One Piece:The Lust System

A man from Earth wakes up to find himself in a world he once believed to be mere fantasy, only to discover its stark reality—a place where life holds no value, where danger lurks at every turn, and where pirates roam freely. The corruption of the world government and the marines adds another layer of difficulty to an already chaotic existence. He understands the challenges that lie ahead if he is to survive in this unforgiving world. However, as a traveler from Earth, he possesses a unique advantage—a 'cheat' of his own. -- [Ding! The communication between body and spirit has been successfully completed! The system is now operational!] -- With this newfound power, Ren embarks on a journey to carve out his path to glory and power, determined to etch his name into the annals of history—a history that he himself will shape! -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All characters in the story are not mine except for some OC's. Tags: #Harem #R-18 #Romance #No NTR #No Yuri

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[110] Another Soul

[2600 Words]


In Alabasta Kingdom , the horizon was painted with the enchanting colors of the sunset. The sun, that great fiery disk, slowly sank into the sea of golden sands, creating a canvas of intermingling orange, red, and purple hues.

As the sun dipped lower, its light faded, casting long shadows over the meadows and sand dunes.

On the summit of the royal palace, Ren stood gazing at the horizon, contemplating the last moments of the day. The wind brushing against his face carried warm breezes, laden with the scent of dry earth and distant meadows. In the sky, stars began to twinkle one by one, heralding the arrival of night.

When the sun had completely disappeared, the sky transformed into a deep blue. The crescent moon slowly rose, casting a faint silver glow over Alabasta Kingdom.

The sounds of the night began to emerge: the whispers of the wind through the trees and the chirping of nocturnal birds awakening.

In the quiet streets of the kingdom, lanterns lit up with their warm glow, creating pathways of soft light that reflected off the white walls of the houses. People began to return home, leaving behind a day full of activity, noise, and hard work.

Thus, in complete tranquility, Alabasta Kingdom welcomed the night, embracing its calm and magic.

Ren looked at Leila. The two stood at the highest point of the royal palace, watching the star-studded sky.

Suddenly, Ren said, "I think the war announcement will come soon."

"Maybe in a few weeks at most, Ren... are you ready for it?" Leila looked at him with concern, thinking about the powerful individuals who might target her beloved brother, unable to help feeling anxious.

"Yes, I am ready, but there are always things I can't predict... I have to be wary of Whitebeard, that old monster might target me specifically." Ren's face showed no sign of worry; he was confident in his strength but knew there was a gap between him and Whitebeard that he couldn't bridge just yet.

Not to mention, the old, injured Sea Emperor ، He wouldn't stand a chance against an admiral.

Whether in Haki or physical strength, he was still a few steps behind when compared to the admirals , let alone sea emperors.

Upon hearing Ren's words, Leila became even more worried, but Ren soon patted her head and looked at her, saying, "No need to worry, I can survive and I have my trump cards."

Leila felt her troubled heart calm down at Ren's voice, and a slight blush spread across her face when Ren patted her, enjoying the feeling and nodding to him.

"Do you have any plans regarding Blackbeard Teach? This person was responsible for igniting the Summit War and achieved his goals through it. He manipulated the Whitebeard Pirates and the Navy, making him the biggest beneficiary of the war. Do you have any countermeasures against him?"

Ren was silent for a moment upon hearing Leila's words. After a few seconds, a cunning smile appeared on his face, and he said: "The plot has changed with my intervention. Teach didn't become the cause of the Summit War because I captured Ace and handed him over. But I know he won't give up because of this. Initially, his goal was to capture a pirate with a bounty of 100 million Berries or more to exchange for the position of Warlord, not Ace. You already know this, so I've guessed he will target one of the weaker Warlords... like Moria."

"If he becomes a Warlord as he did in the original plot, it will be very easy to predict his intentions and future actions..."

Ren paused and looked at Leila, who seemed to understand, saying, "The prisoners on level six in Impel Down?"

"Yes, after that he will come to the Summit War just as it's about to end to obtain Whitebeard's fruit and shock the world by possessing two fruits, but..." Ren smiled at the thought of his plan.

Leila laughed at seeing the cunning expression on her brother's face, quickly saying, "That's what would have happened if you weren't around, but since we've already intervened in the plot, everything will change, or at least the major events."

"You're right..." Ren looked at her intently, making Leila feel a bit embarrassed by his intense gaze.

"W-what is it...?" she stammered.

Ren raised his hand and began to caress her beautifully proportioned face and her soft, milky white skin. He felt an indescribable smoothness in his hand.

