfill the agreement we had in the past," Nami mutters, but what she said is heard by all of the people present.

"Do you think I'll just let go of a talented navigator like you in my crew? You are dreaming, Shahahahaha" Arlong walks towards them, but a young man intercepts him.

"Where do you think you are going?" The young man looks at Arlong and provocatively speaks to him.

"Who are you... No need to tell me your name because you will die in a moment." Arlong looks at the young man who blocks him. He asks him who he was but decides to put an end to his life.

Arlong punches the young man in a hand knife strike, but what he punches is an afterimage of him. He suddenly gets serious and checks the surroundings, but he can't find the young man.

Then, he senses something at his back. He turns around quickly and blocks the kick of the young man. Arlong, blocks the young man's powerful kick using his arms crossed each other.

Arlong feels like he was hit by a heavy stone. He moves away from the young man several meters away and looks at him cautiously.

"Who are you?" Arlong says.

"You don't need to know." The young man smilingly says, then he disappears again.

Arlong readies himself for the incoming attack of the young man, and he also commands his subordinate to be ready at any moment and take a move to the three people hiding in the house.

"Kuroobi, Hatchan, Chew, be ready at the moment and Pisaro, Kaneshiro, Take, and Shioyaki, kill Nami's sister and that old man Genzo, and ask Nami where she hid the money before killing her."

"Yes Arlong!" His subordinates say at the same time.

The trio in the house gets startled by what Arlong commanded to his subordinates. Nojiko and Genzo are panicking, but Nami is not. She was just watching the ongoing fight.

"Nami, we need to escape or else we will be killed," Nami's sister, Nojiko, said to her.

"Right Nami, let's leave this place," Genzo said.

"Do you trust me, sister and Genzo?" Nami just asks them and ignores their plea.

"Yes," the duo says.

"No need to leave and just trust Lucifer." Nami smiles at the two.

"Lucifer? That guy who is fighting Arlong?" Her sister, Nojiko, couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, and trust me, he will never let us be hurt." Nami looks at the young man who appears in front of Arlong, punching him.

"YOU DAMN HUMAN!!!" Arlong angrily yells. His nose is bleeding from the punch.

"Heh! Do you think you can hurt them? In my presence, no one can hurt my friends' family," Lucifer says to the blue-skinned fish-man. He raises his hand enveloped in white light. Then the subordinates of Arlong that he ordered to kill the trio are teleported into the sky, approximately several kilometers away from the land.

Arlong sees his crew members disappear. He is shocked at what happened and realizes that the young man in front of him is a Devil Fruit user.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CREW?" Arlong looks at the young man with fear.

"Look at the sky," Lucifer smilingly says.

Arlong squints his eyes and turns his head towards the sky and sees something falling at high speed. In a few moments, he sees what is falling at high speed—it's his crew member.

"Kuroobi, Hatchan, Chew, don't let the others fall, catch them," Arlong orders the remaining crew members to catch the falling members of him.

"You don't need to order us; we will catch them even if you don't order." The remaining member says at the same time. They are looking at their comrade and ready themselves to catch them, but before they catch them, the falling comrade of them disappears again.

"Where did you hide them?" Arlong asks fearfully. He doesn't know why his luck turned bad and encountered this young demon.

"Don't be such a worrywart. You will meet them in a few moments." Lucifer smiles like a devil, and the remaining crew members of Arlong disappear too, leaving only Arlong alone.

Lucifer's arm suddenly coated into black something and he punches Arlong's stomach. His punch is powerful that even penetrated it. Arlong looks at the young man and suddenly his vision got blurry till his eyes closed and he died.

Nami, and Nojiko, who saw the scenes couldn't help but tear up. They cried after witnessing the death of the pirate who killed their mother and made their life like hell.

Nami ran towards Lucifer and hugged him tightly while she is muttering something.

She cried loudly and thanking him for doing this to her also freeing them from the clutches of Arlong and his pirate crew.

"Thank you, Lucifer for doing all of this. I am really grateful that I met you that day or else I won't be able to escape from my hell life. " Nami said to him while she was leaning on his chest crying.

"You don't need to thank me. I also did this for me, because I'm just looking for his bounty." Lucifer look at the crying thief at his chest. Then, he inwardly said.

'Missi Complete, Hahahahaha!'

While Lucifer and Nami hug each other a voice of a man interrupts them.

"Don't move!"

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