One Piece: Slayer's Will

Life was always boring to me. Same routine, day and night, it gets the best of you. That's why I kept wishing, hoping, for my dream to come true... To go to another world. But, when your dream comes true and now you're stuck in a world where everything can be destroyed because of the whims of pirates...you begin to see how stupid you are... However, I won't be taken lightly. Because now I have a new dream in this dog-eat-dog world and it's not to be Pirate King...but... To live a valiant life. And I'll slay those who will get in my way. (The cover picture is not mine, also I don't own One Piece, Demon Slayer, or anything else you might recognize sadly, only some original things I came up with.)

Twinjay · Anime & Comics
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18 Chs



That's weird...I don't remember sleeping near birds...or...sand...?

I slowly get up and the first thing I saw was a vast sea.

It was the most beautiful scene I have ever laid my eyes.

I took a moment to keep the image in my head and then started to look around.

I see mountains and what looks like a town in the distance, so I get up and started to fly to it.



...or not...

You may be wondering why I thought I could fly...well...when you want to escape reality just as bad as me, you start to come up with ways to do so.

My go-to was lucid dreaming. I tried to master it as soon as I heard about it and I got a hang of it.

So you can tell how shocked I was when it didn't work...and when it hurt.

"Damn it...that hurt way more than it should..."

I slowly got up and dust the dirt off me.

"Wonder why it didn't work...looks like I'm walking there instead..."

I sighed and began walking.

While walking, I notice how everything looks so colorful and animated. The way the trees sway, the wind blowing on my face, the feel of the sand on my feet.

Everything felt so...real...


I shook my head.

This is no way my wish came true, I'm only sleeping...I will get up soon and be disappointed again...

I continue walking.

I took the time to examine my body.

Finally, I notice just how small my body is. It looks like it was around...9 years old?

I try to change it, but it doesn't work...

...I'm beginning to think this is not a dream, I feel something is building up inside me...but it's not fear or panic.

I won't let it out until I'm really sure about this.

My body is shivering with restlessness, I quicken my steps to reach the town faster.

About 12 minutes later, I make it into the town.

It's quiet, but I see a few people walking the streets.

I run towards the closes person I could talk to.

"Excuse me, ma'am, could you tell me what this place is called?"

The lady I got the attention of looked at me weirdly before answering my question.

"Sure little one, you are currently in Frost Moon Village," she said with a kind smile.

I froze.

I could hear the lady trying to get my attention back but I ignore her.

...really...did it actually worked...?

Am I really...in another world

And just not any world...but One Piece...


I laugh.

I laugh so hard that I was shedding tears.

Everyone was looking at me weirdly and the lady looked horrified but I didn't care.

My dream...it FINALLY came true...

There is a new life waiting for me, one that is not dull like my last one but is full of danger.

But that doesn't stop me from laughing.

I was just too happy...too...excited.


"Oh no! Little boy!"

...maybe too excited...