"I've missed you a lot, as you know."

Leila heard his words and felt her heart melt with joy, as if she were elated by just a single sentence.

'Ah... what is this overwhelming feeling of happiness... what's happening...'

"I-I missed you too, Ren, I missed you a lot, more than you can imagine!" She buried her face in his chest, her height not allowing her to reach his face, but she was content to touch and inhale the scent of his masculine body.

'Why does his body smell so good?'

"I see... I'm very happy to hear that, Leila..." Ren's voice was filled with an emotion he rarely showed in front of others, except for his women.

He lifted her face and looked at her again. Leila's eyes were tearful, her cheeks red, and she was breathing heavily.

Ren leaned in and started kissing her snowy white neck.


Leila's eyes widened in surprise, and she said, "W-wait, brother! Ahhn~ What are you doing? We're siblings..." Despite her words, the happy expression on her face contradicted what she was saying.

She gripped the back of Ren's neck tightly, letting him kiss her neck and face as he pleased, while she moaned loudly under the silver moonlight that added more romance to the scene.

"Stop, brother...Ahhn..."

Leila's enchanting moans were like heavenly music to Ren's ears. He paused and looked at her with deep, hidden desire in his eyes, saying, "In the past, I couldn't pursue this kind of relationship because of society's and the world's laws, but here, nothing is stopping me. You will be mine soon, Leila."

With each word he spoke, Leila's embarrassment grew. Steam seemed to rise from her head, and she spun around as if she might faint.

"Y-you're a pervert who desires his sister! Bad Onii-chan!"

She cried out in a sweet voice and fled from Ren. He watched her figure disappear quickly and smiled.

After a few seconds, he sighed deeply.

"It really has been a long day..."


Ren entered his room and saw an unexpected scene. Nami and Nojiko were there as usual; the sisters loved sleeping with him and never wanted to leave his side. Ren loved them equally and didn't mind them staying with him.

But now, there was another woman in the room. It was Robin, in her beautiful and mature future self.

"Hello, girls. Is there something you need?" Ren had already guessed the reason for Robin's visit.

Nami and Nojiko were silent, while Robin looked at Ren with a mix of hope and hesitation. She had wanted to ask this of Ren for a long time but had been hesitant. However, she wasn't a Woman without any self-confidence, so she made her decision and came to Ren's room.

She hadn't found Ren in the room, but as she was about to leave, Nami and Nojiko stopped her. They had guessed what she wanted from Ren and suggested she wait for him there, which she did.

Now, facing him, she was about to ask him to summon her mother's spirit. She wanted to talk to her so badly... Only she knew how much she missed her mother.

"Captain Ren, you know about my mother, right?" she said in a quiet voice, but the slight tremor in her tone didn't escape Ren's sharp ears.

Ren smiled softly at her and moved in front of her, then said, "There's no need for all this hesitation, Robin. I know how important your mother is to you, so I will do it. I will summon her spirit and let you talk to her again."

Robin's eyes widened with shock and joy. Ren had planned to summon her mother's spirit even without her asking? Why was he doing all this for her... Why was he so kind to her?

Robin hadn't known warmth and kindness since she was a child, but now, in her late twenties, she finally understood it...

Her eyes became moist, and her body trembled. Her new captain was kinder to her than anyone else in this world, even more than Saul.

Saul had saved her life and allowed her to escape and survive, but her captain had done the same. He had saved her from the Marines, from Crocodile, showed her the Poneglyph she had sought her whole life, and now, he was going to let her see her mother!

This kindness... this treatment... Why?

She began to drown in her thoughts gradually, but Ren quickly noticed her state and said, "Robin, why are you daydreaming?"

"N-nothing, Captain Ren... Thank you." She put on a calm face and said.

"No need to thank me; you're a member of my crew after all."

Ren didn't waste any more time and thought to Miss system : 'Miss System, remind me of the conditions for the Underworld Spirit Summoning skill.'

[Understood. Conditions for the Underworld Spirit Summoning skill: The host cannot summon spirits of those who died after acquiring this skill And Only the spirits of women can be summoned.]

He nodded mentally, then without any further and under the eager gazes of Robin, Nami, and Nojiko, he began to activate the skill.

He clasped his hands and muttered the skill's name in a low voice. After a moment, a white light appeared, and a female-shaped spirit emerged from it.

"Where am I..." the spirit said in a voice filled with confusion.

