223 Not a chapter

As you all probably realized by now, this fic is officially dropped. The earlier chapters are a major turn off for most people, what with the typos, grammar errors, and weird pacing, and I don't feel like rewriting it.

However, I come with good news today. I have released a new one piece fanfic (One Piece: The Killer Method).

Any of you who is interested in giving it a look can find it by searching its title since it won't apear on my profile before I post a couple more chapters and raise the word count.

Anyway, I also wanted to thank you guys for sticking around despite this story's shaky start. I wouldn't have been able to keep writing without all the support and love you showed me.

And finally I hope you all enjoy the new fic (if you decide to give it a chance) as much as you enjoyed this one.