One Piece:The Lust System

A man from Earth wakes up to find himself in a world he once believed to be mere fantasy, only to discover its stark reality—a place where life holds no value, where danger lurks at every turn, and where pirates roam freely. The corruption of the world government and the marines adds another layer of difficulty to an already chaotic existence. He understands the challenges that lie ahead if he is to survive in this unforgiving world. However, as a traveler from Earth, he possesses a unique advantage—a 'cheat' of his own. -- [Ding! The communication between body and spirit has been successfully completed! The system is now operational!] -- With this newfound power, Ren embarks on a journey to carve out his path to glory and power, determined to etch his name into the annals of history—a history that he himself will shape! -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All characters in the story are not mine except for some OC's. Tags: #Harem #R-18 #Romance #No NTR #No Yuri

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Nami's physical strength had been higher than her sister's from the start, and after eating those Haki cakes, it increased, widening the gap between them even further, albeit by a small margin.

"Her swordsmanship skills are impressive as usual. As for the Devil Fruit... as expected from the Goro Goro no Mi," Ren remarked, glancing at her Devil Fruit evaluation, which had reached 5 stars.

What does a 5-star rating mean? It means it's a Legendary-class Devil Fruit. Ren could confirm that only a few fruits had reached this rating, like the Logia-type fruits owned by Marine Admirals and the mythical Zoan-type fruits.

Of course, Ren didn't regret giving it to Nami. On the contrary, he was happy for her because the power of this fruit would complement her well.

"Give me Kaya's status next," he ordered, and another notification quickly appeared.


¶[Name: Kaya.]

¶[Age: 17.]

¶[Occupation: Not specified yet.]

¶[Affiliation: Sin Pirates.]

¶[Status: Stable ]

¶[Title: None.]

¶[Bounty: None]

¶[Physical Strength Level: 17,500 (E).]

¶[Loyalty: 100%.]

¶[Devil Fruit: None.]

¶[Devil Fruit Rating: None.]

¶[Skills: Shave (Low) - Doctor (medium).]

¶[Haki: Observation Haki (initial mastery ).]


There was nothing noteworthy in her status. Ren knew that Kaya's body had been weak due to illness and had only recently recovered and begun training. With the help of the energy drink, she had approached the breakthrough to Level D.

"But she doesn't neglect her Observation Haki training, which is good. Although she's a doctor and not a fighter, it doesn't mean she should be weak," Ren thought, placing his hand on his chin.

After a short pause, he looked at her "Doctor" skill, which had reached an intermediate level, and sighed in admiration. "She truly deserves to be my doctor. She has upgraded from a low to an intermediate level in just a few months. No wonder she was able to create such a poison," Ren recalled the poison he injected into Crocodile's body.

Although he wouldn't have done it if Crocodile hadn't reached a miserable and tragic state due to Ren's continuous beating, it was still impressive to create such a thing as a beginner.

"But I noticed something: the system doesn't consider Kaya as one of my girlfriends. Do you know why, Miss System?"

The soft voice inside his head quickly responded mockingly: [That's because she's redundant.]

Ren fell silent and seemed lost in thought. After several seconds, Miss System spoke again.

[After having sex with her, you didn't discuss about the type of relationship you want to have with her. So, it's partially your fault for not clarifying things with the girl.]

She didn't wait for him to react to her words and continued, [No doubt she was confused about the type of relationship you two would have after making love. So, I suggest the master have to find the right time to talk to her about this, so you can get the reward of adding her to the Harem.]

"I see..." Ren nodded, deciding he would talk to her later.

First, he had to solve the problem with Mikita, and now Kaya... He sighed. Managing the harem was exhausting.

Perhaps he should appoint a leader for his harem?

This idea began to solidify in his mind, but he quickly pushed it to the back of his head and examined the rest of the statuses.



¶[Name: Tashigi.]

¶[Age: 21.]

¶[Occupation: Not specified yet.]

¶[Affiliation: Sin Pirates.]

¶[Status: Stable ]

¶[Title: None.]

¶[Bounty: None]

¶[Physical Strength Level: 21,800 (D).]

¶[Loyalty: 95%.]

¶[Devil Fruit: None.]

¶[Devil Fruit Rating: None.]

¶[Skills: Finger Gun (Low) - Swordsmanship (Low).]

¶[Haki: None.]



Next up was his beautiful assistant, Tashigi. Perhaps the only thing that surprised Ren was the extent of her body training.

She had reached Level D through training and hard work alone. Ren didn't give her any energy drinks, admitting that he had been a little neglectful of the girl.

It wasn't like he forgot about her or anything, but he preferred to strengthen the members of his crew who were with him first because Tashigi could be guaranteed safety while she was at the Marine base, unlike Ren and his crew.

