One Piece: The Ship of Lust

Ethan Brown is a 22-year-old who is a new hire in a company. He lost consciousness suddenly and for no reason after having sex with the owner of the company. (The person who owned the company was a beautiful middle-aged woman). When he regained consciousness, he found himself on a bed in a very elegant room, and in front of him was a very beautiful woman whose beauty cannot be described in words, sitting elegantly on a chair. "Hello," she said, "I am the goddess of lust, sex, love and beauty." Disclaimer – I do not own One piece. ____________ If you want to read up to 15 chapters ahead go to https://www.patreon.com/muhned1

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37- Usopp's defeat

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.... ....

"It seems you thought I was a weak person because I use long range weapons, anyway I'm the winner. That ship is mine now, and you'll join my crew if you're alive. Hehehehe" Usopp laughed arrogantly.

In fact, the Usopp that Ethan cut was just a replica of Usopp but it was filled with gas, so when it was cut the real Usopp would throw a lighter to make a big explosion.

The girls were worried when they saw that the area where Ethan was standing had exploded, but they calmed down when they saw him coming out of the smoke that came after the explosion. Nothing happened to Ethan except for some minor burns and some of his clothes were burnt.

Ethan looked at his wounds and frowned, 'I'm sure there's something wrong.'

Usopp looked at Ethan with shock on his face because Ethan wasn't hurt much even though he was in the middle of the explosion. He took a deep breath and the shock disappeared from his face, then he grabbed the slingshot tightly, put some metal balls in it and pulled it hard and then aimed at Ethan.

Ethan saw Usopp's actions so he dodges the iron balls by moving sideways, then starts moving toward Usopp while focusing on him and his surroundings at the same time.

Usopp gestured to one of his subordinates and that person quickly understood what Usopp wanted so he threw his sword at Usopp.

Usopp grabbed the sword and then placed it horizontally to block Ethan's sword, "I'm also good at using the sword, let's see who's better."

"That's weird, my sword skills are similar to Kuina's but he can fight with me. Anyway let me see how strong he is. I'm really curious." Ethan did not use any powerful attack to directly defeat Usopp.

Ethan and Usopp kept fighting with the sword for 5 minutes and what shocked Ethan was Ussop was getting stronger and skill at using the sword quickly, at first he couldn't keep up but now he is moving and using the sword skillfully.

'It's the same thing that happened with the previous pirates. He's getting stronger and more skilled, is this really a normal thing.' After a while of fighting, Usopp's strength and skill stopped increasing, causing Ethan to sigh in relief.

'Let's finish this, you'll be the first to try out the technique I've created.' Ethan held two of his swords in parallel, with both blades pointing in the left direction, and simultaneously swung them in the direction of Usopp.

Usopp gripped his sword tightly and then placed it vertically to stop Ethan's attack, but Ethan's attack was stronger than Usopp thought, and his sword was broken and the attack reached his chest and cut him.

From the beginning of Ethan's fight with Usopp to the end, Ethan did not use any of his Devil Fruit abilities.

"Captain Usopp!" All Usopp's subordinates shouted anxiously, then began to quickly descend from the cliff with eyes filled with anger, shouting "Kill them!"

... ... ... ... ... ...

On the cliff, two people were standing watching Ethan and his crew, one female and the other male.

male is a tall , formally dressed butler whose most distinguishing feature is his lamb-themed appearance. His hair is curly like a lamb's fleece and has two lamb horns sticking out of it. His lips also resemble those of a lamb's. Even his collar has a fleece around it.

He looked at Ethan and the girls as if he was looking at idiots as he said to the girl next to him, "Are these people crazy?"

female is a slim and pale-skinned girl with blonde hair. She has wide brown eyes, that are of a sort of lighter shade. She is wearing a plain long dress.

The girl looked at the man and said with a smile, "When they enter the village, send one of the servants to bring them to my palace, I really like the ship they own and I want to buy it."

"As you command"

.... .... .... ... ...

After a while, Ethan and the girls defeated all the enemies, Ethan looked at Usopp lying on the ground, then said to the girls, "Watch him, I'll be back in a few minutes."

After that, Ethan went to the ship to find Makino to check on her.

After a while, Ethan came out and looked at the girls and said, "As we agreed before, we will split into two groups."


Then Ethan carries Usopp on his shoulder and starts walking towards the village while Zora and Lucy walk behind him, and the rest of the girls return to the ship.

"Wait, I want to go with you," Nami shouted as she got off the ship and quickly ran after Ethan.

"Why are you carrying this guy with you, just kill him," Zora said, pointing at Usopp on Ethan's shoulder.

"I wanted to verify something so I carried it with me. Anyway, what do you think of today's fight, didn't you find it strange?" Ethan seriously looked at Zora and Lucy, in fact Ethan discovered something strange when he was injured in the explosion and he takes Usopp with him to check it out.

"I don't know. I didn't feel anything strange, and you?" Lucy said as she tilted her head and then looked at Zora inquiringly.

"I didn't feel anything either." Zora yawned while covering her mouth. Nami looked at Ethan and said curiously, "What strange thing are you talking about?"

"I have a guess about this but I'm not sure yet."

After a while, Ethan and the girls arrived at the village.

After a while, Ethan and the girls arrived at the village. After entering the village, some children and adults looked at Ethan strangely.

Ethan was annoyed by the villagers' glances at him but he didn't say anything about it. He walked over to one of the villagers and asked while pointing at Usopp on his shoulder, "This person has claimed this island is his, so I want to inquire about that."

The person looked at Ethan's shoulder strangely and said, "Who are you talking about? There is no one on your shoulder. Young man, did you drink too much and start hallucinating?"

At this moment the sound of shattering glass appeared in Ethan and the girls' minds, then Ussop who was being carried on Ethan's shoulder disappeared, the burns on Ethan's body and his burnt clothes were also gone. As if his fight with Usopp never happened.