One Piece Succubus Little Boy, Reversed By Robin Nami

Author: Big_Eve
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What is One Piece Succubus Little Boy, Reversed By Robin Nami

Read One Piece Succubus Little Boy, Reversed By Robin Nami fanfiction written by the author Big_Eve on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Voyage: Succubus Little Boy, Reversed By Robin Nami Ayr traveled through the world of pirates and became a little boy. Accidentally rescued by Robin Nami. At this time, the light body can easily overturn the system binding and awaken the succubus physique! Full of attraction to the opposite sex! If you are pushed back by the opposite sex, you will be rewarded. Thus, Ayr's happy life began. Robin: Ayr-chan, there are many ways to play Flower-Flower Fruit, you have to experience it~ Nami: Ayr, the cat in my room can do backflips, do you want to come and see~ Empress: Ayr~I am...I am about to die~ Bonny: How old do you like Ayr? I can do it~ Yamato: What is Oden? This one only belongs to Ayr! Ayr: Rayleigh what are you doing? I really have no idea about Shakky! Momonosuke: I don’t want to be attacked by shemales? Bigmom? Leave far away! Don’t be bothered by Laozi! During Marine's pursuit, Hina, Momousagi, and others fell one after another. Akainu: What? Am I being cheated on by Ayr? Five Elders: What? Lord Yim was also taken care of by Ayr?

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