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One Piece Starting with Uchiha Itachi's Template


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Akira crossed over to the world of One Piece! However, not only did Akira have reincarnated in this world, he got Uchiha Itachi's template fused with him at the beginning. ... Facing the Mangekyo Sharingan, Sakazuki Akainu said: "My magma that can burn even the flame itself, it is getting burned out by Akira!" Sengoku said: "Sengoku the Buddha?! Hmph... It turns out that you are the real Buddha!" Fujitora: "How could your meteor be bigger than mine?!" White Beard: "Akira's punch can destroy the world!" -------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/UVKWf6WC ___________________________ Author: Limitless Pirates Translator: 1stX_Z ------------------------------------------- Working days: 5/7 ------------------------------------------- Hi, TripleX_HS here. If you are here it means we share similar interests and you want to support us and for that, you have our Gratitude!. These are the Patreon pages for our current and future writings, which you can find here. Currently, we are translating many Fics: 1- Naruto God Modifier System.-patreon.com/HaOlu 2- HP: The legendary Successor System.-patreon.com/Zainal_BL 3- Marvel: I am Thanos. 4- One piece: Starting with Uchiha Itachi's Template. Unfortunately, translating is time-consuming, believe us, we have to rewrite, edit, manage the publishing sites, etc... That is why we need your support to hopefully make this a full-time job and make more and better content for our dear supporters and fans. However, if you want to make our day and be generous enough to support us; you can enjoy 30 chapter updates ahead of the current releases on Webnovel. We also have bought the VIP chapters of these Fics until their 900+ chapters. THEREFORE, we want your support to keep translating until the very end of these Fics. Welcome and more importantly Enjoy!


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