One piece Sigma System

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What is One piece Sigma System

Read One piece Sigma System fanfiction written by the author AnimefanfictionInd on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, r18, system, dark, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


WARNING: IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART, THEN YOU SHOULD SKIP CHAPTER 21-30 OF THIS FANFICTION Synopsis: //Sea calender, year 1383, //117 years before the beginning of the great pirate era and 64 years before the birth of Gol D Roger. A soul got reborn in east blue as Monkey D Maki. But Maki was no ordinary person. Along with her knowledge of the previous life, she has also a system. A sigma system. But then why she is a girl ? ... I got this idea recently and wanted to try it out. Don't worry it is a planned out story. And this is going to be slow paced. Hope you like it. The main character will not engage in consensual sexual activities, but R-18 because I will mention the true cruelty of the celestial dragons. I hope I don't have to write it for you to understand. And this story will be a gender bender. So you are warned. It will be available for the members of the tier fanfiction phase 1 ... This story will be updated on Sunday Monday Wednesday and Friday.

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sooooo Yuri?..............................


One of the best one piece fanfics I read it really show the true darkness of one piece


Very good so far. Only complaint I have is the grammar, maybe when author is finished they can rewrite it so the grammar is better. But other than that it really surprised me, the story is genuinely good enough for me to overlook the grammar and the cringe worthy name, but it does make up for it. Not everyone will be okay with this story since after chapter 20 it gets into heavy stuff, but the author does put up warning at the start of every chapter and in synopsis. So be warned cuz it will be a dark story and will not shy away from torture and the like. Let’s hope author does not drop this and keeps cooking.


Female Mc = Trash... Type your review here. Please write your review as detailed as you can. Your reviews would be very important to the story (at least 140 characters).


I have never seen a main character with such a strong will. Yes, the idea is strange, but there is something about him that grabs your attention. I can confidently say that this is a very good fanfiction that is underrated.


Shameless review or more like a request to readers, from the author. My only request is to be patient while reading it. Atleast wait till the first Saga is over. English is not my primary language so please forgive me for my mistake with your big heart. Some of you might not like the second Arc, "True Hell". So if you don't like it, then please skip it. I know, that there are not much system elements in it. But I hope that you like the story.


The writing is simply amazing. The plot is pretty dark so if you are a hearted guy then this fanfic isn't for you.


the story has a good start and I think the fanfic is well written. I just hope this story won't be dropped in the future because it has good potential (sorry for the mistakes, I'm writing with Google translate)


Erm what the sigma 🤓🤓 So sigma 🤓🤓🐺🐺🐺 Nobody can know how I touch myself everyday🐺🐺


The heavenly dragon and empowerment thing was pretty far-fetched.Cliche[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


Infelizmente não irei ler tem flexão de gênero acho isso uma bosta . .... ... .... ... .. .. ... ..... ..


Reveal spoiler


5 star review simply because its in rocks era.


story 5 stargrammar 2 staroverall 4 star👍👍👍👍👍👍


I am enjoying it though it is not the best. I am just annoyed the author didn't say it is translation .I won't even read the translation if I had the link. But it just feels wrong to steal a fic like this.


good start




Are you serious about writing this garbage?????


i dont understand who read this kind of story. i just got curious because of the warning and this is one sick work. author might have something wrong with his mind if he is ok doing this kind of story...if author is a woman..then I feel sorry for you..you should go to a mental hospital..if you are a man...I hope you go to jail for your sick fantasy.




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