235 The Key to Victory and Defeat

"Big fire!"

With Akainu's punch, the magma surged into a huge magma fist, wrapped in horrifying temperature and momentum, and fell head-on to Ross.

Many Marine, caught up in the fierce battle, felt a scorching heat sweeping the battlefield, and could not help looking sideways, with a look of surprise and awe in their eyes.

"Admiral Akainu's power!"

"Magma… this is Admiral's ability!"

Not everyone has seen Akainu's attack and power. Some ordinary Marine soldiers feel awe in their hearts at the moment. Meanwhile, their spirit rises with Akainu's attack.


The magma fist suddenly fell.

Ross stood there, his eyes were calm and his face remained unchanged. Faced with the magma fist that had dropped with terrible heat, Ross raised his right hand directly and put his hand on it.


The Power of distortion suddenly broke out.

Under Ross's power of distortion, Akainu's magma fist begins at its top, assuming a Distortion shape, as if it had been inserted by something and churned into a whirlpool, and spread all the way.

Feeling Ross's strong power, Akainu's glare sank and with a low cry, the magma fruit's power was once again stimulated, and the magma fist surged up, turning into a fiery hot magma and rushing towards Ross.

Bang Long!

The magma and the power of distortion collide in the air and just like an invisible wall of air traversing in the air. The magma rushes to the wall of the air and splashes around without going forward.

Some of the nearby Marines were fleeing into the distance in horror.


The flow of magma was rigidly contained in mid-air, and Ross only kept the position of the prospector from beginning to end, without any change.

It is as if his body and the ordinary palm had stopped the magma in the sky, the scene is unbelievable.


Akainu couldn't break through the blockade of Ross's power of distortion. His eyes were slightly sunken as his strength was restrained, he jumped backward, leaving behind a large swath of magma surging in Void.

As just as Akainu retreated, Ross pressed his palm forward and folded his five fingers gently, grabbing them together in the middle.


Under the surge of the power of distortion, the magma that permeates the sky surges like a whirlpool. It is crudely compressed into a sphere of red magma with a radius of less than one meter. The sphere of magma is still flowing like a condensed spiral.

After compressing the magma, Ross raised his hand and the ball of the magma was suddenly pushed forward by him, falling into the camp of thousands of Marines.

"Bad… Terrible! "

"It is the magma of Admiral Akainu, run!"

Countless Marine Captains fled frantically under the magma in horror.


The moment the magma ball landed, the power of distortion disappeared from it and just like a bomb, the ball of magma burst open and turned into a mass of magma splashing around, sweeping the battlefield.

"This is…"

Akainu looked at the scene with a gloomy face. He stopped the magma ball, but only two directions of magma were blocked. The Marine force in several other directions was devastated.

He looked gloomy in the face, charges violently into Ross, and punched.

Ross's face remained unchanged and his eyes were shining with cold light with his fist ready for attack.


The magma and Distortion collided in the air and broke out with great momentum.

The hot magma bursts everywhere and Akainu's figure staggers back two steps, while Ross is steadily standing in place. Apparently Ross's current power of distortion has already surpassed Akainu's magma frontal attack power!


After Ross forced Akainu back, he followed him and punched Akainu in his waist side.

Akainu slammed his elbow and collided with Ross's fist.

Ross reached into his clothes and plucked it violently. The Cursed Blade Murasame was held in his hand, facing Akainu with a fierce chop.


Akainu was instantly split in two by Cursed Blade Murasame.

As a Marine Admiral, with his proficiency in Kenbunshoku Haki, it is not difficult for him to detect attacks in advance and avoid them in advance.

Zi Zi!

The magma swelled on the ground, and the shape of Akainu suddenly appeared on the right side of Ross. His eyes were cold, and the magma hand-pulled fiercely toward Ross's face.

"Inugami Guren (Dog Biting Crimson Lotus)!"

The speed of the blow was very fast, but Ross's Kenbunshoku Haki had already perceived it and he had crossed his sword in front of his body.


The magma hit the sword edge of the Cursed Blade Murasame, and it was splashed around in an instant.

Ross held the handle of the Cursed Blade Murasame in both hands and swept forward.


The Power of distortion hits the whole front area and Akainu, though elementarily avoiding Ross's sword edge, can't avoid a wide range of frontal attacks and is sent flying backward by the attack.

"Admiral Sakazuki!"

The Marine in the vicinity was shocked to see this scene. No matter how they look at it, Akainu is clearly falling on a disadvantage in front of Ross!

This is the strength of the Ghost Hand Ross that destroyed the Headquarters Fortress!


Shiliew of the Rain and Kizaru's confrontation is barely balanced, but as time goes on, Shiliew of the Rain is bound to gradually fall into a disadvantageous position.

On the other side, CP0 Chief and Ficheux Erman are fighting hard, but like Shiliew of the Rain, once the battle prolongs, Ficheux Erman will gradually lose out to CP0 Chief.

Ficheux Erman and Shiliew are still a little bit worse compared to the power of a real Marine Admiral, and that's where the balance of victory and defeat can be determined.

Except that the battlefield of the two men was not optimistic.

The other battlefields were fiercely fierce. Thunder Giant Hajrudin, who faced three Headquarters Vice-Admiral alone still had the upper hand and Goro Goro no Mi's power was fully exerted.

Laffitte faces a Headquarters Vice-Admiral alone but also shows a state of ease. He has a great chance of winning as the battle continues.


Robin continued to strangle the ordinary Marine soldiers. Officers below the Captain level could not resist her wide-ranging attacks and were instantly killed in seconds.

Trafalgar Law's strength has also grown and with several giants jointly attacking against CP0 Vice Chief and others, their battle is also extremely fierce and it will difficult to win in a short time.

From the point of view of the situation, Ross has the upper hand, Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman are slightly inferior, others are in the middle of the fight.

In other words.

The final victory of Battle will be decided by six members, Ross, Shiliew of the Rain, Ficheux Erman and Marine Admiral Akainu Kizaru and CP0 Chief!

If Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman can't resist the Admiral and CP0 first, it is their defeat, and if Ross is the first to defeat Akainu, it is the Win for Ghost Hand Pirates!

The key to winning or losing.

It's in Ross!

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