One Piece: The Ship of Lust

Ethan Brown is a 22-year-old who is a new hire in a company. He lost consciousness suddenly and for no reason after having sex with the owner of the company. (The person who owned the company was a beautiful middle-aged woman). When he regained consciousness, he found himself on a bed in a very elegant room, and in front of him was a very beautiful woman whose beauty cannot be described in words, sitting elegantly on a chair. "Hello," she said, "I am the goddess of lust, sex, love and beauty." Disclaimer – I do not own One piece. ____________ If you want to read up to 15 chapters ahead go to https://www.patreon.com/muhned1

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39- Kaya

"The black ship must be yours, I really like the design of the ship so I wonder if you could sell it to me." Kaya was drawn to the ship as soon as she saw it on the shore and wanted to get it.

"I don't want to sell my ship. The ship is more important to me than you can imagine." Surely Ethan wouldn't sell the ship. The ship he owns is not an ordinary ship and it's tied to him and his system.

"Don't be quick to answer, think about it more, you can stay in my palace for a few days and think about it, and it's rare for visitors to come to my palace, so let's talk more." Since Usopp died no one had came to visit her, so there was no one to talk to but her servants and no one her age to talk to her, that's why she wants Ethan and the girls to talk to her because they are the same age. Kaya smiled and continued, "Are you merchants, some nobles, or rich people from a different island?"

"No, we're pirates, and I'll be the pirate queen, shishishi." When Lucy heard Kaya's question, she quickly answered with a big smile as she laughed proudly while placing her hands on her waist.

'You fool, why did you tell her we were pirates.' Nami looked at Lucy with shock and anger, but after thinking for a moment she smiled 'Well said Lucy, since we are pirates we will be expelled from the island, this is the fastest way out'

Nami was ready to hear Kaya screaming out loud to ask her servants for help. But that didn't happen. Kaya looked at them with the stars in her eyes, "You really are a pirate, I guessed it at first because the ship is completely black, but it was too luxurious to be in the hands of a pirate so I changed my mind and thought it belonged to a nobleman."

"Can you tell me what adventures you have taken and what islands you have discovered?" Kaya started to ask excitedly.

Ever since she heard about pirates from Usopp she was very interested to hear about them and their adventures, even though she knew that all Usopp stories were false.

"Why do you want to listen to our adventures, you can go out by yourself to have your own adventures." Ethan looked at Kaya and said with a smile, Kaya was touched by Ethan's words, her smile increased, "I was already planning this so I decided before you came to the island to take the ship that the butler made In my palace, but I liked your ship, so I wanted to buy it and sail it."

"But I still want to hear about your adventures." When Lucy heard this she talked about their adventures, although not many. You talked about how Ethan fought Omaeda, how they defeated the Buggy Pirates, and about freeing the slaves from the slave traders.

'They are good people. I didn't expect this, I thought all pirates are bad, I think Usopp told me some truth here.' Kaya was impressed when she heard how Ethan went to save Zora and Kuina when he heard they were innocent. And how he saved Orange Town from the hands of Buggy's pirates and told them to use Buggy's capture reward to reform the town. And her admiration for Ethan increased when she heard that he had discovered a slave-traders' ship and rescued the slaves from their hands and gave the ship to the slaves to use to return home.

'I guess I should apologize to them later, I did something bad to them as soon as they arrived.' Kaya thought embarrassed, she thought they were bad pirates when they arrived.

"But that's not all. We're going to the Grand Line. There are all kinds of different islands and weird things." And then Ethan said excitedly after Lucy finished telling their adventure, in fact he's even excited to go to the Grand Line, and he wants to see those places with his own eyes and not just from behind the screen.

Ethan and the girls kept talking to Kaya for hours. After a while, a door was knocked, then a servant entered the library and said to Kaya, "Ojou-sama, dinner is ready."

Kaya turned her face to Ethan and wanted to invite them to dinner, Ethan knew what she wanted to say so he said first, "Sorry we can't stay for dinner with you, my crew are still waiting for us on the ship."

"How about having one of my servant go there to bring your crew here. Don't worry about the ship, I'll have some people guard it." Ethan nodded in agreement with Kaya's suggestion. Then he gave her a piece of cloth and said, "For the girls to believe your server, let him give them these."

This is the same piece of cloth that Makino previously embroidered their pirate flag on.

After that everyone went to the dining hall and there was a very large dining table and there were 12 chairs placed around it.

After waiting a while,Zora, Kuina, Alvida, and Makino arrived and were greeted.

'Wait a minute, wasn't Zora with us.' Ethan was shocked when he saw Zora enter the dining hall with Kuina holding her hand.

Zora approaches them while angrily saying, "Where the hell did you go, you were walking in front of me and then all of a sudden you disappeared."

Ethan nearly fell to the ground because of Zora's words, "Isn't that what I have to say? We also didn't take a turn. We were walking a straight line toward the village and then to the palace, you were never supposed to get lost."

"I did not get lost, you are the ones who suddenly changed your path." Zora insisted she was never lost.

Kuina approaches Ethan, sighing, "We found her going in the opposite direction and she's back on the ship, so I made her stay with me on the ship."

Everyone sat on the chairs, then four servants came in, pushing the carts containing the dinner plates, and began to put them in front of Ethan and the girls, as soon as the plate was placed in front of her, Lucy ate all the contents in a second and then looked at the server and said, "More food."

Kaya looked at the server and said, "Make more food and serve it to our guests."

The servants started to bring more food every minute while Lucy ate them quickly, which really shocked Kaya from Lucy's appetite for food. This continued until Lucy's stomach was abnormally swollen, and she said, "I'm full, that was a very good meal."

All the chefs and servants are feeling very tired, because they have worked so much to prepare the food for Lucy's service. They didn't expect such a pretty girl to eat so much, they all thought the same, 'Does she always eat like this, how can her body stay slim despite eating so much?'

Kaya looked at Ethan and said sweetly, "I've had the servants prepare some rooms for you to rest in for today."

"Please follow me." One of the servants came and said sweetly, Ethan and the girls walked after him after wishing her a good night, when Ethan walked beside Kaia whispered in her ear, "Beware of the one called Klahdore." Then the servant escorted Ethan and the girls to their rooms.

Kaya frowned upon hearing Ethan's words, but she ignored his warning. She couldn't believe her servant Klahdore would do something bad to her.

Then Kaya went to her room and lay on the bed and tried to sleep but kept thinking about what Ethan had said.


Note: I really thank Taitiruk for wasting some of his time correcting a lot of grammatical errors in the novel.

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