Robin looked at the spirit that had appeared out of nowhere in a magical manner and covered her mouth with her hand, unable to hold back her emotions. Two shimmering streams of tears quickly flowed from her eyes.


The spirit looked towards the source of the voice and saw a familiar beautiful woman.

"This face... could it be..." the spirit's voice trembled, and it seemed as if this woman's face was blending with her young daughter's face!


The spirit, or Nico Olivia, exclaimed in a voice filled with disbelief and shock.

"What happened?! Why does this woman resemble her daughter?! She was supposed to be dead, the last thing she remembers is the moment before she was killed by WG agents, so why is she here?!"

With her intelligence, she quickly noticed her condition and spiritual form, so a bold guess quickly emerged in her mind: "Has she been resurrected?!"

But Robin's voice quickly brought her back to reality: "Yes, I'm Robin, Mom..." Robin said, crying, and quickly began to explain the situation to her mother while holding back her tears.

After two minutes, Robin calmed down, but Olivia, who understood what had happened, couldn't stay calm. She was about to speak when Ren's voice interrupted: "You'll likely disappear in two minutes, it's better for you to enter this ring."

Olivia knew that this man speaking was responsible for this whole situation. She was about to thank him, but upon hearing what he said, she quickly nodded her head and put on the ring.

After making sure Olivia's spirit wouldn't disappear, Ren took Robin's hand and put the ring on her ring finger.

Nami and Nojiko watched this scene with clear jealousy. They wanted Ren to put a ring on their fingers too! While Robin was lost in wild thoughts upon seeing Ren's surprising move, she quickly returned to reality.

Several minutes passed, and Robin spoke with her mother enthusiastically and with great joy. Normally quiet and reserved, she was now talking with her mother! Her mother who thought she would never talk to her again!

She recounted everything that happened after her death, telling her that Saul had died, which made Olivia sigh with sadness, but she quickly returned to her good mood and listened to Robin's adventures after escaping.

Olivia cried, although she was just a spirit, she shed gem-like spiritual tears when she thought about the pain and suffering her daughter had endured. Her soul broke and she felt pain.

After Robin reached the events of her meeting with Ren, Olivia's mood improved. It seems her daughter has finally found people she can rely on.

"Thank you, Mr. Ren, for everything you've done for my daughter, and thank you also for giving me the chance to meet her again." The gratitude in Olivia's heart was indescribable and couldn't be expressed in simple words. The same goes for Robin; she truly didn't know how to repay Ren for this debt.

Ren smiled gently and replied with an unworried voice, "There's no need to thank me like this, I don't want to see Robin sad, her smile is beautiful, After all."

"Um..." Robin felt a bit embarrassed by Ren's affectionate words, while Olivia was shocked. It seems Ren has some feelings for her daughter? She looked at her daughter with her spiritual sense and saw she was embarrassed?

A small smile appeared on Olivia's face; it seems the relationship between Ren and her daughter isn't just that of a leader and follower.

"I'll leave now, Captain Ren, thank you again for everything you've done for me..." Robin left the room, leaving these words behind. She would think of an "excellent" way to express her gratitude better.

Now, only Ren, Nami, and Nojiko remained in the room. Bell-mère was in another room; she knew Nami and Nojiko loved to sleep with Ren, so of course she wouldn't say anything. In fact, she was even jealous of them...


Dawn broke overAlabasta Kingdom , the sky slowly changing from the dark of night to gentle shades of light blue. On the horizon, the sun prepared to start a new day, sending its first rays across the vast desert, casting a golden glow on the sand dunes.

The cool morning breeze carried the light scent of dew evaporating from the sparse desert plants. In the royal palace, the windows reflected the dawn light, dimly illuminating the rooms and heralding a bright day.

On the palace balcony, Ren stood watching the sunrise, his eyes glinting with a mysterious light.

The sun began to appear as a warm orange beam, rising slowly and filling the sky with colors that graduated from soft pink to bright yellow. Birds woke from their slumber, chirping melodious tunes that harmonized with the dawn breeze.

In the streets of the kingdom, life gradually began to stir. Vendors opened their shops, and workers started heading to their jobs. Children laughed and played in the streets while women tended to household chores. The atmosphere was vibrant, filled with the promise of a new day.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the temperature gradually increased, and the short shadows turned into long ones dancing on the white walls of the houses. In the distance, the sands glittered like a sea of liquid gold.

"Wake up, you lazy girls! It's training time!"

In the royal palace, a loud voice rang out, waking almost everyone from their sleep. It was Ren's booming voice, heralding the start of a grueling training session for his crew members.