"Oh, right! I have those sex-related missions that I recently completed and didn't collect the rewards for. Maybe I can get something useful for Tashigi from there." With these thoughts, Ren opened the notifications he hadn't read yet.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the main mission: "Having sex with Conis" and obtaining "Two rolls in Gasha wheel"]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden mission: "Having sex with Angelina" and obtaining " Armament Haki Cake(Low)"]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden mission: "Having sex with Angela" and obtaining "Observation Haki Cake (Low) + Armament Haki Cake (Low) + Shave Scroll (Low)"]

Considering having sex with Conis as a main mission, Ren knew it because the mission was always present on his system interface. When he saw that having sex with the two maid sisters was considered a hidden mission, it confirmed his guess that having sex with girls who didn't appear in the original work or wouldn't appear (since the original work wasn't completed) wouldn't be considered a main mission.

"That doesn't change the fact that this type of mission is still generous in its rewards even if the gains are less significant when I do it with a character who didn't appear in the original work," Ren thought internally before opening his mouth again.

"Miss System, consume the Observation Haki Cake on the crew member Tashigi," he said mentally, and his request was quickly executed.

[The Observation Haki Cake has been consumed on the crew member "Tashigi"]

Ren nodded before falling into deep thought. Should he also give her the Armament Haki?

In the current circumstances, Ren wouldn't hesitate to strengthen a member of his crew, but Tashigi's identity was somewhat sensitive, considering she was a Marine spy for the Sin Pirates, so any careless move could raise suspicions among higher-ups in the Navy.

'Maybe I should only take the risk... I'll ask Tashigi to keep her strength secret for now.'

Then he ordered Miss System again: 'Consume the Armament Haki Cake and Shave Scroll on the crew member Tashigi.'

[Yes, Master~]

After hearing the gentle voice of the girl, Ren nodded in satisfaction before looking into his own Infinity Space.

There were many things floating in the purple-black space: ships, wrecks, destroyed houses, rocks, firearms, sharp weapons, food boxes, and more. But there was a single Scroll floating quietly. Ren took out the remaining low-level Armament Haki Cake Scroll and considered who should consume it.

It didn't take long for him to make his decision. He quickly informed Miss System: "Consume the Armament Haki Scroll on the crew member Robin."

The Scroll disappeared from his hand in a magical way as the soft voice of Miss System synchronized in his ear: [Done~!]


Away from the high Skypiea in the sky, let's descend a little into the blue sea, specifically in the Grand Line.

The weather was sunny and bright in the Four Blues, although the sun had risen only a short while ago, people had been awake for some time and had started their daily activities.

The news of the capture of the Fire Fist Ace and the rise of the new Warlord was still causing waves and disturbances to this day, in addition to the potential conflict between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates, there was no doubt that the coming period would be extremely chaotic.

And away from the Four Blues, in the Pirate Graveyard, or rather the Grand Line, the atmosphere was even more charged because this place would be affected much more than the secondary Four Blues.

Although most people treated the news of the war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates as mere rumors because nothing official had been announced, the wise knew it was only a matter of time.

In Marineford.

'This... It's Captain Ren's reward!' Tashigi gasped in surprise and thought to herself, feeling the tattoo on her shoulder become warm, and then a lot of information entered her mind.

Luckily, she was currently in her personal room and no one noticed her shock.

"Armament Haki... Observation Haki and Shave, which are considered some of the best techniques of the Marines... This is amazing!" Tashigi exclaimed mentally and failed to keep her calm. She knew well the difficulty of acquiring these powers and abilities.

But now she had them suddenly and without warning! Months or even years of intensive training had been shortened thanks to Captain Ren!

This thought alone made her even more grateful to him.

And more loyal.

In the next few minutes, Tashigi adapted to her newly acquired powers in her room away from prying eyes.


Back to Skypiea.

In the Distance within Elsama, specifically on the island where the girls trained.

Robin suddenly felt the tattoo on her shoulder emit heat, making her moen softly, then she discovered that she had just learned Armament Haki!

She quickly realized that this was Ren's ability and continued her training with even greater joy and gratitude.

Back to Ren.

"Show Tashigi's status after the modifications, Miss System."

[Aye Aye~]

She said cheerfully before a new message appeared in front of him:


¶[Name: Tashigi.]

¶[Age: 21.]

¶[Occupation: Not specified yet.]

¶[Affiliation: Sin Pirates.]

¶[Status: Stable ]

¶[Title: None.]

¶[Bounty: None]

¶[Physical Strength Level: 27,800 (D).]

¶[Loyalty: 97%.]

¶[Devil Fruit: None.]

¶[Devil Fruit Rating: None.]

¶[Skills: Finger Gun (Low) - Swordsmanship (Low). - Shave (Low) ]

¶[Haki: Observation Haki (Initial Mastery) - Armament Haki (Initial Mastery).]


The good news is that the newly acquired Haki has granted her additional physical strength points. This was the only change in her status besides a slight increase in her loyalty and the addition of Haki to her profile.

"The next one is Mikita... but before that, I need to spin the Gasha wheel first," Ren was excited about this, so he quickly ordered Miss System to consume the two pulls he had on the Gasha wheel.

[The Gasha wheel is now spinning...]

[The chance of obtaining an excellent reward is 80%...]

[The chance of obtaining a divine reward is 50%...]


[Congratulations, Master! You have obtained the "Memory Key"!]


[Congratulations, Master! You have obtained the "Revival Roll"!]

Ren remained silent, he was shocked.

Really shoked.


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